Wednesday, March 20, 2019

"Weidner to run as write-in for mayor"

  • RACINE — Alderman Sandy Weidner is in the process of registering as a write-in candidate for mayor against current Mayor Cory Mason.

    Weidner said that she had not intended to run but has been told by supporters that they intend to write in her name on April 2. In response, she's decided to register.

    "I'm really quite surprised and honored by the level of support that persists out in the neighborhoods, and registering as a write-in candidate is a way of ensuring that anyone who votes for me will have their vote count," Weidner said via email. "I personally do not intend to 'campaign,' but if it turns out that I receive the votes, I am hereby announcing that I will accept the responsibility to serve."

    Weidner, who has served as alderman of the 6th District since 2000, and Mason jostled for the position in October 2017 during a special election held after former Mayor John Dickert announced he was stepping down. Mason, who had served in the Legislature for 10 years, received 964 more votes than Weidner.

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