Thursday, October 10, 2019

Charli the emu survived weeks in the woods and was shot twice by a sheriff's deputy. She's now thriving in a sanctuary.

From JSOnline:

, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Charli the emu is seen in her enclosure after a Waushara County Sheriff's deputy shot her twice. She is recovering smoothly. (Photo: Courtesy of Nicole Helmer)

Charli isn’t like other emus. She’s a famous emu.
Plus, she’s friendly, tame and loves cuddles — flying in the face of the stereotype that emus are violent creatures.
So Nicole Helmer isn’t sure why a Waushara County Sheriff’s deputy shot the large flightless bird last week in the town of Coloma, especially just one minute after Helmer, who runs an animal sanctuary, told the deputy on the phone that she’d come rescue Charli.
Regardless, Helmer is glad the shots weren’t fatal and Charli is healing nicely. And she’s amazed at all the attention Charli’s story has garnered across the state.
“I’m in awe of her and the way that the community has rallied,” Helmer said. “We feel very blessed that she chose to trust us.”
But before visitors stopped by to see the emu, the news cameras toured SonnyBoy Animal Sanctuary and the veterinarians at the University of Wisconsin-Madison animal hospital snapped selfies with her, Charli was on a long journey far from home.

Unfortunately, the deputy's camera was not on when he shot Charli.  Shades of Ty'Rese West.

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