Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Teen allegedly punched man in front of cop, leading toskull fracture

From The Journal


RACINE — A Racine teen allegedly punched a man in the face in front of a Racine Police officer, causing the man to fracture his skull on a sidewalk.
James A. Collins, 19, of the 800 block of Villa Street, faces a felony charge of substantial battery and a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct.
According to the criminal complaint:
Police responded Sept. 2 to the 800 block of Villa Street for a report of a civil trouble. A man was trying to park on the street in front of a house so he could visit Collins’ residence in the same block.
The owner of the house that the man was parking in front of came out and began screaming at the driver, saying he did not want the vehicle parked in front of his house.
Collins heard the commotion and came out onto the sidewalk. After some screaming and swearing, Collins allegedly punched the man, who collapsed and hit his head on the sidewalk.
The man was diagnosed the next day with a skull fracture and a concussion.
Collins made an initial court appearance on Wednesday, during which a cash bond was set at $500, records show.

"Racine Man" please...racine teen ... like he is a kid..that is felony assault and he was let out on 500 sig bond....this city's court commissioners need to be fired.. It was a Felony offense...that would be 5-50K bond...