Thursday, May 20, 2021

Watch: Negress Goes Buckwild on Coalburner! RACE WAR!


Pizza pizza, muffuggen bitch ass white devil!

Video has emerged of a white girl getting beaten pretty good by a big black bitch.

The incident happened at a Little Caesar’s Pizza in Augusta, Georgia.

The negress is seen going totally buckwild, holding the skank, who has bleached blonde hair, up by her hair as she punches her in the face. She then drags her outside the door by her hair, and stomps on her head.

The negress has been identified as Brittany Kennedy, 25, and the skank as Emily Broadwater, 22.

At time of writing, Kennedy has not been arrested because police don’t arrest people anymore. But she has a previous mugshot from back when police arrested people.

That there is a powerful beast.

The incident allegedly started when negress pulled a chair out from under the skank. It has been revealed that the two were acquainted with one another.

At one point in the beating, a black child comes up and tries to grab the skank. At first, I thought this was the child of the negress joining in to help mama beat that white devil (genetically evil). But then I noticed the baby’s skin is much lighter.

When the white girl stands up after the beating is finished, she says “my baby!”

So the halfbreed is hers. It was actually protecting its mommy, not joining in the battle.

Apparently, this white bitch was having sex with that black bitch’s man.

She said on Facebook that it ain’t be like it do, but y’all know bitches be lyin’.

Black women generally don’t like the fact that white women is be stellen dey mayne.

I don’t like that fact either, and I agree white women who do that deserve to be beaten and worse. The video is very satisfying.

However, we should also understand: this is part of a larger, emerging trend.

Blacks have been attacking white people every day in America for decades. But it’s really going to start getting a whole lot worse now that they’ve pulled the police.

Murder rates are doubling every year, but up until now, it is still blacks killing blacks. At some point soon, blacks are going to collectively realize that they can kill whites and face the same consequences (no consequences).

The thing that is going to trigger it is videos like this one, where a black sees it and says “shiiet, I could do that!”


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