Friday, June 11, 2021

Racine County Jail deaths, county supervisor calling for transparency

From Fox6Now:

A call for transparency after two inmates, arrested within hours of one another, both die in custody at the Racine County Jail just days apart. Now, a local official is speaking out on the investigations. 

Racine County Supervisor Fabi Maldonado sent an email to the Racine County Sheriff expressing concerns over the investigations into the recent in-custody deaths. The supervisor is calling on the Wisconsin State Department of Justice or the Federal Department of Justice to lead the investigations.

"The community deserves full transparency throughout the investigation. That’s why the sheriff's office needs to immediately release the camera footage for the intake area, the observation rooms, and the CERT body cams for both families," said Supervisor Maldonado said in the email. 

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TSE said...

Sheriff Christopher Schmaling is there to cover up the misdeeds of his Deputies and refuses to investigate the numerous malfeasant and corrupt Officials who rule Ratcine County.