Sunday, June 6, 2021

UN Official Recalled from Gaza After Praising Jewish Bombings

Jews pictured torturing a goat to death in order to satiate the bloodlust of their satanic demon god. They also do this to Christian and Islamic children.

The United Nations has been issuing “resolutions” on Israel for 70 years. They have never been intended to mean anything.

Now you have a UN official specifically dealing with the Arab-Israeli conflict who has said something totally in the reverse, and praised Israel.


The U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees says it has recalled its Gaza director after he faced threats over remarks in which he appeared to praise Israel’s “huge sophistication” in carrying out precision strikes during last month’s Gaza war.

UNRWA, which provides essential health, education and other services in the territory, said late on Thursday that it was “seriously concerned” about the threats, including a “very large protest” outside its Gaza headquarters on Monday.

It said Gaza director Matthias Schmale and his deputy have been recalled to UNRWA’s headquarters in east Jerusalem for “consultations.” The agency cited media reports that “Palestinian factions” had declared Schmale and his deputy persona non grata in Gaza but said it received no formal notification to that effect.

In an interview with Israel’s Channel 12 TV last month, Schmale was asked about Israeli officials’ assertions that airstrikes carried out during the 11-day war with the territory’s militant Hamas rulers were “very precise.”

“I’m not a military expert but I would not dispute that,” Schmale replied, adding that there was “huge sophistication” in how Israel struck targets. But he also said colleagues told him the strikes were “much more vicious in their impact” than in the 2014 Gaza war. 

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