Saturday, July 12, 2014

I know I complain about being too busy, but... Sometimes I need more....

On Monday, July 7,2014, my cousin Macomo flew in from Japan.  She was in route to go to Puerto Rico for a salsa dance convention, because she is a salsa dance teacher in Japan.  So, she decided to take a couple of days ahead of time to come here to Wisconsin to visit just for a couple of days before she went to her conference.

Monday, my mom took her down to the marina, to show her around there.  They to a couple of other places, and we all ended up at my mom's for a nice all American meal.  Home made sloppy Joes, potato salad, pickles, carrot sticks, and a few other goodies.  It was nice.

Tuesday morning, it seemed as if everyone had someplace to go, I worked, my mom had a funeral, stepdad had a church event, my son was at his volunteer program until about 3 pm.  After I got done at around 11:15, I stopped home quick, and I picked up Macomo, who was resting at my mom's...  Due to the jet lag, she probably needed it.  So, I took her out to lunch at Kewpees, and then walked over to the Racine Heritage Museum.  We drove back to my house, picked up my husband Mike, and then my son from church...  Then headed off to the zoo.  After the zoo, we all ended up at my house for my home made taco dinner with guacamole on the side.  :)  It was good!

My cousin and I at the zoo
My cousin and I at the zoo

Wednesday evening, after taking my son to the Family Power Grass Roots Open Mic, we went back to my mom's again for dinner.  Because I knew that I was on limited time, I brought over 2 home baked blueberry pies to leave with the rest of the group, because I wasn't going to be able to be a part of that show.  But, my Chad went up there, and told his jokes.  :)

Chad at Open Mic with his comedy routine

Chad at Open Mic with his comedy routine

Chad with his Family Power tshirt at the front door of Racine Arts Council, the location of grass roots open mic.

Chad with his Family Power tshirt at the front door of Racine Arts Council, the location of grass roots open mic.

And, surprise!  My cousin Macomo made an intricate Japanese meal for us!  Tempura and rice balls...  The rice balls had tempura battered shrimp in the middle, and it was seasoned so perfect...  And then of course the tempura veggies included green string beans, green onion tops, slivered onion, shredded carrot, sweet potato, and kohlrabi...  The food was so delicious I think we all ate way too much.  The miso soup was especially good, also!

Macomo cooking tempura

Macomo cooking tempura

Taking a short break from cooking

Taking a short break from cooking

Us at the table
Us at the table

The group who broke bread together
The group who broke bread together

My cousin's plane was leaving early Thursday morning, and my mom was also going to Oregon to visit my sister...  So, of course I neglected a lot at home to make time for Macomo's visit.  I didn't have time yet to catch up on everything, but, the last time I got to see my cousin was about 10 years ago, and I didn't get a lot of time then, and before that was another 6 years before that.  I just figured this is too important to let busy work get in the way, since none of us can guaranty when we are going to be able to see each other again.  It was worth making time for everything with my cousin, and I wish that we could have had more time together...

In my line of work as a home care worker, and I seem to get along really well with most of the clients I get.  While it's a labor of love for sure, because us home care aids don't really get paid a whole lot, we often get people who are paired up with us for a LONG time.  It's hard not to care about these people because sometimes we are there almost daily.  We get attached to some, more than others, and while respecting the line of professionalism, it happens sometimes that we end up being more like a family member rather than a caretaker because of the fact that we are, for the most part, the one they see most often, talk to about daily life, etc...  Being that I've been doing this for 11 years, I've had many come through my schedule.  Some of them I could let go, whether to another facility or to death.  Others I accepted that it was their time to go.  Then there are the very special few, that we mourn the loss of a person who became close to us.  Even though there was nothing I could do to prevent any of these, it makes one realize that life is precious, and you'll never know when we will lose someone that means something to us.

Sure, I am young enough not to have to worry about certain issues (yet), I also realize that when these times come up that are rare to be able to connect with them, it is worth putting aside everything, to make that time to spend with these people.  This way, if anything happens, I have the satisfaction of knowing that spending the time has meaning.  Hope that all is well with everyone!

p.s.  I finally received my certificate from the National Association of Health Unit Coordinators.  Now that I am certified, I am hoping that some day, I will have a career position that will allow me to take my husband and my son to Japan, because seriously, I can barely plan for next week on my current pay, much less save for a trip of a lifetime...  Wish me luck, people!

Open Blog - Weekend

In any language, the wekend is fun.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Four for Fridays

Hello everyone and welcome back! And yes, I'm back after spending the Forth on vacation Up North. It has been a LONG week since.... So here are this week's questions...

1) What cities have you seen fireworks displays in?

2) What kind of cell phone do you use?

3) What is your favorite James Bond movie?

4) How often do you watch the weather forecast?

Enjoy your weekend!

What the Fudge...

I love home made fudge and a glass of ice cold milk.

Open Blog - Friday

Enjoy the start of the weekend.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

"Today In This Is A Thing: Taiwan Has A Penis Cake Craze"

by PhilHaney

"You know how in America (or at least in ‘Merica), people break out penis shaped food for bachelorette parties? You’ll be at a restaurant and suddenly a bunch of girls show up with penis hats from Spencer’s and a big penis cake comes out. Or maybe that’s just me.

"Well in the city of Taipei, they have taken the idea of phallus food to a whole new level with 'Gayke' – a penis shaped cake that sells like hot cakes –shaped like a dong."

Read and SEE more:

Top Dog Shuts Down Again

Top Dog Hot Dogs has closed their store at Regency Mall.  I am beside myself with grief, weeping and gnashing of (false) teeth.  How could they do this to me?

There's a sign that says they will continue to operate "Smoke on the Water," the concession stand near the 5th Street boat launches.  The sign also says the hot dog cart will be out during downtown festivities.

Oh, woe is me!

Safety Ad

Best of Racine 2014 - Subs

Next to grilling out, subs, at least to me, feel a little like summer.
Ok, maybe it's just me, and you all know I'm a little odd...
They can be hot, like a meatball bomber, 
or cold like a nice ham and turkey. 
Who has your favorite subs?

Vote now!

Alltime10s Thursdays

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Shh! What if Donald found out?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

"Complaint against county supervisor dismissed"

From The Journal

"The complaint alleged that Osterman did not properly disclose financial interests in the project and that the Root River Council, of which Osterman is a member, is not a nonprofit organization as it claims."

Read more:

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my nature lovers!  How are you?  Did you see the 4th of July parade and fireworks?  The parade was so-so, but the fireworks were impressive.  Almost all fireworks are impressive, even when they all go off at once:

And there is the issue of the La Tapatia dancing horses being bullied by a parade official driving around in a golf cart, following and harassing them along the route.  One horse even  fell.  They sometimes say that a little power is a bad thing.  I’m sorry, La Tapatia, for the poor behavior displayed by our parade officials.  Please bring your horses back next year.  If I see any officials harassing you, I’ll place the dreaded Zoltar® Curse on them.  How come after years of parades and performance, all of sudden official’s have problems with La Tapatia?

Then there is the failure of the Journal Times and other local media to even mention the Racine Equality Project’s as the winning float in the parade.  Acting like children again.  How embarrassing for Racine.  Petty politics.

The fireworks were beautiful.  Next time, though, set them off all at once like in the above video.  That would be stunning.

It was a great day for parades and fireworks.  Our weather keeps yo-yoing.  Even within a day, we can go from sunny to overcast to sunny to rain.  Or more.  But I think we drew a fair amount from the visitors for the parade and fireworks.

I just had a thought: charge a fee for watching the parade.  Anyone not wearing the designated bracelet or whatever gets a hefty ticket.  Think of the $$$!

Same with the fireworks. 

There, another money-making idea for the city for free, but they never acknowledge them, even when they use them.

Who cares?  I hope you had a pleasurable experience here and will return.  Everyone here is loved.

What was Benjamin Franklin’s secret allure to many females?  Ask:

I hope that you’re enjoying your summer.  I hope that you’re enjoying your life.  Neurypnology!    

Open Blog - Wednesday

I wonder about women every day.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

cherry pit spitting

This guy won the championship with a distance of 80 feet 8 inches.

Sage Grouse.

The Federal Government is considering listing the Sage Grouse as an endangered species. If this is to happen it will affect 168 million acres over 11 states and the possibility of loosing 5,000 to 31,000 jobs.

It would stop all fuel exploration, building, hunting, Ln short no one could do anything with the land.

Wildflowers Pt 6!

We had a great time up north for our few days up there. Wednesday we left at 8am and on the way up north we stopped at Horicon National Wildlife Refuge in Lomira Wi., then we went to Appleton Wi and visited and had dinner with my older daughter, from there we stopped at Mack Wildlife refuge in Black Creek Wi, then we went to my sons house to drop off food for the cookout the next day and finally made it up to Drews parents house at about 7pm. 

On Thursday we went to a place called Regi in Antigo Wi this place takes in raptors if they are injured or orphans. The injured the rehabilitate and then release them back into the wild. It was very interesting to see what they do there and it is a non-profit organization. We do have pictures and will post them soon. Then from there we went to pick up my kids step sister and then went to my son's house for the cookout and fireworks.

Friday  we went and did some birding and wildflowers at Shelter Valley Rd in Three Lakes Wi. Then we spent the day with Drews parents.

Saturday we left Drews parents between 10 and 11am and on the way home we stopped to pick up my kids step sister and she came back with us for awhile we also stopped to see my mom for awhile. Then on the way home we stopped at Buena Vista in Bancroft to do some birding. We finally made it home about 9pm. This was one long weekend of driving for me.

I did manage to get some wildflower pictures during this time and I am going to share them with everyone. These are new ones for me here they are-

                          This is a Orange Hawkweed taken on County Road DD in Pickereal Wi.

                           This is a Perennial Pea taken on Shelter Valley Road in Three Lakes Wi.

                   This is a Purple Loosestrife taken at Mack Wildlife Refuge in Black Creek Wi.

     This is Cow Vetch taken at Horicon National Wildlife Refuge in Lomira Wi on the auto tour trail.

                                        This is Hairy Phlox taken at Buena Vista in Bancroft Wi.

I just hope everyone enjoys the pictures we had taken from up north. We always enjoy going out to take the pictures to share with everyone.

Open Blog - Tuesday

They're cute siblings.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

"La Tapatia ends participation in Racine’s 4th of July parade after 'harassing' treatment"

From RacineUncovered:
Credit: La Tapatia

"According to the owner’s and family of the La Tapatia restaurant located at 1951 Mead Street in Racine, they will no longer participate in Racine’s 4th of July Parade. They posted an announcement on their facebook page to let readers and supporters know.

“'Our experience in this years 4th of July was by far the worse experience ever. Out of years that we have attended. We attempted to have an amazing time but seem to be harassed by the director of the parade Betty. Who seemed to be following us through the whole parade yelling at our children. Wanting our horses to run in which made our horse fall during our walk in this parade. She was by far the rudest director ever yelling and screaming at us and putting her hand in our face stating exactly 'You will not be invited next year' yet another representative Wendy stated 'you will never be invited again' So we are letting our customers know that we will never attend @cityofracinefourthofjuly this was the last year we will be there. We want to thank each and everyone that watched us and allowed us to be a part of your 4th of July. God bless always! — at Fourth of July Parade Downtown Racine.'

"Many residents are upset and outraged about this and many comments from hundreds of people have shown support. According to may people, they specifically attended the parade to see La Tapatia’s dancing horses. To see what residents are saying and for the original post please visit La Tapatia on facebook at LA TAPATIA FACEBOOK"

Read and see more:



"Miracle on Racine’s Sixth and Water Streets Part II"

From Racine Exposed:

"Who knew what and when. It’s always the key to making a killing on Real Estate through an Insider Knowledge deal. Is there a small group of Racine City Hall Insiders who have managed to score a few buys of the century? Who had Insider knowledge of future projects that would greatly increase their sales price and commissions? Why else did Mayor John Dickert and the Redevelopment Authority violate numerous Ordinances, make deals in secret, and maintain silence behind the scenes, only to suddenly spring the results on the Common Council and Residents AFTER the Grants and Loans had been approved?  Then, when honest and decent Aldermen pointed out that the process was in violation of Democratic principles as well as the law, certain other Aldermen demanded that the project go ahead anyways, AND in a rush!"

Read more: