Saturday, July 26, 2014

Whatcha doin', Orbs?

I saw this story in my news feed, 
is OUR Orbs being naughty? 

I know our guy wouldn't cause such trouble,
but they just kept saying orbs. 
I think he's getting a bad rap!

Open Blog - Weekend

And away we go!

Friday, July 25, 2014

"Changes to make Wisconsin's Do Not Call list more user-friendly"

From JSOnline:

By Rick Barrett of the Journal Sentinel 

Sexually Experimental Geckos Lost In Space

If you do not want to read this story you have no sense of curiosity whatsoever!

Look who welcomed us home to Florida!

We arrived home yesterday to be greeted by Kermit hanging out in the hot tub room!  Aw, isn't he so cute! 

Moving on!

After 30 years, I am moving out of Sturtevant.  Here is one of the real finds that was rejected by multitudes! Impossible, you say. I cannot believe that no one would come over and grab up this wonderful TV!  Look at that picture...look at that cabinet.  Yep, about 27-28 years ago, we bought this CONSOLE TV new!  I even offered it with the most sophisticated VHS Player!  The price?  Zippo, nada, zero dollars!  And it swivels!  Yep, took us about five or six years to figure that out!  After we figured it out, did we ever use that feature?  Nope...

We were going to tape a ten dollar bill to it and put it at the curb, but thought someone would take the ten and leave us this beauty!  

Look at the clarity of that picture!  Can you believe it only weights about a zillion pounds!

This work of art is now available at the Goodwill Store on Durand!  Hmmmph!  You now have to pay big bucks for it!

The VHS Player?  Well, our dear friend SER grabbed that thing up in a heartbeat.  However, he tried to escape the house without that great collection of VHS Tapes! Ahem, that was part of the deal!  His media center is now the envy of the neighborhood!  Even had the remote for it!  I know you are all seriously jealous of his find! 

Wish I could have seen you all, but there was just not enough time for us to get this project handled and entertain.  Next time, we will be there for fun and games.

Oh, there is one other item still available (as far as I know) and that is an exercise bike.  One with the big fan-type front wheel.  The handlebars go back and forth alternately.  If you are interested, it's still in the basement.  The cost is the same as the TV!  Dang, I should have tried to find some sucker ( oops ) customer for both of them!

Next time we are in town, it will be at the Holiday Inn on 20.  They'll make us breakfast for FREE!  Don't worry, we aren't gone out of your lives forever.You couldn't be that lucky!

In the meantime, we will see you around here or Facebook!  Ta-ta! 

Four for Fridays

Hello everyone and welcome back! What a week a week this was! It flew so quick that it was a blur... Anyways, your questions...

1) What song do you love to dance to?

2) If you were a police officer for a day, what would you do with your authority?

3) Would you rather take a picture or be in a picture?

4) If you won big time in the lottery, how long would you wait before you tell someone?

Enjoy your weekend!

Open Blog - Friday

Aeen't you guys supposed to be in the antarctic?

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Racine County Fair

"A Barn Good Time” – July 23rd to July 27th 2014

"The Most Controversial Commercial Spot Ever - Romanian Ad"

Kids grow up way too quickly these days.

Rogers Out for Season

Click here for more info ---> Arron Rogers out for 2014 Season

Rogers was seriously injured in a boating accident and was arrested for driving the boat while intoxicated...

Best of Racine 2014 - Formal dining

Special occasion,  monumental birthday, 
impressive anniversary, big date, whatever the reason, 
once in a while, we have a need to go out special. 
Somewhere you don't have to rush, somewhere nice, 
we even clean up a bit and get all prettied up. 
Where do you go when you want to do something really nice?

Vote now!

Open Blog - Thursday

Yes, ma'am.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my hearty hotcakes!  How are you? I had the a/c on for only a little bit before.  I’m afraid of the electric bill.  I’m trying to survive on fans and breezes only.  Fat chance.  August is usually the hottest month, so the best (worst?) is yet to come.  I feel sorry for Ms. OKIE and Mr. hale-bopp for their hot locations. 

Things have settled down here with the leaving of Señor Zanza’s 15 “children.”  I’m beginning to think that they were little people somehow related to Señor Zanza’s “business.” My, oh my.  He’s a man of mystery, or a jerk, or both.

I read about RUSD stripping most of their libraries of books.  Before they ship them to Africa, how about allowing the people who paid for the books a chance to look them over?  I’m sure there’s many books there that community members would like to have.

RUSD says that they want to make the libraries less boring with more recent works.  At this stage of the game, I suggest that RUSD just allow students to watch television, surf the net, and/or text all day long.  For the few serious students, give them the grades that they earned. For the rest, hand out grades randomly.  Win-win.

There just was the most amazing “light show” from Mother Nature’s lightning in the east over Lake Michigan.  They sky kept lighting up, but no thunder was heard.  A storm was passing through and doing its thing out on the lake.  Or perhaps it was heat lightning.  I don’t know, but it was impressive, either way.

Remember to not stand underneath trees and other objects during storms for “lightning protection.”  Lightning can play strange tricks. There’s even “ball lightning” that can shoot through your house.  Are you covered for that?  You might want to visit your insurance agent.

Thank you for visiting me today.  I'm always open to new friends.  I love the older ones,too.  

When your life becomes stormy:

Enjoy the sun and fun, Irregulars.  We all know what the flipside of this is: December, January, February.  And the dreaded "s" word.  Ariose!  

Open Blog - Wednesday

Have a good Wednesday.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Alltime10s Thursdays.

"Thousands Of Books Removed From Racine Unified Schools"

Credit: Racine County Eye
From Racine County Eye:

By Denise Lockwood in Breaking · July 21, 2014

"Members of the Racine Education Association are calling on the Racine Unified School District to stop 'weeding' school library books out of school libraries by the 'tens of thousands,' including the Bible, Koran, and The Iliad & The Odyssey of Homer.

"The Racine Unified School District is purging 'tens of thousands of books' copyrighted prior to the year 2000, according to a statement by the REA. But Racine Unified School District spokesperson Stacy Tapp said the district works with school staff members each summer to refresh the libraries.

“'We provide a list of books to the library media specialist to consider pulling from the shelves because they are outdated, in very poor condition, don’t align with curriculum or have not been checked out in many years,' Tapp said. 'There are additional factors that are considered as well. The school libraries have funds each year to replace old items.'”

Read more:



Open Blog - Tuesday

Deep thoughts.

Monday, July 21, 2014