Monday, October 15, 2018

Comment on "Where is Unfied's $3M for Pritchard sports complex coming from?"

shield Oct 14, 2018 10:02am
It is way past time to stop spending our tax dollars like drunk sailors ..... Schools are obsolete, the ONLY reason no one is seriously looking at On line education for ALL after 6th grade is it ends the teaching profession as we know it...They would have to compete for On line teaching programs and only the best ones would be used...Guess what they would have to actually teach and instill learning..On line teaching would end law suits, Bullying which is so over board thanks to liberals...shrinks, and nurses on campus,...breakfast ,lunch and dinner ....face it kids do not want to be in school they want their toys and computers and I phones....Plus students do not learn in brick and mortar schools as we all know by the results...School is a failed social is parenting at school with a food program and brainwashing at what to believe and lack of American history and tradition...they teach subversion and anarchy as being OK..There is no GOD in our schools anymore at all...and no discipline demanded have no fear of consequences because they know nothing happens to them because some liberal has a program or counseling session for them and a lot of excuses and blame for their failure instead of accepting the fact that You yourself are responsible for most of the results of your own choices.

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