Saturday, July 28, 2018

"Cardinal McCarrick, prominent US Catholic, resigns over abuse claims"

Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of a prominent US cardinal accused of sexually assaulting a teenager nearly 50 years ago.

Theodore McCarrick, 88, a former Archbishop of Washington, must also carry out "penance and prayer" pending a canonical trial, the Vatican said.

Last month US Church officials said the allegations were credible.

Mr McCarrick has said he has "no recollection" of the alleged abuse. Further allegations have since emerged.
Mr McCarrick was one of the most prominent US cardinals and is one of the most high-profile Catholic leaders to face abuse claims.

What has the Vatican said?

In a statement, the Vatican said Pope Francis had accepted Mr McCarrick's resignation from the cardinalate and had ordered his suspension from the exercise of any public ministry.

The statement also said he would be placed in seclusion "for a life of prayer and penance until the accusations made against him are examined in a regular canonical trial".

His resignation means the titles of Cardinal and "your eminence" are removed, America Magazine editor and Jesuit priest James Martin said on Twitter

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Sometimes I'm ashamed that I ever was a Catholic.  Vatican nuns are coming out now with horror stories of abuse by cardinals.  The Catholic Church is a hiding place for perverts.

"Dr. Ken Yorgan Announces His Candidacy For Wisconsin's 1st Congressional District"

"*VOTE* Dr Ken Yorgan for Congress! Wisconsin First District!"

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At long last, people all across the country are realizing that it isn’t the
Democrats or the Republicans making a mess of our country
In 2016, most of us wanted the country to take a new direction
toward peace and protection of people and the planet
In 2018, We Need

Dr Ken Yorgan is also the Host of Talking Racine!
We bring the perspective down to the local level to discuss issues that affect our own city of Racine, WI We’re about investigative reporting on topics that matter: corruption, conflicts of interest, broken systems, abuses by institutions and individuals with power, whether that’s government, nonprofits, or the press itself.

*VOTE* Dr Ken Yorgan for Congress! Wisconsin First District!

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Say No More

These are the assholes who ruin our lives.

*VOTE* Dr. Ken Yorgan for Congress

*VOTE* Dr. Ken Yorgan for Congress -  Wisconsin 
First District

The History of Stereos documentary

Top U.S. Shale Oil Fields Decline Rate Reaches New Record…. Half Million Barrels Per Day

While the U.S. reached a new record of 11 million barrels of oil production per day last week, the top five shale oil fields also suffered the highest monthly decline rate ever.  This is bad news for the U.S. shale industry as it must produce more and more oil each month, to keep oil production from falling.

According to the newest EIA Drilling Productivity Report, the top five U.S. Shale Oil fields monthly oil decline rate is set to surpass a half million barrels per day in August.  Thus, the companies will have to produce at last 500,000 barrels of new oil next month just to keep production flat.

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Part 2: Pontiac GTO History - 1968-1969

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Friday, July 27, 2018

"Bill Clinton Heckled By Angry Prostitutes In Amsterdam"

Bill Clinton was heckled by activists at the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam on Friday while he was giving a speech.

Walking down the center aisle with red umbrellas, protesters demanded the decriminalization, respect and protection of sex workers and drug users - while also vehemently opposing the location of the next conference scheduled for San Francisco in 2020.

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“I don't care about ISIS!” Teacher screams at Toronto shooting memorial | David Menzies

Appalachian Hillbillies

White Trailer Park Trash - the cockroaches that infest the South!

Cops VS Appalachian Hillbillies – The TRUTH About the South!


It’s THAT BAD in the SOUTH – A people who are inbred and did not value the education provided to them by the Taxpayers. The South is largely populated by low IQ toothless White Trailer Park Trash!

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Shortly after my shift began today - I chose to quit, because it is in 
self-defense of my own best self interest. I turned in my employee 
badge to Dillion, along with all company owned property in my 
possession, thanked him, and shook his hand. Unfortunately, I could 
not remember the combination to the lock on my locker - simply because 
I hadn't used it for so long - but I did show it to Dillon and let him 
know that there is only Company owned equipment in there - a grinder, 
discs for the grinder, and a faceshield; I couldn't remember the 
combination because I hadn't used it for so long. In my apartment, I 
found the combination - it is: 30 - 04 - 34, please provide this 
information to Eagle Bend. I also turned in my parking pass to the 
gate guard. I will NOT return, and there is no company owned equipment 
in my possession. 
Prior to quitting - I had  discussed the situation with my Supervisor 
and he told me that I would be permanently assigned to 
work with Lisa and that it would not change any time soon. I decided 
that those conditions were unacceptable to me - and exposed me to 
great risk and harm which was not in my best interest, and that future 
troubles which might lead to tarnishing my reputation would likely 
result - and I believe that it is my best self interest to flee 
trouble. In civil life this is known as DIVORCE. 
My quitting was the result of being assigned to work with Lisa. 
Previously, Lisa had engaged another group of employees with her 
"trailer park trash'" attitude, behavior and speech - which lead to a 
great deal of turmoil - so much that she wasn't allowed to work with 
certain groups of people and that to this day there are hard feelings 
which remain. I will admit - that she is a good worker when she is 
actively engaged in working - but her behavior often becomes 
combative, provocative, annoying, and demanding - usually because she 
isn't paying attention to or focusing on work, or becomes obsessed 
with the actions or duties of other activities or employees who have 
no bearing upon her work duties. This was an especial problem because 
we are engaged in a fast paced manufacturing environment which 
requires quick, repetitive, and accurate  motions and where "minor 
mistakes" can have  long term negative impacts on 
production/costs/maintenance/delivery, etc. Lisa chose to engage me in 
numerous situations of her "trailer park trash" like attitude and 
outbursts in a NO WIN situation, and I found myself becoming 
internally angry and frustrated - something which I must contain, and 
did so, but over time it was becoming more difficult. As a white male, 
in today's work environment - I absolutely cannot afford to respond in 
kind - nor do I want to - and I do not enjoy being subjected to the 
proactive outbursts from someone who would be an ideal subject of an 
arrest in an Episode of "COPS - White Trailer Trash Edition". 
I apologize for "stiffing" Eagle Bend - but they failed in their duty 
to provide a safe and professional work environment, free from 
unnecessary harassment, hostility and provocation. 
Besides - these assholes put you on the FOREVER A TEMP plan, so they 
never provide one with benefits or an adequate living wage. 

"Village elects cat as mayor"

From The Journal

OMENA, Mich. — Politics in a small northern Michigan village have gone to the cats and dogs and goats and even chickens.

Omena’s newly elected mayor is a feline named Sweet Tart. Dogs Diablo Shapiro and Punkin Anderson Harder are vice mayor and second vice mayor.

An election committee named Harley the goat press secretary while Penny the chicken is special assistant for fowl affairs.

The seats are ceremonial. The election is a fundraiser costing $1 per vote and brought in more than $7,000 to the Omena Historical Society.

Candidates have to be animals and live in Omena, which has about 300 human residents.

I don't trust that Penny the chicken.

Four for Fridays!

Good morning everyone I hope you enjoyed your week. I have had the Grandkids here since last Friday and they are going home Sunday. I have enjoyed my time with them and I will miss them when they go home. Drew has been working 12 hour days all week and he has to work 4am to noon tomorrow and he will have 68 hours in for the week. Here are your questions.

1) When was the last time you deep cleaned your house?

2) Do you usually just clean the main things?

3) Do you just do the main laundry every week?

4) When was the last time you took all the things that had to be done in the washing machine?

Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, July 26, 2018


McDonald’s worker batters customer who threw a milkshake at her and ‘insulted her mum’

The much larger woman threw the customer around like a rag doll and pummelled her in the face

Carly Simon - Nobody Does It Better - The Spy Who Loved Me


the fact of two things being seen or placed close together with 
contrasting effect. 
"the juxtaposition of these two images"

"Man bites dog: North Koreans eat dog meat to beat the heat"

PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) — In North Korea, summer is not a good 
time to be a dog. 
In the sizzling heat, North Korea’s biggest brewery is pumping out 
twice as much beer as usual, Pyongyang residents are lining up to get 
their “bingsu” — a syrupy treat made with shaved ice — and restaurants 
are serving up bowl after bowl of the season’s biggest culinary 
attraction: spicy dog meat soup. 
Euphemistically known as “dangogi,” or sweet meat, dog has long been 
believed to be a stamina food in North and South Korea and is 
traditionally eaten during the hottest time of the year, giving a sad 
twist to the old saying “dog days of summer.” 
The dates are fixed according to the lunar calendar and dog meat 
consumption centers around the “sambok,” or three hottest days — July 
17 and 27, and Aug. 16 this year. Demand appears to be especially high 
this year because of a heatwave in East Asia. Temperatures in the 
North have been among the highest ever recorded, hovering near 40 
degree Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) in several cities. 
As is the case with almost everything, good statistics are not 
available for how much dog is eaten in the North. 
But in South Korea, where even President Moon Jae-in has dogs as pets, 
at least 2 million canines are slaughtered and eaten each year even 
though its popularity as food is waning. While many older South 
Koreans believe dog meat aids virility, younger people generally are 
either against the practice or indifferent to it and there has been 
increasing pressure to ban it altogether. 
On both sides of the Demilitarized Zone, dogs used for their meat are 
raised on farms for that express purpose. 
“It’s been our national food since olden times,” explained Kim Ae 
Kyong, a waitress at the Pyongyang House of Sweet Meat, the largest 
dog specialty restaurant in the North Korean capital. “People believe 
that heat cures heat, so they eat dog meat and spicy dog soup on the 
hottest days. It’s healthier than other kinds of meat.” 
The restaurant’s menu lists more than a dozen dog dishes, including 
ribs, hind legs and boiled dog skin. 
Like their neighbors to the South, North Korean attitudes toward dogs 
are changing. 
It is increasingly common to see people walking their dogs on leashes 
in Pyongyang and other cities in the North, a trend that seems to have 
just begun to catch on over the past few years. Feral dogs are common 
in the countryside, however, and left to fend for themselves.

"ELECTRIC SHOCKER German serial killer accidentally kills himself by attaching electric wires to his nipples and penis during weird solo sex act gone wrong in his cell"

A GERMAN serial killer who murdered five female hitchhikers 
accidentally killed himself performing a strange solo sex act in his 
prison cell over the weekend, reports claim. 
Egidius Schiffer, dubbed the "Aachen Strangler", gave himself a fatal 
electric shock after tying a cable from a lamp around his penis and 
nipples, police said. 
German serial killer Egidius Schiffer, 62, accidentally killed himself 
during a bizarre solo sex act in his prison cell. He was still tied up 
when guards at Bochum prison, in the North Rhine-Westphalia state, 
opened his room up on Monday morning, the Times reported. 
Prison spokeswoman Candida Tunkel said: "He removed a cable from his 
bedside table lamp. 
"Then he wound it around his nipples and his penis and stuck the end 
in a power socket." 
A post-mortem established Schiffer, 62, died of heart failure as a 
result of an electric current flowing through his chest.

Dear County Board

Dear County Board, 
New Legislation is being considered which may limit the current 
reckless and thoughtless path being pursued by MTP Public Officials, 
especially in regards to property rights and just compensation. 
Let us all play fair - as best as all can. 
From Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner’s (WI-05) Private Property Rights 
Protection Act (H.R. 1689). 
"The protection of property rights is one of the most important tenets 
of our government. I am mindful of the long history of eminent domain 
abuses, particularly in low-income and often predominantly minority 
neighborhoods, and the need to stop it. I am also mindful of the 
reasons we should allow the government to take the lead when the way 
in which the land is being used constitutes an immediate threat to 
public health and safety. I believe this bill accomplishes both goals. 
I urge my colleagues to join me in protecting private property rights 
for all Americans and limiting the dangerous effects of the Kelo 
decision on the most vulnerable in society. I reserve the balance of 
my time.” 
Please join Cindy and I is JUST SAYING NO to allowing Governor Scott 
Walker, Representatives Robin Vos,  Cory Mason & MTP President David 
DeGroot to violate the Wisconsin Constitution (and their Oath of 
Office) by granting special rights to Corporate interests, stealing 
people’s property, destroying multi-generational Farms alongside an 
entire long established Community, loosening environmental 
protections, permitting heavy metals water pollution, instituting 
slave labor wages, providing taxpayer subsidies to multi-billionaire 
Corporations, and politician overreach. 
Tim & Cindy 

BREAKING NEWS: House Passes Sensenbrenner Bill to Protect Private Property Rights – UPDATED!


Washington, D.C.—Today, the House unanimously passed Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner’s (WI-05) Private Property Rights Protection Act (H.R. 1689).
The bill addresses the controversial Supreme Court decision in the 2005 case Kelo v. City of New London, which expanded the eminent domain power granted by the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution. In Kelo, the Court ruled that “economic development” can be justified as a “public use” under the Constitution’s Takings Clause.
To combat this expansion of power, H.R. 1689 would make any state or locality that uses the economic development justification for eminent domain ineligible from receiving federal economic development funds for two years. This creates a major incentive for governments to respect the private property rights of its citizens.
Additionally, the legislation bars the federal government from exercising eminent domain powers for the purposes of economic development.
Rep. Sensenbrenner“This bipartisan legislation restores the individual private property rights guaranteed in the Fifth Amendment. The framers of the Constitution would be horrified by the paradigm created by Kelo:a government free to seize and transfer private property from individuals with fewer resources to private entities with more. I’m grateful to my colleagues for their support of this bill and urge the Senate to immediately send it to the President’s desk.”

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From A Better Mount Pleasant: 
Our right to own private property is one of the most fundamental 
rights of Americans. That right is supported by the Fifth Amendment to 
the US Constitution allowing the government to take private property 
for public use with just compensation. Those rights have been 
threatened since the 2005 US Supreme Court decision in Kelo vs. City 
of New London. In a narrow decision, the court allowed the taking of 
private property for economic development. The decision was widely 
criticized and since then, 46 states have enacted new laws to protect 
private property rights. 
On July 23, 2018, the US House of Representatives voted UNANIMOUSLY to 
pass H.R. 1689, the Private Property Rights Protection Act of 2017. 
The bill would prohibit state or local government from exercising its 
eminent domain authority for economic development. This is a 
bi-partisan issue – supported by both Republicans and Democrats alike. 
This legislation has been introduced in every legislative session 
since the Kelo decision in 2005 but when it has made it to a vote in 
the House, it died in the Senate Judiciary Committee. 
Below is a list of all Senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee. If 
your state is on the list, please call one or both of your Senators 
and ask them to bring the Private Property Rights Protection Act to a 
vote. (Or just call each of them anyway - it can't hurt!) 
Don’t let them get away with claiming to support private property 
rights while failing to support efforts to strengthen laws to protect 
those rights. I have also included contact information for Wisconsin 
Senators Tammy Baldwin and Ron Johnson. Please call them and ask them 
to help get H.R. 1689 signed into law. 
This literally will take you less than five minutes but could impact 
you and your family for generations. Thank you. 
Arizona / Jeff Flake (202) 224-4521 
California / Dianne Feinstein (202) 224-3841 
California / Kamala Harris (202) 224-3553 
Connecticut / Richard Blumenthal (202) 224-2823 
Delaware / Christopher Coons (202) 224-5042 
Hawaii / Mazie Hirono (202) 224-6361 
Idaho / Mike Crapo (202) 224-6142 
Illinois / Dick Durbin (202) 224-2152 
Iowa / Chuck Grassley (202) 224-3744 
Louisiana / John Kennedy (202) 224-4623 
Minnesota / Amy Klobuchar (202) 224-3244 
Nebraska / Ben Sasse (202) 224-4224 
New Jersey / Cory Booker (202) 224-3224 
North Carolina / Thom Tillis (202) 224-6342 
Rhode Island / Sheldon Whitehouse (202) 224-2921 
South Carolina / Lindsey Graham (202) 224-3808 
Texas / John Cornyn (202) 224-2934 
Texas / Ted Cruz (202) 224-5922 
Utah / Orrin Hatch (202) 224-5251 
Utah / Michael Lee (202) 224-5444 
Vermont / Patrick Leahy (202) 224-4242 
Tammy Baldwin (202) 224-5653 
Ron Johnson (202) 224-5323 

10 Biggest Cover Ups Of The 21st Century

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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

BREAKING NEWS: House Passes Sensenbrenner Bill to Protect Private Property Rights

July 23, 2018

Washington, D.C.—Today, the House unanimously passed Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner’s (WI-05) Private Property Rights Protection Act (H.R. 1689).

The bill addresses the controversial Supreme Court decision in the 2005 case Kelo v. City of New London, which expanded the eminent domain power granted by the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution. In Kelo, the Court ruled that “economic development” can be justified as a “public use” under the Constitution’s Takings Clause.

To combat this expansion of power, H.R. 1689 would make any state or locality that uses the economic development justification for eminent domain ineligible from receiving federal economic development funds for two years. This creates a major incentive for governments to respect the private property rights of its citizens.

Additionally, the legislation bars the federal government from exercising eminent domain powers for the purposes of economic development.

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Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my dos and don'ts!  How are you?  The weather has been amenable, for the most part.  And Junior and Señor Zanza have decided to paint the garage.  I tried to tell Señor Zanza that Junior and ladders don't mix.  So he promised to keep Junior on the low side.  Right now they're still scraping the garage.  Then comes a coat of primer.  Then comes two coats of the final color.  Actually, Junior and painting don't mix, either.  Señor Zanza will discover this sooner or later.  I wonder about how many spilled buckets of paint it will take before Señor Zanza kicks Junior off of the job.  I swear, that boy isn't good for anything other than listening to loud rock music and chasing girls.  What's the pay rate for those skills?

I think Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are gay lovers.  There, I said it.  Obviously, Putin is the pitcher.  And Trump loves it.  It explains so much.

I was saddened to hear about another mass shooting, in Toronto.  I really don't know how to stop these rampages.  There would have to be some basic ground shift before words mean much.  A crazy guy and a gun - what a terrible situation.  If only someone had been armed and took this guy out before he killed and maimed so many.  If only, if only . . .  There has to be some way to screen these guys before they pop.  We're at the mercy of wackos and terrorists.  Oh my.

We're also at the mercy of groups pretending to be other groups.  There's no rhyme or reason, just the violence they inflict upon us.  I believe that such violence is failed communication, failed tolerance.  Let's pray for the victims of such violence and pray for a way out of this cycle of murder.  Sometimes it seems as if our society is coming apart at the seams.  Yet we persist.  Is that gallantry or stupidity?

I see that Mount Pleasant has created its own tourism bureau.  I have to agree that since Mount Pleasant supplied the vast majority of Real Racine's budget, it should have been featured more, instead of the insane preoccupation with downtown Racine.  Why do they believe that they deserve better than the rest of us?  They're 10% of the population, but make 90% of the noise.  Wake up to the rest of the city around you.

How about an arena on the failed Machinery Row property?  There's plenty of room.  And we can be home to the Foxconn Foxes.  In any sport.  We can put a hotel down there, too.  See how things work out?

I suggest that the new arena be named after Mr. Ex-Mayor Lying John Dickert.  The Lying John Memorial Arena and Whorehouse.  That sounds great.  Where were they going to get the money for the arena when it was proposed along Lake Ave?  A TID or TIF or just rob a bank?  The arena could be configured for basketball, baseball, and football.  It would be a boon to downtown.  All those sporrts players need someplace to spend their millions. We might even get a bookstore back.  (No, not that kind,)

Let's make Foxconn pay us for once and fix up the eyesores in downtown (hint, hint, Porter's property).  Do we really want a vaping lounge and a headshop in downtown?  How desperate are we to fill vacant storefronts.  (Hmm, maybe that kind of bookstore would do well in the new downtown.)

That's it for this week, kiddos.  Thank you all for reading.  I love you.  Don't forget to email me with your requests and desires.

Enjoy the summer weather.  Remember January.  Have a great time.  Dopn't forget to take home an immigrant tonight.
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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Explosion In Sex Dolls Threatens Japanese Race With "Extinction"

As Japanese birth rates plummet amid a generational fertility crisis, 
experts have fingered an explosion in sex dolls as an emerging threat 
to the country's already-dire population problem - with some even 
saying they will lead to the "extinction" of the Japanese race.

According to the RT documentary "Substitutes," industry insiders say 
that around 2,000 life-like sex dolls - with adjustable fingers, 
removable head and customizable genitals are sold annually in Japan. 
Assuming costs come down and the Japanese workforce continues to put 
in 14-hour days, there could be tens of thousands of sex dolls 
floating around the island nation within a decade. Maybe don't look in 
random closets when visiting friends in Japan. 
For sex doll salesman Noburu Tanaka, the advantage of owning one of 
the ¥420,000 ($3,750) synthetic dolls is its lack of expectation. 
“It’s an amazing feeling. It looks like a doll, but you feel as though 
it’s really alive,” he told RT. “When you make love to your wife, 
there can be some problems. With a doll, none of that matters.” 
For Kanako Amano, a demography expert at the NLI Research Institute in 
Tokyo, the dolls pose an existential threat to the future of a country 
where the population is estimated to decline by a third in the next 30 
years. -RT 

Focken Spiel

From The Shepherd Express:
Jul. 24, 2018
4:55 p.m

I’m Art Kumbalek and man oh manischewitz what a world, ain’a? So listen, they don’t call Our Town the City of Festivals for nothing, so don’t forget to grab your lederhosen and get over by the German “She’s Too Fat for Me” Fest Mach schnell down there by the Summerfest grounds this weekend. And I also know that some of you’s won’t forget that I’ve long lobbied for our Festa Italiana to combine with the German shebang and form the Axis Powers Fest—The Festival to Last 1,000 Years! That’s a lot of gemütlichkeit, what the fock.
So besides wondering how long before the Russian national anthem is also played at our American sporting events, I read somewheres that some kind of Harry Potter Dumbledore movie spin-off is in the works to hit the motion-picture theaters come November, and I flashbacked to the turn-of-the-century when those Potter door-stoppers were the bee’s knees in cat’s pajamas.
I remembered how all kinds of educational experts and other assorted dorky adults were practically having a bird over the Potter power to turn their fantasy into reality, which was that kids keep their nose clean best by sticking their pubescent proboscis in a book instead of picking their noses in front of a TV all day with the exception of the occasional trip to the store to shoplift some candy, you betcha.
Listen, I for one have never been sold on the notion that a kid all the time reading some book or another is such a hotshot modus operandi for the good life. According to my own studies, all too often these juvenile bookworms metamorphose into adult book-dweebs whose life skills can be summarized in one word: un-focking-employable.
No responsible parent in their right mind ought to let Junior spend his golden formative years sitting in a chair reading books. For christ sakes, the dull predictability of process involved in book-reading—read a page, turn it, read the next page, turn it, over and over until there’s no more pages, get another book, do the same damn thing—can only turn a kid’s survival skills to mush, what the fock.
Pshaw, you say. Acquiring a facility for turning pages is a rigorous regimen that if followed religiously leads to one heck of a buffed imagination, you say. Focking swell. Imagination. Fine. While Mr. Imagination buries himself in book after book, I hope you’re prepared to vacuum his room and remove half-finished, half-curdled bowls of Cheerios from beneath the unmade bed for the next 35, 40 years until the day they bury you ’cause the chances of him one day affording his own place fall between nil and none, and the only finger he’ll raise to help you ’round the house is the middle one each and every time you ask him to lift a finger to help you around the house.
No sir, Junior is better served—and so will be you—by getting out on the street and mixing it up with the other kids where he’ll be forced to think on his feet instead of his fat dupa and stands a chance to cop a very valuable lesson from the book the judge in juvenile court will throw at him. You just can’t buy book learning like that from a bookstore, I kid you not.
And what were the Potter books about? A kid going to school. Kids in school were going crazy to read a book about a kid going to school. Maybe it’s just me, but something didn’t seem healthy there. Especially when you consider what they taught at the English school Harry Potter went to: witchcraft and wizardry. What the fock, no wonder the British pissed away an empire if that’s the kind of malarkey that passes for a curriculum over there.
I realize the long-term effect of books may not be easy for a parent to discuss with a child all hopped up on Harry or what-have-you, but you owe it to their future to at least remind them of the seductive power of peer pressure and not to listen to what the other kids may say. Look them straight in the eye and make sure they understand that it’s all right to be an unimaginative non-bookreader for someday you may become president of these United States.
Cripes, damn these flashbacks. Where the heck was I? German Fest, right? Listen, if you’re new to lederhosen, let me warn you that the material is decidedly not washing-machine friendly, which reminds me of a little story:
So this guy from Bavaria goes to the doctor for a checkup. Doctor examines him and says that he needs a blood sample, a semen sample, urine and stool sample, so further tests can be run. The Bavarian nods, removes his lederhosen and hands them to the nurse.
Ba-ding! ’cause I’m Art Kumbalek and I told you so.


SOP Concerning Racine Police Department and Dogs

Dear City of Racine Alderpersons, 
Is this SOP ( Standard Operating Procedure) in line with legal 
standards set by the Wisconsin Legislature? And Conducive to good 
public relations? Not to mention the cost to Taxpayers to settle 
Lawsuits for wrong-doing. 
Why Is It That Dogs Are Being Ruthlessly Butchered by City of Racine 
Police During Questionable RPD No Knock Search Warrants? Is It SOP? 
And Why Was Alderman John Tate and Congressional Candidate Randy Bryce 
Allowed to Enter the Racine 4th Fest Parade In Violation of 
Established Rules? 
Tim & Cindy

Talking Racine Episode 80 “The Alarming Policy of Police Killing Dogs”

Talking Racine discusses Alderman John Tate and Congressional 
Candidate Randy Bryce entering the Racine 4th fest parade. Also, a 
discussion on the policy of the Racine Police Department killing dogs 
when entering a home on a warrant. Yet killing isn’t necessarily the 
only option, letter carriers don’t kill dogs, Instead, the Postal 
Service offers its employees training on how to avoid bites.We bring 
the perspective down to the local level to discuss issues that affect 
our own city of Racine, WI We’re about investigative reporting on 
topics that matter: corruption, conflicts of interest, broken systems, 
abuses by institutions and individuals with power, whether that’s 
government, nonprofits, or the press itself.

"She Is 14 But Looks Older"

"She Is 14 But Looks Older": Sweden Launches "Migrant Sex Courses" To 
Teach Newcomers How To Behave 
The Swedish government will pump 5 million Swedish crowns ($564,000 
USD) into migrant sex courses according to news outlet Fria Tider. 
A portion of the funding will support the government's sex-awareness 
website, "Youmo," which provides translation in Arabic, Somali and 
Dari. The goal of the website is to "simply inform immigrants about 
what is in Sweden," reports Tider. 
The program aims to stem rampant reports of sexual assault in the last 
several years, while rape was up 10% across the country in 2017 with 
7,230 reported cases. Meanwhile reports of sexual molestation, 
coercion and exploitation up between three and seven percent across 
12,130 reports. 
Now, the Swedish Ministry of Youth and Civil Affairs (MUCF) will work 
with the youth reception network (UMO) to further the educational 
“The mission includes expanding the information on Youmo, expanding 
skills-enhancing efforts for professionals who meet young new 
arrivals, as well as providing long-term skills training for 
professionals through the development of web-based education,” state 
Swedish authorities. 
Youmo provides a convenient slideshow FAQ for migrants and Swedish 
citizens alike to delicately traverse the intricacies of 
In this scenario, a young man appears excited at the prospect of 
receiving naked photographs from a 14-year-old child, only to be 
disappointed to find out it's illegal. 

First drive-through pot shop opens in Auburn

Maybe it's to grab some fast food, do some banking, or pick up a 
prescription. The drive-through has long been a convenience many of us 
rely on to keep our busy days moving. Now you can add marijuana to the 
list of things to get on the go. 
"They can order online and it can literally be ready when they get to 
the window," said Joint Rivers General Manager Audria Jaggers. 
The brand new pot shop is located in Auburn on the Muckleshoot 
Reservation, so it got special permission with the state to add 
drive-through service. There's a basic menu much like a typical fast 
food restaurant, but there's also a security guard checking to make 
sure everyone in the car is 21. Identifications get checked two more 
times at the pickup window. 
"There are so many security checkpoints for that drive-through to make 
sure that we eliminate any potential risk," said Jaggers. 
One customer, Bob, says for him it's all about convenience. 
"My knee's blown out and I'm on crutches, so I can't walk too well. 
This is easy. Way easier," he said. 
But for others, it's about keeping a low profile. 
"Cannabis retail is very different. You've got some people that want 
that authenticity and they want that connection and then others do not 
want that connection. They want to stay secretive and they kinda want 
to stay back and keep that discretion wall up," said Jaggers. 
The other market they hope to target is tourists who are curious about 
Washington's marijuana laws but may have some reservations. 
"Nervous about all the cameras. Nervous about having their ID's 
scanned. So the drive-through offers a really nice option," she said. 

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Monday, July 23, 2018

"Video: The Sinking of the USS Racine"

From Racine County Eye:

"Her name: The USS Racine. And now the warship has left us.

"Placed in commission in 1971, she visited ports in Chile, Peru, and the Panama Canal Zone. She carried men and cargo to Vietnam, collided with Li Tung Sol, a small fishing vessel, and saw five Western Pacific deployments.

"'In January 1981, Racine was assigned to the Naval Reserve Force with 60 percent of the crew active duty and 40 percent of the crew reservists. After 15 January 1981, Racine was assigned to Surface Squadron One homeport of Long Beach, California,' her Wikipedia page reads.

"Ultimately, the Newport-class tank landing ship sat idle in Pearl Harbor from 1993 until 2016.

"Now, she has met her demise. On July 12, she served as target practice from aircraft, a submarine, and land assets as part of a sinking exercise. And units from Australia, Japan, and the United States participated in the sinking.

"The Ex-Racine won’t have a gravesite. She rests in her watery grave 15,000 deep about 55 nautical miles north of Kaua’i, Hawaii, according to Wikipedia.

"Farewell USS Racine."

Read more:

"Judge Piontek answers accusations of misconduct"

From The Journal


"RACINE — A Racine County Circuit Court judge who was accused of misconduct admits that he erred, according to records filed this month.

"The Wisconsin Judicial Commission, which oversees the state’s judiciary, accused Judge Michael J. Piontek in June of misconduct for his handling of two cases in 2014.

"The complaint states that the commission found probable cause after Piontek was notified of the allegations and was provided an opportunity to respond. In a document filed July 16, Piontek admitted to the claims laid out by the commission.

"'Judge Piontek acknowledges and regrets his errors with regard to the (cases),' the response states.

"The judge was first elected to the circuit court in 2012 and was re-elected in April. Piontek is defended in the matter by attorney Patrick Cafferty."

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When Metal Ruled The World 80's LA Sunset Strip Story

The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast - Dean Martin

I Know What You Want For Christmas - Kay Martin & Her Bodyguards

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