Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello boys and girls and animals and insects!  How are you?  Sorry for missing last week, but I was in the Middle East trying to bring about peace.  Forget it.  They don't want peace.  Their tribes have been at war for thousands of years.  Peace is unknown to them.  So is the crappy weather we've been having.  We finally got the warm up we deserve, but I wouldn't count on it lasting.  This year is perverse weather-wise.  It may be summer by the calendar, but by the weather it feels like early spring,  I assume this is due to climate change.  Maybe I should work on that rather than peace in the Middle East.

Well, Foxcon got their water diversion program.  Millions of gallons of water every day.  Too bad we couldn't give them the poopy overflow from the Deep Tunnel.  Why we let Milwaukee get away with that is beyond me.  They are literally dumping raw sewage into the lake.  Some people must have been paid off to allow that.  Too bad we can't flush the lake like a toilet.

Mayor Lawn Gnome must have been paid off well.  He hardly says anything and does even less.  Just sit back and collect your bribes and payoffs.  That's the way to do it in corrupt Racine.  Sometimes I think about leaving Racine, but I'd miss my friends and enemies.

After announcement after announcement of major building/renovation projects,  things look the same in Racine.  Is everyone waiting for the other Foxcon shoe to drop?  We should be buried in housing and other projects, but we're only buried in announcements.  Is everyone waiting for others to start?  We need more cheap housing for the people who are left at the Riverside Inn.

Why haven't the renovations at the old,old YMCA, across the street from the Journal Times, been completed?  Or have they?  This project was announced months and months ago.  What about the old Zahn's building?  Has anything started there?  What is everyone waiting for?  @ North Beach still is just a dream.  C'mon, where's the work?

Pipedreams.  Opium pipedreams.  All of these announcements and nothing to show for it.  Perhaps these people would be better off investing in property much closer to Foxcon.  Who will want to pay a premium price to live so far away from their job?  We better start a bus line going out there.

I'm very interested in Kelly Gallaher's complaint about a blog that hasn't been posted on in a year.  How did she get PTSD from that?  What was said that triggered such a response?  If I got PTSD from every negative comment about me, I'd live in a mental institution.  Kelly, get back to work on the Root River Siren.  You were at your best then.

Finally, a Racine couple has donated the funds to repaint "The Last of Ike," the "sculpture" on the north end of Uptown.   I like that, having private donors paying for public art.  People will always haggle over art and what it is and what it isn't.  Having private donors bypasses that.  If someone wants to spring for a project out of their own wallet, let them.  That's one of the ways that capitalism works.

Well, kiddos, enough babbling .  I'm going to call it a day.  Thank you so much for reading my blog. The more readers, the merrier.  I love you all.

Get out and enjoy the weather while you can.  Tomorrow it may snow.  Who knows?
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