Saturday, June 1, 2019

Mailvox: the tarantula's dilemma

A gamma asks why he should not seek revenge for his unhappiness:
What do you do if you respect conservative views, you like the ideology and the principals they convey, but no matter no hard you try, no matter your character, how much you give you will never be equal simply because you were not born beautiful enough to be considered as worthy. For me I will never have a family, never feel loved. Never get any recognition. I Will always need to work harder than others for less reward. I would say I'm a 6 but have had almost no positive attention from anyone in 10 years while giving my best, working overtime often 10 or more hours per week, trying desperately to connect with people and going out of my way to make them feel welcome and understood but never getting the same in return. There is no happiness in my life, there is no prospect of happiness only an abyss. I'm a gamma born of a narcissistic single mother and a cucked pathetic father, indoctrinated in leftist schools, starved of humanity. Should I follow your doctrine? I know I was lied to. How can I not seek revenge? Why would I not seek revenge?
First, conservatism is not an ideology and it has no principles. So, there is nothing there to respect, it is merely a "sensibility" one may happen to share with others, which is of absolutely no more significance than a shared preference in music or video games. Second, upon whom are you going to seek revenge? Upon those who did this to you or to those who are innocent of everything but being less unlucky than you?
Understand that you were created to be a weapon against those you envy. Why would you ever want to do the will of those who turned you into a tarantula? Why not seek vengeance upon them by rejecting the fate they chose for you and becoming the man you were meant to be?

In the end, your choice will come down to whether you hate the lies or you hate the truth even more.


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