Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my children.  How are you?  I'm doing OK.  I'm so glad it rained all day Monday.  My tomatoes needed it.   Señor Zanza watered them for me in my absence.  He's so good that way.  What a wonderful man.  I'm not sure that I deserve him.  His influence on Junior has been marked.  I'm so grateful. 

I'm not so grateful for our so-called "leaders" in the city calling for a new tax to cover their shortfall.  These corrupt people just pee away our money like mad, and then wring their hands when they don't have more.  What is the matter with them?  Why can't they understand that all the money they have wasted on studies and settlements with anyone who sues the city hurts us?  How can we ever hope to progress with such waste?  What is the matter with them?  Why is it so difficult for them to stay true to their constituents?  Why do they become spendthrifts once elected?  Why do they think it's OK to throw away our money?  Why do people think it's fine to insult one another with calls to "shut up" and likewise?  It just makes my blood boil. We are so top heavy with administrators and others that it's really a crime.  We need to get rid of the City Administrator and all the assistants that Mr. Mayor Mason has at his beck and call.  They act as if they have been given a mandate to screw us.  That's so upsetting.  And why do they keep going outside the city to hire new people and to do studies for us?  What is the matter with them?  I guess corruption and politics go hand in hand.  You can't have one without the other.  Why is that?  Why is it that the politicians can never think of less and less, only more and more?  Why is it so difficult to represent us instead of "leading" us?

I shouldn't get so upset over these issues, but I love Racine and hate to see so much waste and ruin.  Nobody deserves that, nobody.  I get upset whenever I see humans treating other humans that way.  They lie and cheat and steal and then act as if they have no choice.  Piggies! 

I suppose it comes down from the top, from the president on down.  We have a nut job for president right now.  Four years of madness.  Just what the country needs.  A cantankerous bum in the highest office.  I believe that he wants to start a war to deflect others from studying him too closely.  What a waste.

A friend recently asked me why so  many people packing drugs speed and misbehave on the interstate.  Are they stupid?  In short, yes.  Those are the ones that get caught.  We never hear about the successful ones.  Never underestimate human stupidity. 

Wouldn't it be nice to have decent people in positions of authority?  What a dream. Wouldn't it be nice to have crooks in jail as opposed to public office? 

I guess things won't change in this lifetime.  We the people have to endure this shame.  Oh my!

The Founding Fathers seem to have been inspired.  There's been nothing but crooks since then. 

Why, why, why?  There are no apparent answers, just questions. 

Sorry to complain so much.  I just get fed up sometimes.  Give me time.  I'll settle back down.  Back into the groove of daily life, where we are too overwhelmed with living to spend much time thinking about the corruption that surrounds us.  Back into the silent majority.  Back into the drudgery of daily life.  So it goes.

Don't let my spew ruin your day.  Remember to treat each other with respect.  remember to be human to one another.  It's all that we have.
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