Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my dears.  How are you?  I suppose you want to know where I've been for the past few weeks.  Would you believe that I was abducted by extraterrestrials?  Well, that's what happened.  They were the grays and they come from the Alpha Centuri galaxy.  Their home planet, Mora, is remarkably similar to Earth.  It's cooler there and they have more water.  I assume the atmosphere is similar to Earth's as I had no trouble breathing.  The same with gravity.  In any case, Morans abducted me because they wanted to learn about my "powers."  They snuck into our bedroom and paralyzed me.  I was conscious, but couldn't move.  They explained to me what their intentions were and I had little choice but to agree to their terms.

The ET's were very interested in astral projection.  None of them seemed to be able to do it, and that bothered them.  They would ask me the same questions over and over.   I tried to explain meditation to them, but they just couldn't get it.  So I decided that I would demonstrate the process to them. I started meditating and pretty soon I was in a place to astral project.  So I did.  I didn't want to project to somewhere on Earth because I didn't know if I could project such a great distance.  I decided to project to just outside the building.  Big mistake.  As I approached the outside in my projection, I heard a booming voice which said, "Thou shall not violate any more of our laws," and I was thrown back into my body where I landed with a thud, injuring my neck and shoulder.

I was on Mora for a month and I took off a week to help my neck and shoulder heal.  The ET's have no magic solution to pain and sickness.  They are like us in that regard.  They get sick and they can hurt themselves and others, and be hurt by others.  However, they are immune to most Earth illnesses thanks to vaccinations.  They performed medical tests on me, but there was no violating of my body.  At least, I don't remember any.

I gave the Morans a lot of my secrets.  I figured that I could cooperate and be left unmolested, or I could fight and lose every time.  Obviously, the Morans are advanced over us in the area of technology.  I would also hope that they are advanced in personality, discipline, and emotions.  They should be able to handle my secrets.  Time will tell.

Reading The Journal Times, I see that the usual craziness continues in Racine.  At least no young black male has been killed by RPD lately.  They're still stalling on the Tyrese West report.  I would hate to be a cop.  They're damned if they do and damned if they don't.  Thank God that some people are more inclined to join the force.

Oh, heck.  I'm cutting off this blog.  Ever since being returned to Earth by the Morans, I often feel light-headed and weak.  Damn ET's!  If I don't start feeling better soon, they'll get the dreaded Zoltar Curse.

Thank you so much for reading my blog.  It's a pleasure to serve.  I always appreciate more readers.

Beautiful weather.  Less than a month remaining.  Let's enjoy it while we can.
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andromodo77 said...

The Morans pretend to be a peaceful affiliation, but they are an ignorant, stupid tax gathering klan who penalizes the working class out of their wages and fails to hold accountable the corrupt. They hide behind terms like 'smart cities".

They seek wisdom and understanding of the predominant intellectuals within our universe, that may be why they choose you Mdme. Zoltar. Please, I hope you didn't reveal any logic or wisdom to these pretenders of public service.

I have had many encounters with the Morans right here on earth, with many right here in Racine. Most of the Moran klan reside in the city of Racine Common Council where they just listen and nod their head to their great leader - Mayor lawn gnome Mason. The Morans collect their token $6,000 dollars a year-pretending to be of service.

FYI, Mayor Mason is the acting head of the Racine branch of the Morans, with Fred Flintstone (Scott Letteney) as the enforcer of the group.

OrbsCorbs said...

Glad you're back, Madame Z. Given the content of the above comment, I think it's time to unleash the Zoltar Curse on the Morans in general.

Anonymous said...

OMG- not again! - the ZOLTAR curse!

Even the deplorables cannot counter Mdme.Z"s curse