Saturday, October 31, 2020


From Racine County Corruption:


On October 28th, 2020 we all lost a passionate defender of the rights of the citizens of Racine, Carrie Glenn. 

Carrie Glenn was an original supporter of H.O.T. Government (Honest Open Transparent Government) at its inception in 2018 the same year she won the 10th District Alderman seat for the City of Racine Common Council. She was a fearless stalwart of principled decisions in government who did not “go along to get along”, rather she supported principled values over pie in the sky tax and spend schemes born on the backs of taxpayers.

Carrie Glenn was a fixture and leader of the Racine Fourth Fest for 15 years participating as a board member. Always excited about and looking forward to the next Fourth Fest. She was equally a voice and activist for the voice of the citizenry over those in city government who do all they can to silence the voice of the citizens to those who govern. She was a strong voice that spoke out against the excesses of the mayor’s office that limited the voice of the people to the Common Council, the excesses of spending by the current City of Racine administration by Mayor Mason, the theft against tax payers and property owners perpetrated by the City of Racine in the “Machinery Row” project.

As to the silencing of the people, Carrie Glenn took exceptional umbrage toward the secret court of Judge Eugene Gasiorkiewicz in case 2017CV1644, Weidner vs City of Racine. She forced the court open by pounding on the court room doors while Judge Gasiorkiewicz conducted secret proceedings contravening the rights and interests of the citizenry.

H.O.T. Government lost a great and valued supporter of the cause of Honest, Open, and Transparent Government on October 28th, 2020. As Carrie Glenn stated on December 21st, 2019 during her address at the Party on the Promenade mocking the failure of the City of Racine to deliver on the promises of Machinery Row; “Hot Government was formed by concerned citizens like me to find out the truth”.

The people of the City of Racine are the even greater losers in her untimely death. It is the fervent hope of H.O.T. Government that the 10th District will get another Carrie Glenn to take her place on the Common Council. But more so that every Aldermanic District of the City of Racine will get leaders willing to stand up for principled values and decisions rooted in a future for Racine based on what it has to offer today and not unfounded pipe dreams that have been the norm through the last two mayoral administrations of the City of Racine.

Look who is knocking on the judges door?

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