Friday, October 16, 2020


From Racine County Corruption:

Judge Kerkman 

and the KKK

Kerkman’s Kourt of Konfusion



Sandy Weidner again trapped 

in alleged secret court proceedings conducted by 

Korrupt Kerkman Kourt


 Kerkman Kauses Khaos

Judge Chad Kerkman Kreated Khaos and konfusion on October 7th,  2020

 by having a dedicated YouTube channel available for the interested public to safely oversee live court proceedings. Kerkman knowingly and willingly choose not to not to broadcast (live stream) the court proceedings.

Kerkman pulled the Kurtains and blacked out kourt proceeding to the interested public via You Tube.



       Korrupt Kerkman Kenosha 

Korrupt Kerkman Kourt

(His other KKK wardrobe is in the closet)

On October 7th, 2020, Sandy Weidner was again a victim of a scam within the Korrupt Kourts Konducted by Judge Kerkman.

Zoom and You Tube platforms were established and implemented for use for the Circuit Courts by the Wisconsin Supreme Court in the spring of 2020.

6 months later, Kerkman continues to remain in defiance of Wisconsin Supreme Court requests to broadcast (livestream) court proceedings.

There lacks any consistency, uniformity or repeatability of conducting court proceedings concerning public oversight within the Wisconsin Circuit Court system.

How is the public to know whether they can attend court proceedings in person or must use

video live streaming?

So, did Korrupt Kerkman violate the

First Amendment Rights 

of all 5.82 million Wisconsin citizens 

making the State of Wisconsin and 

Kerkman personally ripe for class action in Federal court by not live streaming the courts hearing?


Korrupt Kerkman provided Zoom codes to the litigants to participate during the court proceedings but failed to 

provide any video participation to the public.

Take notice of the CONFIDENTIAL watermark.

Judge Kerkman is in a most vile and despicable way,

 a pompous ass, scofflaw and deviant judge 

unworthy of public service.


So again Sandy Weidner is a victim of


committed by members of the kourt 





Lets face it, It was a tossup comparing Kerkman to the KKK or the Nazi's 

being they both enjoyed conducting secret court



For more information, click on the following:

Sandra Weidner vs. City of Racine

Racine County Circuit Court case # 17CV1644

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