Thursday, November 26, 2020

Virus-exposed guards allowed to work in Wisconsin prisons

From Fox6Now:

They have no game plan. That's what a Racine Correctional Officer tells the FOX6 Investigators about the Wisconsin Department of Corrections response to COVID-19.

Our investigation finds the state is sometimes waiving a common workplace safety restriction because of chronic staffing shortages that could put inmates, employees and the public in jeopardy.

From the outside, Racine Correctional Institution (RCI) appears to be a place of rigid order. But that's not how one veteran correctional officer describes what is taking place inside.

“It’s a complete mishmash of unorganized chaos," said Michael (not his real name), who asked that we not show his face or use his name because he still works at the facility.

Michael says he is routinely assigned to supervise COVID-19 positive inmates for 16 straight hours, including what are known among staff as "hospital vigils" in which security workers accompany sick inmates sent for COVID-19 treatment.

“It really messes with your head all day long," he said.

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