Tuesday, December 8, 2020

New Video Series

 New HOT Government series  ... What is the electoral college? How is it used to fight corruption? 

 Our state is one of the pivotal battleground states in the presidential election. We want all legal votes counted! 
We want our elections to be Honest Open and Transparent!
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Here is the link to the Wisconsin legislature leadership: There is a hearing this Friday December 11, 2020 10 am regarding the presidential election voting concerns.


Here are the legislature leaders to be called

Senate President Roger Roth (Appleton) (608) 266-0718     (800) 579-8717

Senate Majority Leaders Scott Fitzgerald (Juneau)  (608) 266-5660

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (Rochester) (608) 266-9171   (888) 534-0063

Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke (Kaukauna)  (608) 266-2418     (608) 266-2418

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