Saturday, December 12, 2020

Robin Vos

Where were the Racine County Republicans when Racine Mayor John Dickert issued an "Executive Order"?

Where were the Racine County Republicans when the Knowles Nelson grant for the Root River Bluff overlook project went through? 

Where were the Racine County Republicans when the Machinery Row debacle ensued - OH WAIT Wasn't Vos right in bed with them?

Former Governor Scott Walker's Foxconn Scam failed from the start per the WEDC Contract stipulations - as I and many others pointed out - yet "TEA Party" MTP Village President David DeGroot and the entre Ratcine County Board went ahead and acted as if it was all a go. Property rights were violated, secret deals made behind closed doors, the Highway V residents were abused as well as those in the Foxconn area of interest - and what is there to show for it all? Where are the Ratcine County Republicans on this issue?

When a Ractine County Judge - Gerald "the Home Court Advantage" ruled that John Dickert was acting as Mayor while campaigning for Office on WRJN, where were the Ratcine County Republicans?

When Tim Elmer filed a Complaint against Racine County Supervisor Monte Osterman  -  where were the Ratcine County Republicans? OH in bed with Monte and the same compromised problems - like TEA-Party "Little Buddy" Jimmy Ladwig's wife Debra working for Ayra's and Ken Lunmpkin operating a cash Bingo Hall on a dilapidated Douglas Ave property that hasn't paid it's property taxes in years.

Anyone remember the evidence submitted in the Barowners lawsuit showing that John Dickert and Little Buddy Jimmy Ladwig were the beneficiaries of illegal campaign contributions from a fundraiser ran by Beth Pramme and Mary Jerger Osterman?

How about that agreement TEA Party extraordinaire member MTP Village President David DeGroot made with ultra-left wing Marxist Ratcine Mayor Cory Mason to force MTP Residents to pay the difference between what Foxconn actually uses in water versus the rosy projections?

Anyone remember George Petak? Shuffled off in shame to work with disabled kids in TN - OH WAIT - moved back to Madison, became a Lobbyist - then appointed head of WI DFI - even got retirement credits so he had continued service - now living comfortable retired on the taxpayer dime.

Throwing Your Vote in Racine County Pays – The Curious Case of Former State Sen. George Petak , R-Racine Link:

What me to go on and on? Just sit and spin in your little circle - don't worry - Robin Vos is working for you - YEAH - RIGHT!  Kabuki Theatre continues in Ratcine County - enjoy the shit show and continue to circle the drain.

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Anonymous said...

no difference between a democrat or republican, both are evil