Sunday, April 25, 2021

From one of our readers

From Racine County Corruption:

Here are links found that help tell a story.

Biden endorses referendum in highly unusual move:

 Brad Smith talks about COVID and digital 9/11:

 Why Brad Smith is the global ambassador for big tech:


Brad Smith, Microsoft and Election Guard use Wisconsin as pilot:

 Racine tests how much COVID power they have:

Fauci became the expert by Cornell:

Knight Foundation daughter lives in Racine

 Aspen Institute and Brookings Institution - partner with Racine

 Rockefeller Funded Efforts in Racine with Rock the Vote

 Corrupt Alternative Media supported by same Knight Foundation connections

 Fred Gates connected with Racine


On June 28, 1882, Gates was married to Lucia Fowler Perkins (d. 1883). She died a year later in 1883. On March 3, 1886, he married Emma Lucile Cahoon (1855–1934)


Racine and the Council for a Community of Democracies:


Brad Smith and Microsoft using pro sports to control market innovation:


Mason Lab, Weill Cornell and experimental COVID testing in Racine:


Foxconn and connections with the Agenda and Referendum


Brad Smith, Microsoft and Election Guard are Trojan Horse for Military Industrial Complex Takeover of Elections:


History of Racine and China Relations:

 Racine, Climate Mayors and Paris Agreement


Here is the testimony from Paul Kline about this exact “flow of Zuckerberg’s money” to Racine:

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