Sunday, October 3, 2021

Entanglement in the Universe

 Sent to my Attorney - Copy:

I did call the Green Lake County Clerk's Office and was assured that there is no Court today and I thank you for combining the Hearings.  I just got back from Payless and ordered  4 new tires, a 4 wheel brake job, and to have two sensors replaced which should keep my work beater running and reliable.

Perhaps all the oddities and what I feel are unusual circumstances in my case are the result of local malfeasance and ineptness, but then again the revelation in August 2021 by my Mother that the guns which were taken  "to protect Kurt Wahlen" and "stored at Mount Pleasant Police  Department" scares the Hell out of me. My Complaint to MTP PD (which I previously sent you) shows my fears are very real, and should be. Years prior to this I faced allegations of being a Pedophile, was investigated and while no evidence was found, the "Secret Police" have all that information stored for access by LE "just in case", in their "secret database" as I was informed by the KPD Sheriffs Department. I am NOT a Pedophile. Now the Federal Lawsuit which consumed City of Racine is:

2:14-cv-00208-JPS Holmes et al v. City of Racine et al
J P Stadtmueller, presiding
Date filed: 02/25/2014
Date terminated: 10/21/2015
Date of last filing: 10/21/2015

It was Fall of 2015 as the case was being settled when I fled Mount Pleasant for Tennessee as Kurt Wahlen was coming for me. Why was Kurt so angry? I have attached two of the motions from that case just FYI if you are interested. The whole thing is available on PACER.

From the first attachment:

Plaintiffs, by and through counsel, hereby move this Court to compel the City of Racine,
John Dickert, Gary E. Becker, Kurt S. Wahlen, James Kaplan, Gregory T. Helding, David L.
Maack, Aron M. Wisneski, Robert E. Mozol, Marl K. Levine and Joseph G. LeGath
(collectively, “Municipal Defendants”), to produce all relevant, responsive, non-duplicative
electronically stored information (“ESI”) located on the City of Racine’s archive tapes. In
support thereof, Plaintiffs state as follows:

I. Overview

Plaintiffs have alleged that the Municipal Defendants, among others, committed civil
rights violations and engaged in a pattern of racketeering in violation of the Civil RICO statute.
Plaintiffs’ claims are set forth in detail in their Amended Complaint (Doc. No. 61). Stated as
simply as possible, Plaintiffs allege that the Municipal Defendants conspired to gain control of
the Racine city government through of a pattern of racketeering activity, which they then used to
unlawfully discriminate against minority-owned establishments with minority clientele.

If you want to read the entire Motion it is attached. But every Defendant was a very powerful person in local Government and I wrote about many of them. Just a few of note: John Dickert was a HS classmate of mine at SCHS, worked for politicians in Madison, became Mayor of Racine, was involved in numerous scandals, eventually resigned and was appointed to WI DOR. Gary E. Becker is the former disgraced Mayor of Racine, caught in a sting to arrest Pedophiles, resigned from this Office, and became a convicted sex offender - although there is no actual victim, it was purely a thought crime - he went to a Mall to meet a potential victim to turn her into a "hot slut" and buy her lingerie at Victorias Secret - it was an Undercover Agent acting as a child - Agents arrested him at the Mall.  Former Chief of Racine Police and Mount Pleasant Village Administrator Kurt Wahlen continues to pursue me to this day and he has my guns. The rest are City of Racine Aldermen some who went onto more powerful positions and then there is Mark K. Levine who headed Racine's Downtown BID and Joey LeGath who runs a chain of bars in Racine reputed to be "coke" bars and is a City Hall Insider. Alderman Robert E. Mozol is notable that he is a retired RPD Officer and was caught with (then) Alderman Melissa Kaprelian Becker (now on the County Board) by the Mount Pleasant PD after hours engaged in "something" in a parked car at Sanders Park - now this wasn't known by the General Public or reported by the newspaper, but I and others found out and I obtained from a MTP PD insider a copy of the dispatch report which stated there was a supplemental report. I went to MTP PD to obtain that supplemental report and MTP PD denied the incident until I showed them the dispatch report. They said they would get back to me, but never did (of course). Later on Bob's wife quietly divorced him.

If you look at the second attachment labeled JPS Motion it features a motion between Beth Pramme (a Democrat fundraiser) and Mary Jerger. Mary Jerger is the wife of Monte Osterman, the Racine County Board Member I filed a Complaint against which was dismissed in minutes because as I was to later discover other Racine County Board Members were compromised along with Racine County Executive Jim Ladwig who resigned and went to work for.... Fisk Johnson who is the billionaire son of S.C Johnson and brother to pedophile Curtiss Johnson. The names of the political fund raising attendees are big-time Business people from Racine who were involved with illegal campaign contributions but "no crimes were committed", of course. The fact that Beth Pramme was hosting a fundraiser for Democrat John Dickert and Republican TEA Party darling Jim Ladwig (son of State Rep from Mount Pleasant (R)  Bonnie Ladwig who was convicted on Ethics charges) only confirmed my opinion that (at least) in Racine County the territory had been divided up between top Republicans and Democrats who were working together because too much money and power was at stake. Jim Ladwig resigned shortly after I discovered (from an Insider story) his wife Debra was working for Ayra's liquor/Cigar/Gas Station/ Paraphernalia Empire by dumpster diving into Ayra's garbage and finding address labels with Debra Ladwig on them. When I posted the pictures the informant threatened to sue me, but nothing came of it.  

So yeah, in the back of my mind are many questions. When was Kurt Wahlen notified, how was he notified, who else did he notify, and who manipulated my case behind the scenes and on whose orders? Since I know that the secret police have access to the secret investigation into me being a pedophile, I don't think it is any stretch of my imagination to believe that upon my arrest and Sgt. Mannings subsequent request for a warrant that at least one alert went out to a LE agency and behind the scenes work began. There is NO other reason for my Mother telling me my guns are going to be returned. NONE.

I am calming down now - but you can see why I was going through a nervous breakdown as I tried to figure out who was doing what and how to cope with the situation and survive. Thanks for listening.  

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