Tuesday, October 12, 2021


 That HOT Government is NOT the mission of governing bodies and if you don't go along to get along..... better resign.

Might be relevant to Sandy's case - straight outta Green Lake.

During last week Wednesday’s meeting, lawyer Steve Sorenson, who specializes in government law, gave a presentation to the School Board regarding interacting with the public outside of open meetings, the guidelines surrounding open meetings and social media best practices.

Sorenson said elected officials can only act in official capacity during a meeting, meaning they should not be discussing government business or discussing school policy with members of the public outside of a meeting.

Members of the School Board or Common Council are supposed to act with the exact same information, so when someone discusses policy outside of a meeting, they could unintentionally gain information that other officials haven’t, he explained.

“You’re only a member of the board when you’re in this room,” Sorenson said. “When you go through that door, you’re no longer a School Board member, you’re a citizen.”

When School Board members receive emails from members of the public related to district business, they are instructed to pass the email along to Baxter and to instruct the public to speak in public comments during the board meeting or to submit a written comment, according to Sorenson.

He explained that school boards and city councils act as the legislative branch of local government, while superintendents and administrators are the executive branch, responsible for day-to-day operations.

“You are not the administrator of the school,” he told the School Board. “If you want to be an administrator, get your degree.”


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