Friday, October 16, 2009

iChill in the House!

iChill is in the house! A cute little pack of 12 bottles was delivered to the JTI.

I have not downed any yet. I opted for a White Russian (maybe 2) for my TGIF celebration. I have begun the required investigation, though, and that bad boy is definitely going down tonight.

First, let me say it is a cute little blue bottle with the slogan, "unwind from the grind" on the label. Catchy! It contains a mere 2 ounces. No calories, no sugar.

Their website recommends that you only drink half the first time to see how you react individually to the product. You can always down the rest in a little bit if you need "enhanced" relaxation effects. Good idea. I guess I could react like a little flower.... gee.

Not recommended if you are pregnant, nursing, on anti-coagulants, are diabetic, are under 12 years of age, or driving or operating heavy machinery. Check, check, check... none of the above will abort the launch.

The main ingredients are:
A sprinkling of B vitamins: B3, B6, B12 and B5. The B vitamins seem fairly non threatening. Flushing seems to be the worst thing that could occur, just a little case of the vapors, as they used to say. They are also water soluble so that gets a pass from me.

Valerian Root:
Supposed to help with insomnia. A sedative and pain reliever. Can be used as an anti migraine preparation or in the relief of IBS. (I included that info for you, logjam) Wikipedia says oils of this plant are pungent and reminiscent of wet dog or mature cheese. Can't wait to taste that flavor combo! It also is said to be used as a muscle relaxant, now you're talking! ;>

Rose Hips:
Contain a lot of vitamin C. Also has some vitamin D and E. Good enough stuff for me. Rose Hips has claims by some for helping Arthritis and Rheumatism. Contains fatty acids and antioxidant flavonoids. I don't think I could say that three times quickly. Wikipedia says it is a healthy treat for pet chinchillas. Okay, huh?

I'm pretty certain they had no idea what type of scrutiny they were getting into when sending this to us.... Maybe they should have read a bit more at our website before offering complimentary samples?

As soon as the effects of my little TGIF party wear off and I am safely in jammies, I will be your guinea pig.... or pet chinchilla.

More on the trial to come. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


SER said...

Do they come in different flavors?

Lizardmom said...

not so far, but it has great promise!!

I can vouch for valerian's stinky wet dog smell, that is the sole reason I do not take the supplements, just opening the bottle curls your toenails!

I'm been really hoping for extreme stress to really test this stuff out but I seem to indulge in laughter therapy too often and haven't gotten my undies in an untanglable bundle yet, kinda disappointed.

I have one bottle in my work bag, if I can't get super stressed there soon, I'm in trouble!

OrbsCorbs said...

Want me to stop by and be a "problem customer"?

I've vaguely heard of valerian root before, but don't know anything about it. Must be potent if they recommend half a bottle first. Has anyone heard from kk? Did she pass out?

kkdither said...

Good grief! I did pass out. I didn't even drink the stuff. Talk about a wuss.

Just woke up on the couch. It has been a rough week and sleep has been elusive. I guess it caught up with me. I wouldn't have been a neutral test subject with as tired as I was anyway, so maybe it was all for the best.

Tomorrow night, or should I say tonight?.... I promise.

jedwis said...

Is this stuff like "monster" or like drinking 10 super sized mountain dews? If that is the case.. I'll stick to vodka

Why Not? said...

Looks interesting, would love to try some.. but alas.. waiting eagerly to read more about it.

kkdither said...

Well, it went down the hatch an hour ago. Tasted very sweet with an artificial sweetener aftertaste. I'm downed worse shots before, though.

Hmmm.... should be getting sleepy. Maybe I'm thinking too much.

I'm off to give it a whirl. Nighty-night!