Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wow, reading the rules

Lots of rules for running for Mayor. Lots of I dotting and T crossing. Need to do a complete financial statement, income, debt, what you own. LOTS of rule reading I'm doing. I'm seeing why so few want it, and we end up with the type of people we get in this position. You're either a Narcissistic Megalomaniac, or so pissed at the way things are, you run out of frustration in order to fill the seat with something better. I honestly can't see why any normal person would want this job.

I don't need $120k+ for something like this. I'd do it for 30k after taxes. I don't need or want a Taj Mahal. My modest house is paid off. My 1995 Escort runs fine. I've learned to live on $17k a year for so long, I don't need that extra to put on airs. No $400 sun glasses for me, thanks. Racine could use the money. Speaking of money... This idea might piss off some, so I throw it out here now. I've watched the Medical Marijuana law states and they are not imploding from the easing of restrictions. I admit some are imploding, but their problems are not related to MM laws.

Madison has had a decriminalization law in effect for over 25 years. Make jokes, but they had a huge problem that would have swamped the prison system with college kids. Money spent for court costs, legal expenses, prison expenses were all lowered drastically with a small misdemeanor fine.

Oakland has a $50 per ounce tax for Medical Marijuana (MM). They have increased their bottom line due to income from a positive approach to the MM laws of California. What is stopping us from doing the same? I won't argue the merit of MM. I'll let someone else that has seen how it helped a loved one fighting cancer or other debilitating medical problem.

Racine is perfectly located between two major metropolitan centers. We could be the health capital of the Midwest. The money saved by our citizens when their homes and property are correctly assessed and taxed appropriately, would be offset with the income of a MM tax that Racine alone in the area possessed. It would be Racine's own Fireworks permit you might say. Hey, I have no problem with Feds and State Police on Racine's borders. Money for everyone and I'd have no trouble taking the bucks from Illinois folks that came to our clinics.

We would regulate, tax stamp and keep watchful eyes on the sales and uses/users. This would allow our Police and courts to work in areas that need them, both location and types of crime. For those of you rolling your eyes, There would be an employment increase. Clinics, health providers, doctors etc.

No matter what, change is coming. We could be in the front, or like usual, we could be tagging behind everyone else. Do I want to be Mayor with all the headaches? Like I said, there has to be something wrong psychologically with anyone that does, but I'd do it. I'd find new ways to promote Racine, find ways to raise taxes while lessening tax burden, and work at improving schools while enforcing laws that put an end to the rampant crime. Yes my ideas might be unorthodox, but they are not set in stone. I'd always do what the majority of the populace wanted, not the few rich cronies


kkdither said...

I think Racine is too stodgy to embrace something that radical, huck.

Unfortunately, I think it would take some getting used to, for some of our population, just to accept a mayor who is in a wheelchair. Remember, people are used to electing those $400 sunglass guys.

Huck Finn said...

Sad isn't it? The number of disabled people that have held elected position since WWII can be counted on both hands with fingers left over.

Ideas like more green space, turning the Walker lake front area into park land, and a five block buffer for any new high rises are also too avente-gard I suppose. I see no problem with high rises on the old Case land. The area is blighted and if the new tenants don't mind a view of our waste plant, have at it. Besides, that area is Mt Pleasant isn't it? There is roughly only 50% occupancy in those high rises down town. We do not need more of their sort.

We need a new way to sell Racine, and I strongly believe it isn't copying the ugliness that a solid wall of high rises create. We need new ways to generate income for our city without increasing the burden for property owners. We need to hold those in charge of things like the West Racine fiasco accountable. Up to and including showing them the door.

You forgot I am also deaf. It isn't just Racine that has a problem with an average or disabled looking person in charge. It is a societal problem. We hurt ourselves by using beauty as or judge for competence. That isn't why I'd lose though. I don't pull punches, and I don't lie. I wouldn't tell people what they want to hear if it is an impossibility just to get elected.

kkdither said...

I wonder if it is how much people misunderstand the disabled, as compared to their embarrassment of not being able to relate to them? I do know there are some who mistake the disabled as not being educated, however, it only shows their own lack of understanding.

Children don't seem to have the same apprehensions that adults have. I know that I get mad at myself for not being able to use sign language when I encounter someone who is deaf. I feel more disabled than they do in those circumstances.

I think there are many who feel the same way about the lake front and the new direction Racine needs to take, just as you do. I just know that radical change is never an easy thing to do in a short period of time. And, changing peoples opinions and misunderstandings can be an even harder task.

hale-bopp said...

Well, Huck, there are plenty of politicians who are not deaf, but can't hear if you know what I mean. I would rather have one who is deaf and can hear (score, antimetabole!)

Too often proposed solutions are simply what another city did that worked there and no one bothers to take into account the socioeconomic and geographic differences in the locations.

When I lived in Racine, I spent a lot of time thinking that downtown had so much potential to be a really cool, funky place. I love the old buildings and the location on the lake. I never bought the parking argument (or maybe I just don't mind walking a block or two) as that is easy compared to many other cities. Downtown does not have a good reputation and that is hard to overcome.

Toad said...

I would vote for a man In a wheelchair. Unfortunate I don't live in Racine anymore. Your Ideas have too much common sense. The biggest thing lost in Government today is Common Sense. It's not part of the equation.

OrbsCorbs said...

I, too, doubt that Racine would go for a medical marijuana law, or even much of a relaxing of current penalties. Maybe if downtown could somehow be incorporated into some sort of sub-municipality, then they could make possession a non-issue in their boundaries.

Honestly, hale, I thought downtown Racine had a rather cool, funky reputation now. It's our arts and entertainment district. There are shops, restaurants, bars, music, art, and events. The areas surrounding downtown, though, can be dicey.

I don't see Racine electing anyone mayor who will rock the boat. That's gloomy, but that's how I feel. Hardly anyone even votes, and those that do gravitate toward the standard candidates. We huff and puff online, but we're a small percentage of the constituency. Maybe if someone ran with the TEA Party's backing, they'd stir up enough controversy to get everyone voting.

hale-bopp said...

Good to hear, Orbs...or maybe I just got a biased picture from some snots! It has been five years since I have lived there so maybe progress was made.

I always loved those gallery nights. Downtown seemed alive and a great place to be on them. Other events such as the Sixth Ave Art Fair, Party on the Pavement and the Christmas parade were great...I think one year they had a gallery night and the parade the same time. Very enjoyable.

Hope more people are enjoying it now.