Friday, July 22, 2011

Four for Fridays

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Four Fridays after a sizzling hot week! So pull up a chair and grab a cold glass of water, because here are some random questions for you...

1) What did you do to stay cool in the heat?

2) When was the last time you ate out at a restaurant?

3) Would you rather be buried or cremated?

4) If a genie would grant you three wishes, what would your three wishes be?

Enjoy your weekend!


jedwis said...

Crap, I hate going first.
1. I stay cool in any temperature
2. Does Starbuck's count?
3. I'm catholic, but at that point who the hell cares.
4. Doesn't this question break the "4 for Friday" allotment by asking 3 questions in One? Besides, none of my wishes can be printed.

Thanks Drewski.

SER said...

1) Watched movies

2) Went out for fish a while back, too long ago, need to go again.

3) rather not die...

Always have enough money to buy
what I want

Huck Finn said...

1. Stayed inside, ran the AC,BBQ'd.

2. Last week with an old school friend. Wednesday was Tacos El Norte in the Kenosha Fresh Market shopping center, and Friday was a Fish Fry at the Silver Lake VFW with another old college school mate.

3. Cremated with my ashes scattered in free fall.

4. My health. Don't need or want anything more.

kkdither said...

1. Stayed in A/C as much as possible. I don't do well in the heat.

2. Yesterday a girlfriend and I went for lunch. Yippee. It was fun, but the food? Not all that.

3. I used to think cremation was definitely not for me. I'm hoping I change my mind as I get older. I don't really need more real estate. Neither option sounds appealing, though.

4. I can't even answer this one. It would sound like some B/S Miss America pageant answer. (world peace comes to mind) The real truth is that I don't know what the hell I want. and I'm taking the liberty to say "hell" because jed did. So there.

Toad said...

1. I didn't leave the house.

2. Wednesday

3. Cremated.

4. Get out of this berg.
Get out of debt.
Be Happy again.

Why Not? said...

1. play in water, cool down indoors but I havent been terribly bothered by the heat..

2.went to Cup of Hope cafe on 6th street (a fair trade cafe) for lunch after story time at the library on Wednesday... they had Lee's Deli sandwhiches..

3. I tell those around me if I were to die they can decide what they would like to do.. I believe that a funeral and what happens to me after is more for their benefit.. if they would like a grave site to visit then so be it, if they would rather that I am thrown to the wind then so be it.. if they as my opinion I would say cremate me after donating anything you can if you can so I dont take up any room..

4. health for me and my family, financial security for me and my family, economic recovery for our country and around the world..

Tender Heart Bear said...

1) I stayed inside as much as possible with the A/C on and played on the computer.

2) When my boyfriend took the family out for Mother's Day brunch!

3) That would be up to the family because I can not decide on that one. To me my loved ones know how I would feel about either way.

4) First one I already have that is a great boyfriend. But I would also want good health for all the people I love. After that I don't need anything else.

OKIE said...

1. Stay inside
2. Two weeks ago we went out for ribs.
3. If I get any more notices from AARP (I'm not a member) telling me its time to start planning my funeral arrangements, I will have my ashes spread out over their offices.
4. I would like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.(:

RWWackoStu said...

1. Ac at home, but it's hot as Hades at work. It's Wisconsin, I just deal with it.

2. Last place was Slos Pub on Big Arobor Vitae Lake.

3. Donate every organ you can and cremate me. I do not want to be placed in a box in the ground.

4. To see my daughter happy, to make my wife's dreams come true, and a handmade Sadowski Bass with a Ampeg SVT pro rack behind me with the talent to play it well.

OrbsCorbs said...

1) Stayed in the air conditioning when I could.

2) A neighbor bought me a Wells Bros pizza for my birthday, but we ate it here.

3) Cremated.

4) Wish number one would be, "I wish you would tell me if there is a God." The other two wishes would depend upon the answer to the first.

Huck Finn said...

The last two wishes has me thinking there might not be a few happy people afterwords Orbs

lizardmom said...

1. avoid outside as much as possible, great excuse for no ambition anyways!
2. lunch with youngest at Los Mariachi's couple weeks ago
3. cremated, save space, prefer not to turn to ooze. If I heard right, I think they have 'stones' by a pond at a cemetery up the road for 'holding' cremated folks, that sounds cool, maybe I can grow moss haha
4. -get rid of the allergies and asthma
-correct my beyond repair vision
- be able (financially) be able to travel all over the place and see the world - without the allergies and asthma, I would be able to enjoy it !

hale-bopp said...

1. It's so cold where I work, I take walks outside to warm up!

2. Last Friday, sandwiches before improv.

3. Take what's useful then cremate.

4. You didn't ix ne the wishing for more wishes!

drewzepmeister said...

1) Unfortunately, I have to work in the heat. It's been a lot of Gatorade for me,

2) Took my girlfriend out to brunch on Mother's Day.

3) Cremated

4) My first wish would be to in perfect health (especially my hearing)

My second one would be to a super talented guitarist in a world famous rock band.

My third one would be peace on earth.

SER said...

jedwis said...
Crap, I hate going first.

Bitch, bitch bitch...laugh'in

4 on Fridays...I always thought it was 4 on the floor with a 1/5 under the seat!

Actually when I was 19 my dad found beer under the front seat of my car...yep, that went over like a fart in church!