Sunday, May 5, 2019

Days of Broken Arrows On The Elites’ Miscalculation

In elitist circles, it’s not polite anymore to call people “stupid redneck,” “dumb wop,” or drunken mick.” So the rich folks have found a way to trash working class Americans by declaring whiteness an illness.
However, what this has done instead is brought all the rednecks, wops, micks, and others together against THEM. This is a fuse they should not have lit.
The pathologization of Whiteness is an EliteWhite workaround to continue to slur FreeWhites as the scope of socially acceptable slurs has narrowed, but the anti-Whiteness campaign has also been accelerated by the huge and growing surge of POCs for whom the urge to slur is more than a status signal to peers; it’s a bloodthirsty howl from their ids.
Elitist Whites, as DoBA wrote, have no idea the hunger and strength of the beast they uncaged. It was all fun and games when these haughty Whites could enjoy a slander or two while clinking their glasses of flavored water, but now that their imported pets have crashed the party it’s an all-nighter of forties, blunts, and gunfire.
Welcome to the jungle you fertilized, shitlibs. I hope you enjoy its…creature comforts.



TSE said...

Welcome to Cory Mason's Plantation..... Wealth redistribution is the norm while criminals - private and public run wild!

TSE said...

I know Truth - Da Joos are allowed to operate their schemes with the consent of the Elitist Whites.

Interest (Usury) is a crime - punishable by death.