Monday, May 27, 2019


MLK was a mouthpiece for 'peace'. Decide for yourself if that is a 
good thing. But that's why he was iconned and protected. 
War vs Peace 
(absolute monarchy, militarism, nationalism, traditionalism, etc. ... 
VS ... constitutional monarchies/governments, World Order (anti 
nation-state), opened economies (mixed), international arbitration, 
interfaithism, universalism/brotherhood and nearly everything else you 
see around you today) 
Since Napoleonic Wars (despite all the setbacks like American Civil 
War) elite Anglo-American "peace" agenda (in action, ideals obviously 
go back further) was sold to Christian nations then increasingly sold 
worldwide. See those Peace Societies bloom! (wasn't peasants behind 
them) That's why nothing much MLK said in his Nobel lecture would 
concern old family liberal protestants who set off the 'ordered world 
of peace' agenda. 
It's no secret most Republicans and Democrats both support world 
peace/liberal international order. Two sides of same peace coin. MLK 
was an obedient field negro in service to Anglo-American led Empire of 
'Peace'. Anglo guys speaking imperial words of peace to brown peoples 
of world doesn't work as well (kind of like how having sincere, 
*unwilling-to-deceive* Christians in likes of media doesn't help in 
creating the "international mind" required for World Order. Thanks 
Hofjuden.). MLK was a good boy, telling poorer brown nations they 
needed West to come in and educate them, mold them, generally selling 
universal fellowship, world unity. 
War vs Peace 

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