Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my lovely kumquats!  How are you?  Are you enjoying the spring weather?  Ugh, we get one nice day and then a week of rain or overcast skies.  It's almost June and our temperatures are still in the 40's.  It will be summer before spring arrives.  But, nope, climate change is phony science. The Arctic melts down all the time and we always see this many tornadoes and hurricanes.  Our country is ripped up, top to bottom, every year.  Yeah, that's it.  Such statements are common.  Why don't some people want to admit that we've screwed up the climate?  Are they afraid it's a lefty plot?  Plot to do what?  Make them honest? 

The Journal Times reports that the city of Racine's population is dwindling.  No surprise there.  I'm just shocked that so many people choose to stay.  I'm sure that jobs and families play a part, but for those who are unattached, why don't they take off.  It must be that RUSD education that keeps them here.  No worry about a brain drain: we don't have brains.

Foxcon keeps taking back little bits of its promises each day.  Whatever develops on the site, it's not going to be what was originally announced.  Before Foxcon is through, they'll have us pay them to not manufacture in Mount Pleasant.  What a disaster!  The millions and millions of dollars that Mount Pleasant has borrowed to meet Foxcon's needs may well never be paid back.  Then watch your property taxes jump.

It's funny how the businesses moving into downtown Racine are always broadcast over the area but the businesses that are leaving downtown are rarely mentioned.  So many of these businesses fail that it's impossible to keep count.  People have lost their retirement savings or even their life savings.  Downtown Racine Corp. is always talking about the "positives" of downtown that a prospective tenant might think there is more foot traffic than there actually is.  I keep thinking of the story of Taos Chili that opened up on 6th St. and Wisconsin Ave.  The man had to do so much work to the infrastructure of his business.  Dewey;s down the street was granted exemptions from many of the ordinances that suffocated Taos Chili.  The owner even said he had lost all of his savings.  The business lasted around 6 months.  I guess it's good to have some connections to City Hall.  With the right people on your side, you can get a variance for almost anything. 

Hey, have we come up with any new ideas for Monument Square?  It's such a mess that we have to redo it.  Ha-ha-ha!

Señor Zanza's sister, Señorita Zena, has left.  What a pleasant person.  She can stay with us anytime.  She's more well-mannered than Señor Zanza, and cleaner, too.  Let's hope she doesn't change.

I love you all and thank you for reading my blog today.  We writers need readers and vice versa.  Let's all express our love for each other.

Have a great week.  Try not to let the weather get you down.  It has to stop raining long enough for us to plant our plants outdoors.  Of course, the first ones have already drowned.  Let's keep the second generation covered and protected. 
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