Monday, May 6, 2019

Letter to the Editor

As an advocate for honest, open and transparent government, (HOTGOVERNMENT).
I take issue of your recent claims of being fierce advocates for the concept of "government in sunshine":  
"Journal Times editorial: State's government bodies shouldn't circumvent the open meetings law"
 Your board has at best a spotty record of advocating  "government in sunshine" and a worse record of publicly holding local government officials accountable for misconduct in office. 

Your board and your newspaper has a dismissal record of pursuing the opening of government within Racine county and holding it accountable.

That being said, I will forward the email sent to Mayor Cory Mason and city council members for their consideration regarding the city of Racine operating an "open checkbook".

In part: where you can find the open checkbook to view individually written checks or sort by department expenses. The city of Johns Creek has even provided a tutorial video of how to navigate the checkbook.  

Harry Wait

1 comment:

TSE said...

The answer will be "NO", except for Carrie Glenn and Sandy Weidner.

But it is good to continue knocking on the door - even if they won't answer.