Wednesday, April 22, 2020

'They should have done something': Broad failures fueled Wisconsin's absentee ballot crisis, investigation shows

From JSOnline:

By Daphne Chen, Catharina Felke, Elizabeth Mulvey and Stephen Stirling

Tom and Altha Arden of South Milwaukee never received their absentee ballots for the spring election. (Photo: Rick Wood / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

In Lodi and Pewaukee, voters were told the system for requesting absentee ballots crashed. 
In Marshfield, Shorewood and Bristol, voters threw up their hands after spending hours in front of computers trying to request a ballot.
In Milwaukee and Green Bay, dozens of couples said one member of their household received a ballot while the other didn’t.
“Nobody cared,” said Brenda Lewis, a 61-year-old Delafield resident who said her local clerk could find no record of her or her husband ever requesting an absentee ballot, even though both of them had. 
“They should have done something, some sort of public service (announcement), something, just something,” Lewis said. “But nobody did.”
An investigation by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the PBS series FRONTLINE and Columbia Journalism Investigations into Wisconsin’s missing ballot crisis reveals a system leaking from all sides, buckling under the weight of a global pandemic and partisan bickering that kept the logistics of election day up in the air until less than a day before polls opened.
Inadequate computer systems, overwhelmed clerks and misleading ballot information hampered Wisconsin’s historic — and historically troubling — spring election. 

Without a doubt, the most fucked-up election that I've ever taken part in.  Thank you, "leaders."

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