Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Cloth Face Masks

Why are we told that a cloth face mask will not prevent you from catching COVID-19, but it will prevent you from spreading it?  Does the virus know if you're breathing in or out?  How is it that a cloth face mask prevents the virus from spreading outward, but not from spreading inward?  The sheer stupidity of some of the health "guidelines" that we are presented with is astounding.  Unless a face mask is constructed with one-way fibers, it works equally well whether you are breathing in or out.  Remember this stupidity when our officials are up for re-election.  Remember the lies that they told us, backed with more lies.  They said an in-person election would cause a surge in coronavirus cases.  Well, it didn't.  (See:  As usual, we were lied to.

Of course, stupid people don't get tired of lies.  Thus our "leaders" lie and lie to us.  Stupid people far outnumber those with a semblance of a brain in their heads, so we can expect the lies to keep on keeping on.  Keep lying to us about this pandemic, please.  Party on, lying pigs!

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