Wednesday, June 17, 2020

From A Better Mt. Pleasant:

Nothing is a coincidence. Especially when it comes to raising taxes. After years of avoiding a county-wide sales tax, why now? The reason is simple. Foxconn.

Mount Pleasant and Racine County are on track to borrow nearly $1 billion for the white elephant in the cabbage patch and the credit card is maxed out. Both have had their credit ratings dropped because of borrowing with explicit warnings they were on thin ice.

With a staggering loss in state revenue because of the coronavirus pandemic, state funding to local municipalities is looking to be sparse. Property taxes are at the top of their legal limit and village trustees and county supervisors just can’t bring themselves to cut costs - $305,000 for a brand new armored rescue vehicle for the Sheriff. Seriously?

The bottom line is, they have invested everything for Foxconn and now it’s your turn to pay.

If you live in Mount Pleasant, you can submit a public comment before the July 13th meeting.If you cannot attend, email it and ask it to be read into the record. Send it to the Village Administrator:

From A Better Mt. Pleasant:

Discussions are brewing that Racine County might become the 69th county in Wisconsin to institute a half-percent sales tax.


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