Sunday, June 28, 2020

Bicycling in City of Ratcine

Dear Mayor Cory Mason, Spokesperson Shannon Powell, and Alderpersons,

Due to the racial fueled conflict partially fanned by City of Ratcine
Mayor Cory Mason's actions - I have had to face increased hostility
and potential death threats from BLM supporters as I have ridden my
bicycle through Racine. This is very disturbing to me - because I
support the concept of Police - who are under the control of the Mayor
and Common Council - as being held to account.

Now - since the George Floyd homicide - it appears that many People
of Color believe that it is their right to hate on and attack White
People. I have been a victim - myself. I am very lucky to have
survived a number of incidents where, when riding my bicycle in City
of Racine, I have been threatened, had vehicles try to run me over,
and been chased down by those who were in the wrong. City of Racine
has become a very dangerous place to be at. Face it - 5 persons were
shot and wounded at North Beach in a vicious gang fight between
African American gang members.

It is time for Cory Mason and his entire Staff to resign because I
believe that they are supporting the insurrection. I want RPD to
regain control of the Streets and Beaches. I want to again feel safe
in riding my bicycle throughout the Streets of Racine. The African
American Community needs to be held to account - the same as every
other Community - if they can't control themselves - then they need to
be removed from the Community.


Tim & Cindy

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Mike N said...

I couldn't agree more...I will not ride my bicycle in the City of Racine anymore, it is just plain dangerous to be white and take a ride to the lake. This city is sad, sad, sad. It is much more enjoyable to ride south into Kenosha. Racine is a dump!

The other day I was leaving a store and a black woman followed me to my parked car and screamed at me saying "you know what you did". Needless to say I now carry my pistol with because our government has lost control.