Monday, June 29, 2020

Cory Mason and his Staff MUST Resign - NOW!

Dear City of Racine Mayor Cory Mason, Spokesperson Shannon Powell, and

I am now demanding that City of Racine Mayor Cory Mason and his entire
staff resign - for their blatant discrimination and retaliatory
political attack against Dimples. See:

"RACINE — A longtime Downtown Racine business was denied municipal
COVID relief, and Mayor Cory Mason has confirmed participation in a
Madison Safer at Home protest led to the denial of the grant.

In a statement emailed to The Journal Times on Friday, Mason wrote:
“Participating in mass gatherings outside of our community, such as
the rally that was held at the State Capitol — such large gatherings
have been linked to cases of COVID-19 around the state — and then
returning to our City, only served to put our residents at unnecessary
risk and, thus, factored into the funding consideration.”

The Navratils said they are surprised that Mason admitted the rally
attendance was a factor in the funding consideration and they are
exploring whether the denial of funding was legal and if their rights
were infringed upon.

Upon being informed of Mason’s response, the Wisconsin Institute for
Law and Liberty stated in an email: “We are greatly concerned that
Racine officials are using government programs to discriminate and
punish First Amendment protected speech. We will continue to
investigate this matter.”'
It is time for Cory Mason and his entire staff to step down - there is
no place for blatant discrimination, and political retaliation by City

Let me remind the Mayor, Spokesperson and Council, that at least once
before - in the case of Thomas Holmes DBA Park 6 you pulled this same
stunt - and drove an African -American Businessman out of the City -
without ever obtaining proper jurisdiction. That is a high-tech
judicial lynching - and you even FORCED taxpayers to pay for an appeal
after you lost the first time in Circuit Court! See:

"This case is about a liquor license revocation in which the
city council acted upon a citizen complaint that was not
sworn, as required by statute. This constituted a fundamental
error that deprived the licensing committee of jurisdiction
over the matter. Therefore, the subsequent revocation of the
liquor license was invalid. We affirm the circuit court’s
order vacating the licensing committee’s decision to revoke the liquor
The racism and hate starts at Racine City Hall - what reparations to
Thomas Holmes have been made? Why is Robert Weber now Municipal Judge
and Scott Letteney City Attorney?

See: Racine County Case Number 2011CV003249 City of Racine vs. Thomas
J Holmes et al

Attorney name Guardian ad litem Entered
Letteney, Scott R. No 12-21-2011
Weber, Robert K No 12-21-2011
Larsen, Nicole F. No 12-21-2011

I want Robert Weber removed from the Office of Municipal Judge and
barred for life for any political Office. I want Scott Letteney
removed from the Office of City Attorney and barred for life for any
political office.

Thank you for your time.


Tim & Cindy

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