Saturday, December 12, 2015

Going Back To Childhood

Back in 1983, Return of the Jedi was released. I was a big Star Wars fan and talked my mother into taking me to see it on opening day with my brother and a few friends (it was before I was old enough to get a driver's license!) School was out in my town but not in Sioux Falls, the nearest city with a movie theater so we figured we could get in line before the students got out of school.

The strategy worked. We got there about noon and there were about a dozen people ahead of us in line. We took turns holding our spots while others went to the nearby arcade in the mall or got something to eat. The movie started about 7pm and played to a rowdy, excited packed house that was cheering and applauding.

Now 32 years later, a new Star Wars movie comes out. I knew I had to get tickets on opening night...well Thursday night. No waiting in line, just buy them online. The theater even has reserved seats so I know where I will be sitting. I got the early show which is 7pm in Tucson.

Once again, all these years later, I will go into a dark theater surrounded by hundreds of people all totally jacked up to see a new Star Wars movie...and the excitement is still there and just as strong. Yes, you can recapture parts of your childhood.

"Wisconsin roads ranked among the worst nationwide according to a report"

CBS 58

"Wisconsin's roads are the third-worst in the nation and the potholes and other problems that plague them cost drivers in some cities almost twice the national average in repairs and associated costs, according to a new study of the state's highway system.

"The numbers mark a dramatic decline in road quality. As recently as 11 years ago, Wisconsin's roads ranked No. 22 in the nation, and their deterioration affects almost every industry and motorist in the state, according to the study commissioned by the Local Government of Wisconsin Institute.

"Poor roads in the Milwaukee area cost drivers $700 a year in extra vehicle repairs, according to the study; in the Madison area, road conditions cost drivers an additional $615 in annual tire wear, maintenance and accelerated deterioration. Nationally, substandard road conditions cost drivers an average of $377 per year, the study found.

"The primary culprit: State budget cuts that have slashed the amount of money dedicated to repairing both state highways and local roads, which has left fewer than half of Wisconsin's roads rated as "good" or better, the report found."

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Friday, December 11, 2015

"Mount Pleasant man accused of impersonating an officer"

From The Journal

December 10, 2015 7:30 pm  • 

"RACINE — A Mount Pleasant man remains in the Racine County Jail after he was charged Thursday for allegedly telling two females he was an undercover Racine cop working on a special child molestation investigative team, although he forgot his badge.

"Joseph C. Kostka, 53, reportedly told the sisters he had recording devices in his eyes and ears and if they were being sexually assaulted, they should call him at the Racine Police Department and he would help them, according to his criminal complaint.

"Prosecutors on Thursday charged Kostka, of the 1100 block of Oakes Road, with a sole count of impersonating a peace officer.

"Mount Pleasant police were called to Festival Foods, 5740 Washington Ave., after Kostka allegedly walked up to the older sister in the checkout line at about 1:45 p.m. Wednesday.

"He offered to show his badge, but then said he forgot it, instead showing his driver’s license, the complaint states.

"After a Mount Pleasant officer arrived at the Knights Inn motel to talk with Kostka, he reportedly said his boss was the 'big dog,' but he couldn’t reveal his name, and this boss communicated with him through those recording devices, the complaint states.

"The government performed surgeries on him to implant the recording devices, he allegedly said, and they could stop him from bleeding if injured.

"Kostka became 'visibly upset when discussing people hurting children,' and said the older sister looked scared of the adults around her in the store, and she kept looking at him and then her younger sister, 'which he believed was her way of letting him know she was being sexually abused,' according to the complaint.

"The officer wrote that Kostka was 'very calm' during the interview, and 'truly believes he is a special investigator for sexual crimes and has recording devices in his eyes and ears.'"
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Charlie does that, but his big thing is to thump his tail.  He's a big boy and when he thumps his tail against the floor or something else, it's quite loud.

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Four for Fridays!

THB and drew's computer is still in the shop, so I'm filling in again.  I hope you enjoy the questions.

1)  Who was/is the best president of the USA?

2)  What's your favorite Christmas song?

3)  What do you like for breakfast?

4)  Is there intelligent life elsewhere in the universe?

I hope you have a good day.

Hey, Fashon Police! How about these?

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

"The Fashion Police"

Thank God for these civil servants who protect us from Walmartians.


That's me.

"Mongolian Kick Dancing"

From Knuckledraggin My Life Away

"Kwik Trip Proposed for NW Corner of Spring, Highway 31"

From Racine County Eye:

By Heather Asiyanbi in Government, Business · December 9, 2015 · No comments

Credit - Racine County Eye
"The Mount Pleasant Planning Commission on Dec. 16 will hear a presentation for a proposed Kwik Trip gas station and convenience store for the northwest corner of Spring Street and Highway 31.

"If approved, it would be built next to the old Trautwein schoolhouse building and be listed at 4924 Spring Street. A public notice has been placed at the site because construction of the gas station would require Kwik Trip purchasing two to three residential properties on Spring Street and then requesting they be rezoned for commercial development.

"Public hearings are required by state statute whenever a property is being rezoned and/or the municipality’s comprehensive plan is being changed.

"Kwik Trip would be located across the street from the newly approved Willkomm gas station/restaurant/car wash project. Members of the village plan commission Monday unanimously passed their recommendation onto the village board for full approval.

"The Willkomm development has an estimated value of $6 million and will require more significant improvements on Spring Street east of Highway 31, including a better right turn lane from 31 onto Spring Street. Willkomm Company also owns the Mobil station/Burger King on Washington Avenue in Mount Pleasant.

"Trustees will take up the Willkomm matter at the Dec. 14 board meeting starting at 6:30 p.m. at Village Hall.

"There is a public hearing at 6:30 p.m. Dec. 15 about the Kwik Trip proposal, and the Dec. 16 Planning Commission meeting begins at 1 p.m. at Village Hall."

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"Racine’s Littlest Star-Liamani Segura sang at the recent Milwaukee Bucks game!"

From RacineUncovered:

Filed under: Local News |
Credit - Racine Uncovered

"Racine’s littlest star Liamani Segura recently sang on December 5,2015 at the Milwaukee Bucks vs New York Nicks game in front of over 16,000 visitors.

"Make sure to visit and LIKE her page on facebook and follow along with her! LIAMANI SINGS FACEBOOK

"They are also selling t-shirts $12 a piece ($15 for xxl and above)or donations to go towards lessons (vocal, piano, guitar, acting classes ect..)"

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From Knuckledraggin My Life Away:

"Posted on by Wirecutter

"And then there’s this:"

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Top 10 Media Thursdays

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Indeed, it is.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Good Idea

"Who needs death injections drugs when karma does it with all natural ingredients"

From Racine County Corruption:

 karma- it's What's for dinner

11-Foot Gator Eats Burglary

 Suspect Hiding In Florida Pond 


sorry folks, I know this isn't right,

 but i'm laugh'in

and you thought Mcgruff was good?

This alligator really took a bite out of crime

ya think he hid in the wrong place? 

several hours before his attempted break-in, Riggins told his girlfriend he would be in the barefoot bay community to steal from homes

the other part of the story is the criminal government then killed the gator

karma- its what's for dinner

"Shootout on I-43 ends in arrests, southbound closure"

From JSOnline:

Traffic is seen being diverted off I-43 southbound at Fond du Lac Ave. 

Credit: Journal Sentinel

 By Breann Schossow and David Paulsen of the Journal Sentinel

"Four people have been arrested and others may still be on the loose after a shootout Wednesday morning on I-43 that injured a man and prompted authorities to shut down the southbound lanes for two-and-a-half hours.

"Southbound I-43 from W. Fond du Lac Ave. to W. Becher St. was closed while investigators walked down the highway to recover shell casings and bullet fragments, the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office said. The highway lanes reopened about 2:30 p.m. Wednesday.

"The sprawling crime investigation began Wednesday morning when deputies responded to reports of a shooting on the freeway in the Marquette Interchange near Highland Ave. about 10:10 a.m., according to the Sheriff's Office.

"Investigators determined that more than a dozen shots were fired into a vehicle during a gunfire exchange with another vehicle. A person in one vehicle was grazed by a bullet."

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"Before taking this medicine"

"You should not use gabapentin if you are allergic to it.

"To make sure gabapentin is safe for you, tell your doctor if you have:
  • kidney disease (or if you are on dialysis);
  • epilepsy or other seizure disorder;
  • diabetes;
  • liver disease;
  • a history of depression, mood disorder, drug abuse, or suicidal thoughts or actions;
  • heart disease; or
  • (for patients with RLS) if you are a day sleeper or work a night shift.
"Some people have thoughts about suicide while taking this medicine. Your doctor will need to check your progress at regular visits while you are using gabapentin. 

"Your family or other caregivers should also be alert to changes in your mood or symptoms."

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In other words, this drug may kill me.

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my friendly faces.  How are you?  Are you enjoying the relatively warm temperatures for the season?  Tomorrow is supposed to be especially warm, and then it's all downhill from there.  Actually, I believe that at 50 or so, life is all downhill.  That's why I recommend a daily dose of Madame Zoltar's® Rheumatism Medicine and Carburetor Cleaner™ .  It gets you to where you want to be, fast.  And if it doesn't, you won't care.

Our grand Green Bay Packers beat the Detroit Lions with a "Hail Mary pass" in the last few minutes of the game.  Thank you, Mr. Aaron Rodgers.  This Sunday, December 13, the Packers take on the Dallas Cowboys at Lambeau Field, 3:25 PM.  Beat the snot out of the Cowboys, please, Packers.  Recapture the golden days.

To the right are the Irregular Football League's standings.  We're already into our playoffs.

I weep for all the mass shootings here and abroad.  Has humanity actually gone crazy?  The slaughter of innocents continues while our "leaders" huff and puff, but do nothing to solve the problem.

Surely, a nation where so many mass shootings occur, is in trouble.  These shootings are the symptom of a national, perhaps world, psychosis.  Children are fighting wars in the middle east.  They are sure to grow up with a strong hatred  of everyone else.  I often think that the USA should pull out of all the wars.  Let other countries decide their own fates.  We have more than enough trouble at home to keep us occupied.  Terrorism is everywhere.  War is very profitable for some, but the slaughter must stop.  We are not bringing other countries up to our level when we invade them.  Instead, they drag us down to the dirtiest, lowest, common denominator.

The good news is that it's the holiday season.  Everything is decorated and aglow.  Take some time to appreciate the decorations.  They speak of peace on earth and goodwill to men.  If only it were possible to continue Christmas for the entire year,.  If only peace was available . . .

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog today.  I love company and I love readers of my blog.  Be sure to stop by every week, my dears.

Holiday concerns?  Ask 

Try to enjoy the season.  Crowds and the sane old lame Christmas tunes playing in every store can make it tough.  But you know we have it in ourselves to reach out to those in need.  Merry Christmas.

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Monday, December 7, 2015

Alignment Test


"A creature's general moral and personal attitudes are represented by its alignment: lawful good, neutral good, chaotic good, lawful neutral, neutral, chaotic neutral, lawful evil, neutral evil, or chaotic evil.

"Alignment is a tool for developing your character's identity. It is not a straitjacket for restricting your character. Each alignment represents a broad range of personality types or personal philosophies, so two characters of the same alignment can still be quite different from each other. In addition, few people are completely consistent."

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Alignment Test

"Answer each question by choosing the response that best describes your character's belief or most likely action."

Take the test:

My "alignment" came out Neutral Good:

"AT&T to launch ultra-fast home Internet service in Milwaukee in 2016"

From JSOnline:

By Rick Barrett of the Journal Sentinel

"AT&T Inc. says it will begin offering ultra-fast home Internet service, aimed at customers with online demands such as downloading videos and teleconferencing, in the Milwaukee area in 2016.

"Milwaukee will be one of 38 metro markets to receive the gigabit service to homes, apartments and small businesses sometime next year, AT&T said Monday.

"The GigaPower service will give customers a 1-gigabit per second broadband connection, which is about 50 times faster than what many people have at home.

"That's enough speed to download 25 songs in a second, a TV show in less than three seconds or a high-definition movie in 36 seconds.

"Milwaukee will be AT&T's first GigaPower city in Wisconsin, although the company currently offers gigabit speeds to large businesses, office buildings and business parks in the metro area.

"The company did not disclose the specific time frame for the rollout next year and did not identify which neighborhoods will receive the service. It also did not announce a price, but GigaPower in some cities costs about $120 a month."

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More power.

"eye surgery for kitten"

Created December 4, 2015

Nicole Sweely

"I had a craigslist post either looking for a home, rescue, or help with this kittens vet bills and someone responded that maybe I should get a gofundme account, one person responded that she could find a cheaper vet but I'm understanding that that means they take away other procedures from the surgery. The vet got me down to 379 with by taking away the pre surgery blood work and a diagnostic exam for the eye after they remove it, but she's 11 months old and only 3 and a half pounds so she already could have other problems so I would like to try to keep those things in the price, if I could. Even though i don't think I can keep her I'd like to do it right. I think 700 will cover the surgery, the diagnostic procedure, the blood work and any medication or follow up appointments afterward. The story with her is I first saw her about 4 weeks ago taking my dog to her sitters, the kitten was sitting in front of her house meowing and walked right up to my dog and nuzzled her, and I had asked the sitter whose she was? She said she was her sisters. Her eye was red at the time but it didn't look too bad and I thought it would either heal or that they were treating it. Yesterday was the second time I've seen her since 4 weeks ago and her eye was huge. It was 3 times bigger, and I asked the sitter of they were taking her to a vet. She said yes but didn't seem concerned. She also said they were moving to a new place Friday (today). And since the cat was her sisters I didn'. Know what was going to happen so I drove home calling different groups to see if I could get the kitty to the vet at low cost, and found vet in plano. All the stuff I said at the beginning is what I found out from her. I took the kitty into about 3 different stores yesterday picking up food and Supplies and she purred shoulder the whole time. Even with a big bulging eye she is so sweet. The vet gave me 5 days of pain meds but she didn't want to wait long to get the surgery so that's all the time I have to figure out what's going to happen. In.the end I hope I can.find a rescue or a new family since I won't have a lot of time to spend with Her during.her recovery and I can't keep her. If I get any funding I'll give any left over money to the vet assigned to take care of her or else the rescue she goes to (if that's what happens). I just want to make sure she is cared for. Any thing will help. Thank you."

Read more/Donate:

Nicole is an online friend of mine from way back.  Please share the above link with friends and on other sites.  If you can, please donate to help out the kitten. 

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That about sums it up.