Saturday, January 16, 2016

"Letter to the Editor: Jon Hansen for Mount Pleasant Village Board"

From Racine County Eye:

By Heather Asiyanbi in Elections, Government · January 14, 2016 · No comments

"My name is Jon Hansen and I am running for Mt. Pleasant Trustee in seat #6. I am seeking office because I care about our community and I want to see it thrive. Mt. Pleasant needs responsive leadership, revitalization efforts and spending priorities. I know that we can build a better future for everyone if we put politics aside and come together in addressing the challenges of our village. You will have the first opportunity to vote for me at the primary election on Tuesday, February 16th.
  • I am a lifelong resident of Racine County and have lived in Mt. Pleasant for 12 years.
  • I have been married to my wife Julie for 17 years and we have a beautiful daughter in grade school.
  • I have dedicated nearly 25 years to serving our community working in law enforcement and public safety with extensive experience in community relations and community issues.
"My vision for Mt. Pleasant is a vibrant, growth-oriented community in which to live, develop and conduct business. I am committed to listening, partnering, empowering and recognizing Mt. Pleasant’s residents and businesses. Our homes and our community are our dearest assets. Your concerns will be mine.

"My opponent, Anna Marie Clausen, has proven to be out of touch with the concerns of residents. Recently, Ms. Clausen publicly stated that Mt. Pleasant residents are not nice enough when voicing their concerns to the board, preferring the demeanor of residents in Caledonia!

"She voted last April to approve six months of severance pay for all village department heads fired (with the exception of just cause) which none of our neighbor municipalities offer. When questioned about it, she misstated her vote, revealing that she did not understand her vote at the time or is attempting to obfuscate the facts now.

"Mt. Pleasant residents deserve better! If elected, I would immediately start addressing and echoing your concerns and the issues that are facing our village.
  • Village transparency and communications must be addressed – Open, honest government.
  • Re-establish the technology committee to inform residents of events, meeting notices, finance reports, live stream committee and board meetings to establish accountability in all areas.
  • Fiscal responsibility with spending priorities.
  • Public safety must be addressed. Reduce response times for Police, Fire and Rescue to residents.
  • Community development and planning – Diligent in attracting new and quality development for a sustainable community.
  • Develop a long term capital improvement and infrastructure plan.
  • Advocate for capital improvement and infrastructure funding by utilizing grant funding from the state and federal government to reduce property tax burdens.
  • Eliminate the six-month severance golden parachute package for village staff.
  • Clearly define administrative powers within the village to insure oversight of decisions that impact residents.
"I am committed to making your voice heard in the Village of Mount Pleasant. I want to play an active role in creating a vibrant, strong community and a safer, better place to raise our families, conduct business and create a sustainable and prosperous community.

"If you share my vision, I urge you to vote for me and help make it happen! Together, we can make a meaningful difference – for our families and our community.

"Thank you for your time and consideration.

"Primary Election: Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

"Spring General Election: Tuesday, April 5th, 2016"

Contact Jon Hansen by email at: or on Facebook at:

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"Letter to the Editor: Otwaska Running for Mount Pleasant Trustee"

From Racine County Eye:

By Heather Asiyanbi in Elections, Government · January 12, 2016 · No comments 

"My name is Ken Otwaska and I am running for Mt. Pleasant Village Board of Trustees for seat #2 in the spring election. I would like to tell you a bit about myself and why I have decided to run for office.  
  • I am a lifetime resident of Mount Pleasant.
  • I have been married to my wife, Carol, for 50 years.
  • We have two sons and are grandparents of two.
  • I have been a Mt. Pleasant home owner for 50+ years and reside in the Lake Park neighborhood.
"I retired from from Case IH after 30 years of service – from 1962 to 1992. I was a charter member of the Mt. Pleasant Fire Department from June 1964 to 1988 and EMT from 1976 to 1988. I volunteered for Mount Pleasant recreation for 15 years and currently volunteer as a MS walker.

"My decision to run for trustee was in the beginning mostly about village trustee apathy and poor planning of fire/rescue services in many areas of Mt. Pleasant.

"For more than 2 years, I spoke regularly at Village Board of Trustee meetings during public comments and tried to have my concerns addressed. With only 3 minutes to speak and no interaction allowed between the public and trustees, my concerns did nothing to create change. The village closed the Lake Park fire station and emergency response times have risen dramatically.

"My opponent, Rick McCluskey, ran for village trustee in 2014. He claimed to be “flabbergasted” by emergency response times and promised to order a study of fire department coverage in Mt. Pleasant to see how the deficiencies could be addressed.

"Two years later, Rick McCluskey has done nothing.  

"Having been a firefighter for 25 years and a charter member of the Mt. Pleasant fire department – I know a critical response time is the difference between life and death. Not just for me and my family, but for all residents of Mt. Pleasant.

"Emergency response has been the main reason I have attended board meeting after board meeting, year in and year out, but my interest has turned into something bigger.

"As a village, we have spent millions of dollars on the Pike River pathway, while residents wait longer for rescue. Mt. Pleasant has fewer fire stations while trustees give the Village Administrator a 31% raise in salary and 6 month 'golden parachute' deals to fired village department heads.

"The ability for residents and taxpayers to raise concerns to trustees has diminished over the last few years and we need to do better. These are the issues that have compelled me to run for office this spring. Mt. Pleasant residents deserve elected officials who will listen and act. The safety of our community will always be my first priority and I will never turn my back to that sacred responsibility.

"Thank you for your time and consideration.

"Election days are: Tuesday, February 16th – Primary & Tuesday, April 5th – General Election"

Contact Ken Otwaska by email at: or on Facebook at:

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"Letter to the Editor: Martini for Mount Pleasant Village Board"

From Racine County Eye:

By Heather Asiyanbi in Elections, Government · December 29, 2015 · No comments

"**Editor’s Note: The Letter to the Editor was submitted by Mount Pleasant Village Board candidate John Martini, M.D.

"Citizens of Mt. Pleasant,
"My name is Dr. John Martini, I am running for Mt. Pleasant Village Board of Trustees in seat #6.
I am a life-long resident of Racine County and I have lived in Mt. Pleasant for more than 13 years. I have practiced medicine in SE Wisconsin for 23 years and I currently serve as a hospitalist and Chaplin in Kenosha.
I have experienced misgivings about how business is conducted in Mt. Pleasant, but as a resident of Hwy V, I have seen first-hand how a village can turn its back on residents and hide behind rules and regulations while it breaks those rules when no one is watching.
My opponent for seat #6 represents those trustees who have put their own power before residents interests. She has voted 100% of the time with them and become a rubberstamp for measures that have decreased village services while it raises taxes.
My opponent voted to give 6 months of severance pay to department heads fired in the village. A 'golden parachute' no other municipality offers. She moved to place her own brother on a village commission with no discussion or recommendation by the members of the commission, while she moved to block the all nominations of the current village president.
My opponent moved to eliminate her own technology committee, without discussion or input. This committee was charged with making digital information more accessible to staff and residents. In a digital age, nothing could be more important.
"I seek to bring a set of listening ears and a Chaplin’s spirit to the board. The primary election on February 16th will be vitally important. It is an opportunity to remove trustees who are not listening or working for the people of Mt. Pleasant and give our community a real choice in the general election on April 5th.
All the challenging candidates for seats #2 and #6 are worthy for consideration.  I thank my fellow villagers for your thoughtful consideration.

"Events to honor Martin Luther King Jr. Day"

From The Journal

"Racine and surrounding communities will join cities and towns across the nation in honoring Martin Luther King Jr. Day with special events Saturday through Monday, Jan. 16-18. The U.S. federal holiday is celebrated on the third Monday in January each year, to commemorate the Jan. 15 birthday of King, a leader of the modern American civil rights movement.

"Born in 1929 in Atlanta, Ga., King was a Baptist minister and social activist. From the mid-1950s until his assassination in 1968, he led a nonviolent movement to achieve legal equality for African-Americans in the United States. King also campaigned against poverty and international conflict, and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in 1964.

"The King Holiday, according to the writings of King’s late wife, Coretta Scott King, “honors the life and contributions of America’s greatest champion of racial justice and equality, the leader who not only dreamed of a color-blind society, but who also lead a movement that achieved historic reforms to help make it a reality.” ("

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Open Blog - Weekend

Happy weekend!

Friday, January 15, 2016

"Jan 16 - Meet Your Match Adoption Event at Havahart!"

From RacineUncovered:

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"Meet some adoptable dogs/puppies, learn about fostering or volunteering with our rescue. Donate leashes/harnesses/collars/crates/toys/towels/blankets to our rescue. Make a tax deductible donation to our rescue to help with medical expenses of our rescue pups. This event is being held by Lucky Mutts Rescue. For more information on this organization and animals available for adoption, please visit them at Lucky Mutts Rescue

"Saturday January 16th 11 AM – 2 PM
6500 Washington Ave, Racine, Wisconsin 53406

"You can meet Mocha and Panda they are both up for adoption!"
Mocha - Credit Racine Uncovered
Panda - Credit Racine Uncovered

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"MLK celebration will include an educational summit"

From The Journal

"KENOSHA — An educational summit will be held as part of the 22nd Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration from 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday in the Madrigrano Auditorium of the Conference Center on the Kenosha Campus of Gateway Technical College, 3520 30th Ave.

"This year’s summit will focus on literacy and will include leaders from across the Gateway Technical College District of Racine, Kenosha and Walworth counties. They will address the current state of literacy in the region, key needs of area programs, highlight successes, outline best practices, discuss barriers and how to work together to improve the success of literacy programs throughout the district."

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Four for Fridays!

Good Morning everyone I hope your week went well. I just can't believe how quick this week has gone for me. On Sunday we are taking my daughter back to Whitewater to go back to college. Yes I finally get my house back and clean the whole house next week. Here are the questions for this week.

1) What is your favorite kind of cereal?

2) Do you prefer to eat your cereal dry or with milk?

3) What is something you really like to collect?

4) When you are out in your car do you like to listen to the radio? If so do you listen to music or a talk show?

I hope everyone has a great day today!

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Friday is here.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

"Watercolor Wisconsin 2015 tells many stories"

From The Journal

Graphic illustration by Dan Talsky,; photos by Jon Bolton; paintings, left to right: “Remembering,” by Sue Horton; “Parked,” by Karen Mathis; “Brian,” by Rebecca Venn; and “Saturday Morning Market,” by Carlotta Miller   

Credit - Journal Times
"There was just something about the bounty of colorful flowers and the woman standing among them, turned away from the camera, holding a bouquet up high that caught Carlotta Miller’s attention.

"'It just grabbed me,' Miller said of the scene she photographed one Saturday morning at Kenosha’s HarborMarket.

"The Kenosha artist was so inspired by what she saw that she decided to recreate the scene in watercolors. And when she entered her painting in the Watercolor Wisconsin 2015 show, it was not only juried into the exhibition, but chosen for two awards. Miller’s 'Saturday Morning Market' took the First Award and one of two memorial purchase awards — the Joan M. Spinks Award — in the show, which is on display at the Wustum Museum of Fine Arts, 2519 Northwestern Ave., through April 23.

"Miller said she used a more nontraditional watercolor technique of pouring the color onto the paper to create the desired effect (some brush techniques were also used). She’d begun working with pouring techniques after attending a workshop, and found she liked the element of surprise that pouring color provided. The surprise element is also something she appreciates about her previous work as a printmaker, said the retired art teacher who taught at Kenosha’s Bradford High School and now works in the Racine Business Center’s 16th Street Studios ("

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Go.  It's way cool.

Top 10 Media Thursdays

Open Blog - Thursday

If cats and dogs can coexist, then why can't we?

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

That's extortion!

"Teacher, principal removed from Racine Unified after kindergartners suspended for simulating sex at school"

"RACINE -- FOX6 News has learned two employees have been removed from a school in Racine following a disturbing case involving kindergartners simulating sex acts. It appears officials with the Racine Unified School District took action just days after FOX6 News aired an exclusive report about this case.

"The details are disturbing.

"The grandmother of a Racine Unified School District elementary school student said she could hardly believe what was happening in her grandson's classroom.

"'There was a number of children suspended for some inappropriate sexual behavior,' the grandmother, who did not want to be identified, told FOX6          ."

Read more:

A tip of the hat to Racine Community Media which covered this story:

"Letter to the Editor: Don Schulz Running to Regain Mount Pleasant Seat"

From Racine County Eye:

By Heather Asiyanbi in Elections, Government · January 13, 2016 · No comments 

"As a lifelong resident of Mt. Pleasant, I have seen many changes in our village and had the opportunity to meet a variety of wonderful people along the way. My name is Don Schulz and I am running for Village Trustee in seat #2. You will have the first opportunity to vote for me in 2016 in the primary election on Tuesday, February 16th.

"I would like to use this opportunity to share with you some information about myself, my experience as a previously elected official in Mt. Pleasant and my concerns and goals as a candidate in the spring election.
  • I am 68 years old, married to the love of my life – Mary! Together we raised two beautiful daughters, and are the proud grandparents of four fantastic grandchildren.
  • I am a graduate of Horlick High School and I was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1967. I served from 1967 to 1969 – with a tour of duty in Vietnam. After the Army I returned to our family farm in Mt. Pleasant on Hwy V.
"Our family has been involved for more than 20 years with the town and village of Mt. Pleasant.

"I was first elected to Village Supervisor #3 in 1993 and served 4 terms in office. In 2013, I was asked to serve the remainder of Trustee Harry Manning’s term after he passed away; which I accepted."

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"Racine Woman calls 911 to help a Racine Police Officer"

From RacineUncovered:

Filed under: Local News |

"The suspect Brandon Scott Wagener, 41 of Racine was charged with Resisting or Obstructing an Officer, 6 counts of felony bail jumping, 2 counts of Possession of Narcotic Drugs, 2nd-Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety, Operating While Revoked (Rev due to alc/contr subst/refusal), and was given a $20,000 cash bond after making his initial appearance in Racine Circuit Court."

Read more:

Only stupid people fight with the police.   You can't win.  I learned that lesson decades ago after tussling with some of Milwaukee Police Chief Harold Brier's boys.  If you fight the cops, they'll kick your ass and file more charges against you.  If you want to fight, court is where you should do it.

"GOP lawmaker flips off minority leader on Assembly floor"

From The Journal

11 hours ago  •  MOLLY BECK, 608-252-6135 (15) Comments

"Rep. Bob Gannon apologized Tuesday for raising his middle finger toward Democratic Minority Leader Peter Barca on the floor of the Assembly.

"Gannon, R-Slinger, made the gesture and stormed off the Assembly floor during an emotional debate with Milwaukee lawmakers over comments Gannon recently made about crime in black neighborhoods of Milwaukee. He apologized for the gesture, but not for his remarks.

"The eruption occurred on the first floor day of the Assembly’s spring 2016 session."

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"Anonymous - #OpNov5 & #OpSafeWinter Speech"

Beautiful message. It gave me goosebumps. Really, can we believe in ourselves and each other enough to cause change? I think yes. Like the video says, small acts of kindness can multiply into bigger things.

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my dear Icicles and Iciclettes!  How are you?  Winter has finally arrived.  I'm already looking forward to spring.  I hate the cold and snow and ice and wind. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it all go away.  Sigh.  You just have to accept and deal with it, unless you're going to spend the entire winter indoors.  That doesn't sound like too much fun, either.  The single digit temperatures and below zero mornings are trying. SeƱor Zanza has been insulating up a storm.  Every crack and crevice of our home has been stuffed and/or sealed.  He's been doing it to save on heating costs, but I love it for the lack of cold breezes.  Winter is bad enough out there.  I don't want it in here.

Our downtrodden Green Bay Packers finally got their mojo back last week and buried the Washington Redskins.  So they continue in the playoffs this Saturday, January 16, at 7:15 pm, against the Arizona Cardinals.  They met the Cardinals a few weeks ago and things didn't go well for the Packers.  Let's hope the Packers learned their lessons and can squelch the Cardinals on the Cardinals' turf.  Keep going, men, until you win the Super Bowl.   Madame Zoltar declares it so.

Here's a blast from the past that is very funny:

Oh my!  I've "murdered" my share of plants, too.

R.I.P. to David Bowie. How distressing, especially after the death of  Lou Reed last year.  My teenage musical heroes are growing older and dying.  It's difficult to accept.  They're supposed to live forever, or at least until I die first.

A poem from e. e. cummings:

Buffalo Bill ’s
               who used to
               ride a watersmooth-silver
and break onetwothreefourfive pigeonsjustlikethat

he was a handsome man 
                                                  and what i want to know is
how do you like your blue-eyed boy
Mister Death

I'm deeply saddened by the passing of our Irregular friend. My heart is broken. I pray that he is now in God's hands, where he belongs.

I'm sorry, but that's all I can do for now.  Too much sadness.

What does your future hold?  Ask

Keep yourselves warm, Irregulars.  You can easily get frost bite in this weather.  And watch out for kids or cars on our snowy streets.  They did a terrible job of plowing last time, so be on the look out for slick spots.  I love you all. 

The Myth of Sisyphus

Open Blog - Wednesday

All you need is love.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

1915 was a good year

"That’s why it’s called Wonder Bread"

From Knuckledraggin My Life Away:

"Posted on by Wirecutter

"Posted in funny pics | 24 Comments"

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That's the way it was when I was a kid and I never considered us poor.

The Great Melting Pot

Yeah, but Derango's has the best tacos.

Too True

"'Unlike Anything I've Ever Seen': Mike Rowe Describes His Wild Night With Rat-Hunting Dogs In NYC"


"Using 'The Force' on Weak-Minded People"

Can you believe that?  That's why our country is in a mess.  If this guy came up to me and started asking questions, the first thing I'd do is ask him who he is, who is he working for, show me ID, and get screwed anyway.  I don't have to tell anyone anything.

"The Big Chill is THIS weekend!"

From Racine County Eye:

By Paul Holley in Community · January 10, 2016 · No comments

"The Big Chill, Racine’s Ice and Snow Festival, is THIS weekend (Friday through Sunday, Jan. 15-17).

"Join us at Monument Square as Downtown Racine hosts the Annual Wisconsin State Snow Sculpting Championship. Big thrills are back at the AGA Nation’s Downtown Rail Jam competition, sponsored by Real Racine.

"More than 30,000 cubic feet of snow will be compacted into 6-by-6-by-10-foot snow blocks. See how the 10 mammoth competition blocks (approximately 5,000 lbs. each) are packed by visiting Monument Square starting on Wednesday. The snow sculpting competition gets under way at 2 p.m. Friday and is scheduled to conclude at noon Sunday. The winning team takes home a cash prize and will represent Wisconsin in the 2017 U.S. National Snow Sculpting Competition. Visitors are invited to cast their votes for the People’s Choice award.

"Be sure to catch the action at AGA Nation’s Downtown Rail Jam. A 2 1/2-story portable ramp will be placed on Fifth Street, just north of Monument Square, where snowboarders and skiers will have the opportunity to ride the park all weekend. A small sledding hill will be created nearby for youngsters to enjoy.

(Photo by Riley Seeback)
"Friday features open riding for all along with demonstrations by professional snowboarders at 6:30 p.m. On Saturday, there is more open riding for all ski levels capped by the snowboard and ski competition ($10 per entrant) starting at 4 p.m. The top prize is $500. Sunday’s best trick competition starts at 12 noon.

"The Big Chill is presented by the Downtown Racine Corp. Major sponsors include SC Johnson and CNH Industrial. The event, originally scheduled for Jan. 8-10, was postponed because of unseasonably warm temperatures. Fro details, visit"

Read more:

"Racine woman gives the coat off her own back to someone in need"

From RacineUncovered:

Filed under: Commentary/Opinion,Local News |

"We spoke to her this morning. 'It broke my heart to see this young mother walking in the cold with NO COAT while pushing a stroller with a little one walking next to it. She walked past me I asked do you need gloves? I popped my trunk an gave them 4 new pairs of gloves to double up. She asked for 2 dollars to catch the bus, I went to the time machine pulled out more than what she asked for gave it to her, an gave her my coat too. I wanted to cry just knowing she was going back out in the cold to walk without a coat. I am thankful because I knew she wouldn’t be that cold walking with those babies.'

"Stephanie asked us to please spread the word. Don’t ignore others. She said this morning 'I pray what I do will inspire others to help someone else out in need.'"

Read more: 

"On Campus: Professor says 'Making a Murderer' shows justice system flaws beyond Steven Avery case"

From The Journal

22 hours ago  •    (0) Comments

"The UW-Madison law professor who helped free Steven Avery after a wrongful conviction in the 1980s says 'Making a Murderer,' the popular Netflix documentary about his 2007 homicide trial, illustrates problems in the criminal justice system that affect many cases beyond Avery's.

"Professor Keith Findley, a co-director of the Wisconsin Innocence Project, said his organization is not currently representing Avery, whose supporters say he was wrongfully convicted in the 2005 death of 25-year-old photographer Teresa Halbach.

"But Findley said he has talked recently with Avery's attorneys, Dean Strang and Jerome Buting, and noted the innocence project could revisit Avery's case in the future, should new evidence come to light."

Read more:

Thank God I'm not someone with an IQ of 73 who the investigators could goad into false statements.  They never let up on that kid.  No lawyer present at any time. Sometimes people confess to a crime they didn't commit just to get the investigators off of their backs.

Open Blog - Tuesday

I second that.

Monday, January 11, 2016

"First Baptist Church to be open Mon & Tue nights for those needing warmth & shelter"

From RacineUncovered:

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"Due to the bitter temperatures for the next two nights-“First Baptist Church of Racine, 3117 Lathrop Ave, will open their doors Monday, Jan 11 from 7 p.m. to 1:00 AM, Jan 12 for all who would like to gather for coffee, milk and food in a warm and safe place. For those who want emergency shelter, we will work with representatives from the Racine Continuum of Care to try to arrange emergency shelter either in a shelter or through hotel voucher program.

"First Baptist Church of Racine will be open Tuesday, January 12 from 7 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. Wednesday January 13th again offering anyone families included, coffee, milk and food in a warm and safe place.

"All are welcomed. We are a family-friendly site; there is a separate safe childrens area where you can be together and get warm. To reach them you can call (262) 554-7735, please leave a message volunteers will be there tonight after 6 p.m."

Read more:

R.I.P. David Bowie

One of my favorite musicians and legends.

Open Blog - Monday

Have a great day.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

"2 men wounded, suspects sought in shooting at Racine bar"

From JSOnline:

By Ashley Luthern of the Journal Sentinel  Jan. 10, 2016 11:50 a.m

"Racine police are searching for suspects in an overnight shooting at RoJo's tavern that wounded two men.

"Officers found a 23-year-old man with gunshot wound to the chest when they arrived at the tavern, 1317 Yout St., for a report of a shooting about 1:30 a.m. Sunday, according to a news release.

"He was taken to Wheaton Franciscan Medical Center where he was being treated for his injuries on Sunday, police said.

"About 20 minutes later, a 21-year-old man arrived at the same hospital with a gunshot wound to his leg and told authorities he was shot at the same tavern.

"That man was treated and then taken to Racine County Jail for unspecificed outstanding warrants, according to a police news release.

"Police continue to investigate and no suspects were in custody as of noon on Sunday.

"Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call Racine police at (262) 635-7756. Anonymous tips can be made to Crimestoppers at (262) 636-9330 or by texting RACS plus the message to CRIMES (274637) and referring to Tipsoft I.D. #TIP417 in the message"

Read more:

"Dickert To Hold Office Hours For Constituents"

From Racine County Eye:

By Denise Lockwood in Government · January 10, 2016 · No comments 

Credit - Racine County Eye
"Racine Mayor John Dickert will hold office hours at several area businesses starting at 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. Tuesday at Wilson’s Coffee & Tea, 3306 Washington Ave.

"Dickert decided to hold the office hours every other month to bring the office to his constituents.

"'If someone wants to talk to the mayor of the city, he or she should be able to have access without undo effort. So I want to start getting out regularly listening to Racinians, face-to-face,' Dickert said.

"The purpose of the office hours is to listen to constituent concerns, answer questions and learn more about their experiences.

"'As long as we have real conversation, I know that everyone should get something out of the opportunity. I know I will,' he said.

"Future dates will be posted on the city’s website."

Read more:

Oboy, here's our chance to meet lying John in person.  I assume a police officer or two will be present.

"SILVER ALERT issued for missing Racine man unable to speak"

From RacineUncovered:

Filed under: Local News |

"Update for clothing Updated clothing at least 5 to six layers of clothes, under a orange coat with no hood, may be carrying a back pack

Anyone with information or that may see him is asked to contact Racine County Dispatch at 262-886-2300 right away.