Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello to my tribe!  How are you?  The weatherr has been so strange.  Tomorow is supposed to get into the 80's, sandwihed in by two days in the 59's. And rain, rain, rain. Well, I guess not so strange by Racine Standards.  I'm sure that the people from Foxconn are receiving an education   Wait till they're buried in a foot of snow.

This week's Irregular Football League standings show me getting pretty low and The Mighty Bears are firmly in second place, trying to knock over the Half-Astrophycisists:

Even Mr. OrbsCorbs is ahead of me.

I had a chance to watch a little of last wel's Packer game.  I must say, they looked good to me.  I inderstamnd that Aaron Rodgerrs was complaining about the offense after the game.  He'd do better to keep his mouth shut and stay healthy.  Please, Aaron, don't get injured again.

Hey, hey, things are popping all over downtown thanks to Foxconn.  The old Y will be turned into apartments.  Zahn's has been bought, but the owner isn't sure what to do with it.  Focxonn will take over 1 Main Place to make way for an innovation center.  They keep talking about smart cities but I'm afraid Racine is terminally stupid.

I wonder what alternatives to apartments the new owner of Zahn's is considering.  I can't think of anything else that would make money.  Watch out that you don't listen to the lies you are told by DRC and others.  Do market studies.  Non-native company.  See what they say

Junior cracked up his third car.  How long has he been driving?  The insurance won't cover it.  Señor Zanza  has said nothing.  At least, not to me.  What is it with driving and that boy?

Who will be our next governor? Tax and spend Tony Evers, or Uh, What? Scott Walker?  I'm told that the rest of the stat4e hates Foxconn because of all the resources it's taking.  Interesting. 

Just so you know, I'm betting on Scooter.  That doesn't mean I agree with him, but I expect him to win.  The Republicans aren't done with us yet.  One more term is all he asks for.  One more term to permanently muck up a few projects. 

If I was president, I would order everyone to shut up.  Shut up and take a look at the life you're leading.  Shut up, it ain't that bad.  You have a job, an apartment, and a car.  Shut up, that's great. 

Shut up, I love you all.  Thank you all for reading my blog today.  Or at least for logging in.  You're my friends.  You're the reason I write this.  You're the reason I rise in the morning.
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