Monday, March 11, 2019

Milwaukee picked to host 2020 Democratic National Convention

From JSOnline:

Milwaukee's political moment has arrived.
The city will host the 2020 Democratic National Convention, edging out two large and deep-pocketed rivals over a months-long campaign waged behind the scenes through phone calls, contract negotiations and quiet lobbying by some of the most powerful political figures in the country.
The announcement will be made in Milwaukee at a 3 p.m. press conference, according to DNC spokesman Brandon Galloway
The announcement comes after weeks of decision making by Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez.
Relying on Midwestern grit to overcome glitzier rivals, Milwaukee snagged the event over Houston and Miami.
The convention is scheduled for July 13-16, 2020, with Fiserv Forum serving as the centerpiece of the event.


TSE said...

So who will represent Ratcine?

Democrat Power Couple Cory & Rebecca Mason?

Democrat Sandy Weidner?

Democrat Sandy Weidner?

Orbs Corb?

Krazee Cat Lady KK Dither?

Monte & Mary Osterman?

Lizard Mom?

TSE said...

I missed Democrat Kelly Gallagher.