Sunday, March 10, 2019


magine being President Donald J. Trump. 
After risking your name, fortune and freedom to be elected President, 
you find yourself in Washington DC, surrounded by traitors and enemies 
trying to block, slow-walk, or blatantly defy everything you do while 
they also contrive to find reasons to impeach you and put your friends 
and family in jail. 
Every single day the media lies about you, stirring up insane hatred 
in the hope that some lunatic will take a shot at you. 
The entire Globohomo establishment is still doing everything possible 
to defeat you, and large swaths of the judiciary have openly abandoned 
the rule of law to #resist you. 
Despite that, you're fighting every single day on multiple fronts to 
grind out wins, knowing that you're - sadly - not a dictator and as 
soon as you do anything even of questionable legality, Republican 
turbocucks like Mitt Romney will join the democrats in voting to abort 
your administration in permanent disgrace. 
And there's a horsey-looking blonde woman who claims to be on your 
side, but seems to do nothing but scream hysterically at you on 
Twitter every day while relentlessly blackpilling WEREDOOMED.txt 
because you aren't actually Superman and can't magically undo several 
decades of institutional poz and trillions of dollars worth of vested 
interests in five minutes. 
Instead of focusing her ire on your many, many, enemies inside and 
outside your party, or even informing the normies of the scale of the 
treason you're facing like Tucker Carlson does, she's acting like a 
post-menopausal CARRIE, using her megaphone to depress and demoralise 
the good guys and make the possibility of the establishment 
recapturing the White House in 2020 a little bit more likely. 
You might get tired of her shit too. Any man who has ever suffered a 
nagging backseat driver would.

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