Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Alderman Sandy Weidner files non-candidacy papers for spring 2020

From The Journal Times.com:


RACINE — After 20 years on the City Council, Alderman Sandy Weidner of the 6th District is not running for her seat in the spring 2020 election.

“It was a tough decision,” Weidner said in a phone conversation on Monday. “It was a decision that was made between my family and I.”
At committee or City Council meetings, Weidner often asks tough questions, even about initiatives that she supports, and isn’t shy about voicing opposition.
“That’s what makes it so difficult for me to leave because I know that I do fill that role,” she said.
Weidner has also faced a good deal of controversy. She’s the plaintiff in a court case before the Wisconsin Court of Appeals over open records and which correspondences with the City Attorney’s office can be classified under attorney-client privilege. She’s also rubbed some council members the wrong way by laughing or commenting while other members have the floor.
She feels that it is her outspokenness and willingness to dissent has made her a pariah in city government.
“The council is for me a very toxic place,” she said.
That is partly why she turned in her noncandidacy paperwork on Thursday.

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TSE said...

Cory Mason and David DeGroot are just like Jim Ladwig and John Dickert - Politically opposed in public - Politically Best Friends in private. How the Spring elections turn out will depend on if enough Voters get and understand the Foxconn fiasco and the how and why it failed - and it failed even before the last Governors race in which Dr. Tony Evers narrowly defeated Scott Walker. If the fallout is great enough - and it may happen - I see Jonathon Delagrave - David DeGroot, Van Wanggaard, and even Robin Vos being voted out of Office. They are all vulnerable - depending upon the Greater Masses awakenings to how they have been deceived and lied to. And David DeGroot dances to Cory Masons' tune now - totally dependent for water and sewer. Plus there is plenty of violence, drugs and crime in the 'Burbs to give City of Racine a race for first place. When Foxconn - who is still out in MTP due to the twisting of (now) former CEO Terry Gou's arm by Donald Trump - they will pull out and UGH! Foxconn is now in default of the Scott Walker/Mark Hogan WEDC contract - to include the contractual specifications which defined "The Project" and the signatories to the WEDC contract. Good luck to Nancy Milholland and the Lunatic Fringe TEA - party people to spin the truth about the failed Foxconn "Project". It is indeed a great time for Sandy to move on - because I believe that Racine - just like (now) MTP and perhaps Racine County are now locked in a race to the bottom due to the massive debt they have committed Residents to. And those debt payments especially benefit Baird Financial Services - A report to which I provided a link to in another story - reveals how financially troubled City of Racine is. But I would say that Cory Mason has David DeGroot and Bob Bradely by the gonads - with sewer and water - and yeah - the Burbs which are filled with criminals crashing cars, shooting em up - murder - drugs - prostitution and white collar crime - will reach the bottom first. Know your betters - and Cory Mason is a Fox. The Burbs are Chickens. The Fox is loose.

Good time to move on - Sandy!

Thank you for your service.