Tuesday, December 31, 2019

My comment to ordmm

Cory Mason and David DeGroot are just like Jim Ladwig and John Dickert - Politically opposed in public - Politically Best Friends in private.
How the Spring elections turn out will depend on if enough Voters get and understand the Foxconn fiasco and the how and why it failed - and it failed even before the last Governors race in which Dr. Tony Evers narrowly defeated Scott Walker. If the fallout is great enough - and it may happen - I see Jonathon Delagrave - David DeGroot, Van Wanggaard, and even Robin Vos being voted out of Office. They are all vulnerable - depending upon the Greater Masses awakenings to how they have been deceived and lied to.
And David DeGroot dances to Cory Masons' tune now - totally dependent for water and sewer. Plus there is plenty of violence, drugs and crime in the 'Burbs to give City of Racine a race for first place. When Foxconn - who is still out in MTP due to the twisting of (now) former CEO Terry Gou's arm by Donald Trump - they will pull out and UGH! Foxconn is now in default of the Scott Walker/Mark Hogan WEDC contract - to include the contractual specifications which defined "The Project" and the signatories to the WEDC contract. Good luck to Nancy Milholland and the Lunatic Fringe TEA - party people to spin the truth about the failed Foxconn "Project".
It is indeed a great time for Sandy to move on - because I believe that Racine - just like (now) MTP and perhaps Racine County are now locked in a race to the bottom due to the massive debt they have committed Residents to. And those debt payments especially benefit Baird Financial Services -
A report to which I provided a link to in another story - reveals how financially troubled City of Racine is.
But I would say that Cory Mason has David DeGroot and Bob Bradely by the gonads - with sewer and water - and yeah - the Burbs which are filled with criminals crashing cars, shooting em up - murder - drugs - prostitution and white collar crime - will reach the bottom first. Know your betters - and Cory Mason is a Fox. The Burbs are Chickens. The Fox is loose.

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