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Mailvox: the tarantula's dilemma

A gamma asks why he should not seek revenge for his unhappiness:
What do you do if you respect conservative views, you like the ideology and the principals they convey, but no matter no hard you try, no matter your character, how much you give you will never be equal simply because you were not born beautiful enough to be considered as worthy. For me I will never have a family, never feel loved. Never get any recognition. I Will always need to work harder than others for less reward. I would say I'm a 6 but have had almost no positive attention from anyone in 10 years while giving my best, working overtime often 10 or more hours per week, trying desperately to connect with people and going out of my way to make them feel welcome and understood but never getting the same in return. There is no happiness in my life, there is no prospect of happiness only an abyss. I'm a gamma born of a narcissistic single mother and a cucked pathetic father, indoctrinated in leftist schools, starved of humanity. Should I follow your doctrine? I know I was lied to. How can I not seek revenge? Why would I not seek revenge?
First, conservatism is not an ideology and it has no principles. So, there is nothing there to respect, it is merely a "sensibility" one may happen to share with others, which is of absolutely no more significance than a shared preference in music or video games. Second, upon whom are you going to seek revenge? Upon those who did this to you or to those who are innocent of everything but being less unlucky than you?
Understand that you were created to be a weapon against those you envy. Why would you ever want to do the will of those who turned you into a tarantula? Why not seek vengeance upon them by rejecting the fate they chose for you and becoming the man you were meant to be?

In the end, your choice will come down to whether you hate the lies or you hate the truth even more.


Everyone to the right of Mao

Embrace your extremists or you will become the extremist:


Though these accounts are easily discoverable on Twitter, publishing their names could bring them more attention. For that reason, HuffPost is only publishing their user IDs, not the @ “handles” most commonly associated with Twitter accounts.

Since we began assembling this list last month, four of the 62 accounts have been suspended. Two were not suspended but appear to have self-deleted to evade oversight. We are leaving these accounts on the list because Twitter permitted the suspended users to repeatedly post extremist content before taking action and seemingly took no action against users that deactivated their accounts.

This list is far from comprehensive. We are excluding prominent anonymous white nationalists, who can have thousands of followers and go through dozens of accounts, and propagandists such as Cernovich and Jack Posobiec, who work with white nationalists. Nor are we including Islamophobes like Mekelburg and Pamela Geller, who do not identify as white nationalists but whose views often align with the ideology. The same holds for mainstream Republican pundits such as Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson.

In the photos below, many white nationalists wear “Make America Great Again” caps or express support for Trump. During the 2016 election, white nationalists rallied around Trump en masse, accurately viewing the racist authoritarian as a means to seize a greater share of mainstream political power. Twitter was Trump’s medium of choice. So it was the medium of choice for far-right extremists. While their bigotry and propaganda is now echoed by much of the Republican base, several prominent white nationalists have since rejected Trump. He has done too much neoconservative saber-rattling for their taste or failed to deliver on issues like the border wall. Grotesquely, some now shun him for having too many close connections to Jews. But the damage these extremists ― and Twitter (and Trump) ― have done by spreading a message of hate and radicalization will linger for years.
By the Huffington Post standard, every single Founding Father was a white nationalist and right-wing extremist. Now they're even after hard-core radicals such as Mike Cernovich and Steve Sailer!

Get off Twitter and get off Facebook now. Because the goalposts are going to move until you're a Nazi too.

And isn't it informative that not a single neocon is identified?



Guest post via The Red Elephants
Baltimore Police have recently released footage from body cameras and street cams of some of the attacks that occurred in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor on Memorial Day.
In a few of the scenes, officers had to run toward attacks and apprehend those responsible for starting the violence. In others, some teens can be seen running toward the police officers for safety, with one team literally sprinting into the arms of a police officer who then attempt to calm him down.

Another shows a group of black teens beating up a white man until officers pushed them all aside and rescued him. Another shows a black teen standing atop a stoop and kicking an unsuspecting white male in the face as he walked by. The while male kept walking, while the black male seemed to get a congratulatory hand slap from a friend.

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Notice to One Is Notice To All

Since I do not wish to be a family member anymore - and remember that 
I was adopted. 
I wish to state the following - 
That on May 31, 2019 I went to 6255 Hilltop Drive in Mount Pleasant WI 
- to ask if my possessions were still in the basement. 
When I finished the basement in accordance with the owners 
instructions - the agreement was that material costs would be covered 
by the owner - while my labor would allow me to store my possessions 
in a specific designated areas in perpetuity until my death. 
On my latest visit - May 31, 2019 - the current owner, Barbara Elmer 
answered my ring of the doorbell and stated to my question, "Are my 
possessions still in the basement"? 
I then informed her that she is a thief, and left - 
I am going to place a $30,000 lien on the property owned by the Elmers 
at 6255 Hilltop Drive as they are in default of our agreement. 
Whoever is in possession of my former property is in possession of 
stolen property. 
And I witness and testify  against you - in this life and others. 

Ratcine Gone WILD!

Police Identify Virginia Beach Shooter, Victims As Death Toll Climbs To 13

Police in Virginia Beach have delivered a more complete picture of Friday afternoon's tragic shooting at a municipal building that has left 13 people dead, including the shooter, and four people injured, including a police officer who was reportedly saved by his bullet-proof vest.
During a Saturday morning news conference, Va. Beach Police Chief James Cervera identified the gunman as DeWayne Craddock, a civil engineer who was a 15-year employee of the city's public utilities department. Craddock was armed with a .45 caliber handgun, and died after a long gun fight with police. Craddock died after a lengthy shootout with police. The weapon he used had been purchased legally, as Craddock had no criminal record to speak of.
Cervera also refused to speculate about a motive.
DeWayne Craddock
Craddock joined the army national guard after graduating from Denbigh High School in nearby Newport News, Virginia, in 1996. During his time in the national guard, he received basic military training and advanced individual training at Fort Sill in Oklahoma.
He eventually graduated with a degree in civil engineering from Old Dominion University, and worked a private firm for a few years before joining the town.
City Manager Dave Hansen said he had worked with Craddock for years. Others pointed out that his name frequently appeared on city notices.
"I have worked with most of them for many years," said Dave Hansen, Virginia Beach City Manager. "We want you to know who they were so in the weeks to come you will learn what they meant to all of us, to their friends, to their families, and to their co-workers. They leave a void that we will never be able to fill."
Craddock's neighbors in the modest Va. Beach neighborhood where he had lived for at least 10 years told NBC News that he was quiet, mostly kept to himself, and that he was "jacked" from spending lots of time at the gym.
People who live near Craddock said police swarmed the small neighborhood of modest townhomes in Virginia Beach on Friday where some said he had lived for at least 10 years.
Several neighbors said Craddock was clean cut, a member of the neighborhood association board and spent time lots of time at the gym. But they also said he mostly kept to himself, especially after his wife left him some number of years ago.
Angela Scarborough, who lives in the neighborhood, said "he was very quiet. He would just wave."
At one time, Craddock was married. But his wife apparently left him abruptly a few years back.
She said she knew his wife, but she left some time ago. "She just left," Scarborough said. "Didn't let us know or anything."
"I'm very saddened because this is a great neighborhood," Scarborough said. "It's very sad to know that that's the way he decided to resolve the situation. It's just something I can't believe."
She added: "I would speak to him and he would speak back, but conversation-wise, I never had a conversation with him."
Another neighbor said Craddock appeared to be awake at all hours of the night, occasionally dropping heavy objects and making other noises that sometimes disturbed his neighbors.
Finally, police have released the names of Craddock's victims. 11 were city employees who worked with Craddock. The 12th was a contractor who was in the office applying for a permit. The full list can be found below:
The 11 city employees who died were identified as Laquita C. Brown of Chesapeake, Tara Welch Gallagher of Virginia Beach, Mary Louise Gayle of Virginia Beach, Alexander Mikhail Gusev of Virginia Beach, Katherine A. Nixon of Virginia Beach, Richard H. Nettleton of Norfolk, Christopher Kelly Rapp of Powhatan, Ryan Keith Cox of Virginia Beach, Joshua A. Hardy of Virginia Beach, Michelle "Missy" Langer of Virginia Beach and Robert "Bobby" Williams of Chesapeake. The 12th victim, Herbert "Bert" Snelling of Virginia Beach, was a contractor filling a permit.


Group Invites White Women To Voluntarily Attend Race Shaming Dinners

A group headed by a former congressional candidate is offering private dinners exclusively to white women, where they are lectured about how racist and supremacist they are, even if they don’t realise it.
The organisation, co-founded by self described ‘racial justice activist’ Saira Rao, has called itself ‘Race To Dinner’, and claims to provide a way for women to alleviate their white guilt.
The group’s website explains that white diners are able to “bear witness” to the pain of “Black and Brown” women, while noting that the event is not actually for them because “you and your dudes wrote the book,” on white supremacy.
The organisation states that “as a white person in America, you are an active participant in upholding white supremacy,” even if you actively denounce racism.
In other words, it’s not OK to be white.
“Black and Brown” people are “on the receiving end of white supremacy” while white women “are on the giving end.” the diatribe continues.
The website is replete with statements about how white women need to be made to feel uncomfortable and how ‘the truth’ must be heard.

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Friday, May 31, 2019

As CBD Oils Become More Popular, The FDA Considers Whether To Set New Rules

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a compound that can be extracted from marijuana or from hemp. It doesn't get people high because it doesn't contain THC, the psychoactive component of the cannabis plant.
Getty Images

The Food and Drug Administration is holding its first public hearing on CBD, the cannabis extract that has quickly grown into a billion-dollar industry. Today's hearing will help officials determine how to regulate CBD products.
The compound can be extracted from marijuana or from hemp. It's promoted as a way to ease anxiety and inflammation – and it doesn't get people high because it doesn't contain THC, the psychoactive component of the cannabis plant.
People are using oils with cannabidiol, or CBD, to help with everything from menstrual cramps to insomnia. While the hype around CBD has gotten ahead of the science, there are a growing number of small studies that do point to some health benefits. But the FDA has concerns over how these products are marketed, and is seeking more data about their safety.
"Questions remain regarding the safety considerations raised by the widespread use of these products," FDA officials wrote in a Federal Register notice about today's hearing. "These questions could impact the approaches we consider taking in regulating the development and marketing of products."

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Eric Shawn: Kim Jong Un is 'a thug and a murderer'

Three More Climbers Die On Mount Everest As Busy Season Causes Traffic Jam | NBC Nightly News

Four for Fridays!

Good morning everyone I hope you stayed nice and dry this week with all the rain we had gotten. I also hope you did get to enjoy your Memorial Day weekend. Here are your questions.

1) Do you have anyone that is going to be graduating this year?

2) If so are you going to attend the graduation?

3) Do you have to travel far for the graduation?

4) Are you going to attend a graduation party?

Have a great weekend!

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He married a Kardashian, didn't he?

Thursday, May 30, 2019

The terminal phase

The decline and eventual collapse of the United States is rapidly becoming apparent to more and more observers:
The United States has entered its terminal phase and most of its citizens are as blithely unaware of this reality as they were of the impending dissolution of the Soviet system in the late 1980’s. On the surface each one projects its hegemony and influence far beyond their limitations through a combination of propaganda and threats. Both systems were thoroughly corrupted, perhaps from their inception, but certainly and absolutely as they neared their nadir, yet both systems affected a nonchalance that soon- very soon, every knee would bend before their majesty and morally superior aspirations.
For the USSR it was based upon the trite concept that everyone should share equally of the labors of others when no such possibility ever existed during mankind’s reign over the Earth. In America it was the equally vapid and hollow claim that all men are created equal when no such thing had ever been so at any time, nor could it ever be possible. To base an entire national mythos on pure sophistry is a guarantee of failure and yet their remains an eternal optimism rooted in these fanciful phrases that distorted and diffused before our eyes.

The elites always managed somehow, regardless of the system and its ideals, to rise above equality and find a toehold in a neo-aristocracy, where rather than blood-ties, loyalties were developed in the institutions and secret societies; Ivy League universities, Intelligence agencies, International banking cartels, Media conglomerates and Corporate boardrooms. The differences between the Politburo under Gorbachev and the current Congress are more noticeable in attire and decor rather than in behavior and outcomes.

In America today here is a complete symbiosis between the organs of information- the MSM- and the political parties and their apparatchiks, and it is used solely for the control of the populations and the promotion of The Narrative rather than as a means of explaining the events of the day. Much in the same way that the Soviet Union new organizations Pravda (Truth) and Izvestia (News) were able to control information to such a degree that the people of the USSR joked that “there is no truth in Pravda and no news in Izvestia”, the current state of media in America is summed up in the equally derogatory slur. “Fake News”.

The populations are keenly aware that they are being misled, but are powerless - in their minds - to do anything about it. The problem of course isn’t that the populations fail to believe the lies, but that the elites of both systems have chosen falsehoods as their basic premise for rule. Any system predicated upon falsehoods cannot survive the exposure of those lies when reality comes knocking.
The cucks and cons are doubling down on their virtue-signaling and attacking the defenders of civilization in the vain hopes that the barbarians they have championed will barbecue them last while in the meantime the very ground beneath their feet is beginning to crumble.
They believed, wrongly, that civilization is an abstraction. They foolishly mistook Thomas Jefferson's meaningless, high-flying political rhetoric for material reality and placed their faith in it. And in their sanctimonious refusal to defend civilization, they are very nearly as much to blame as the progressives who have been actively attempting to tear it down.

Every society comes to an end in time. And that end usually comes as a complete surprise to most of its inhabitants.

UPDATE: Oh sweet overturned statues of Thomas Jefferson...

I’m not a liberal conservative, but if we’re going to prevail it will be with David French and men like him.
Then you're not going to prevail. Period.


10 Times Censorship Went Too Far

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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my lovely kumquats!  How are you?  Are you enjoying the spring weather?  Ugh, we get one nice day and then a week of rain or overcast skies.  It's almost June and our temperatures are still in the 40's.  It will be summer before spring arrives.  But, nope, climate change is phony science. The Arctic melts down all the time and we always see this many tornadoes and hurricanes.  Our country is ripped up, top to bottom, every year.  Yeah, that's it.  Such statements are common.  Why don't some people want to admit that we've screwed up the climate?  Are they afraid it's a lefty plot?  Plot to do what?  Make them honest? 

The Journal Times reports that the city of Racine's population is dwindling.  No surprise there.  I'm just shocked that so many people choose to stay.  I'm sure that jobs and families play a part, but for those who are unattached, why don't they take off.  It must be that RUSD education that keeps them here.  No worry about a brain drain: we don't have brains.

Foxcon keeps taking back little bits of its promises each day.  Whatever develops on the site, it's not going to be what was originally announced.  Before Foxcon is through, they'll have us pay them to not manufacture in Mount Pleasant.  What a disaster!  The millions and millions of dollars that Mount Pleasant has borrowed to meet Foxcon's needs may well never be paid back.  Then watch your property taxes jump.

It's funny how the businesses moving into downtown Racine are always broadcast over the area but the businesses that are leaving downtown are rarely mentioned.  So many of these businesses fail that it's impossible to keep count.  People have lost their retirement savings or even their life savings.  Downtown Racine Corp. is always talking about the "positives" of downtown that a prospective tenant might think there is more foot traffic than there actually is.  I keep thinking of the story of Taos Chili that opened up on 6th St. and Wisconsin Ave.  The man had to do so much work to the infrastructure of his business.  Dewey;s down the street was granted exemptions from many of the ordinances that suffocated Taos Chili.  The owner even said he had lost all of his savings.  The business lasted around 6 months.  I guess it's good to have some connections to City Hall.  With the right people on your side, you can get a variance for almost anything. 

Hey, have we come up with any new ideas for Monument Square?  It's such a mess that we have to redo it.  Ha-ha-ha!

Señor Zanza's sister, Señorita Zena, has left.  What a pleasant person.  She can stay with us anytime.  She's more well-mannered than Señor Zanza, and cleaner, too.  Let's hope she doesn't change.

I love you all and thank you for reading my blog today.  We writers need readers and vice versa.  Let's all express our love for each other.

Have a great week.  Try not to let the weather get you down.  It has to stop raining long enough for us to plant our plants outdoors.  Of course, the first ones have already drowned.  Let's keep the second generation covered and protected. 
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Open Blog - Wednesday

I never much liked wine.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Righteous in Word and in DEET

From The Shepherd Express:

May 28, 2019
4:16 p.m.

I’m Art Kumbalek and man oh manischewitz what a world, ain’a? Hey, how ’bout an update on the Art Kumbalek Spring Fund Drive? Okey-doke, can do.
So, a big thanks to reader J.E. from out of the great state of Maryland (where the Black-eyed Susan remains the state flower, even during these #MeToo times, yikes!) for the buck two-eighty and the medicinal solvent of which I have followed the doctor’s orders—“two ounces over ice repeatedly as needed.” However Dr. J, I still feel like I’m running a couple, three quarts low. Any additional donation in this regard would be greatly appreciated, I kid you not.
And to my dear reader Ingrid/Mae, hope you are well, wherever you be.
Anyways, I got to say, again, that now we’re post-Memorial Day, we got the goddamn summer season smacking us square in the face. All that racket. All that festive ethnic hoopla. And all the knuckleheads complaining about the mosquitos and the goddamn persistent yellow-jacket bee stingers. Seems like I say this every year, and cripes, maybe I do, what the fock. But, onward into charted territory we go.
Listen: Any knobshine bitching on mosquitos is obviously some knobshine who’s spending time outdoors. What the hell’s the matter with you? You want to duck the mosquitos? Park your whining butt indoors just like any right-thinking guy does each and every season of the year. Case closed. You got a problem with outdoor bugs, don’t come crying to me. I told you what to do.
And while we’re on the subject, do we really need the infinitudinal number of focking species of bugs we seem to have on god’s green Earth every time you turn around? For christ sakes, according to my research we got upwards 500 billion types of insect species on and in our world—all created for the purpose of nothing other than to bug the hell out of you and me, or at least give us a good case of the heebie-jeebies, ain’a?
These goddamn insects go parading around all the time so high and mighty, and yet even though they know that one eventual day they will inherit the Earth and be the big cheese-olas ’cause Al Qaeda finally got hold of some kind of big-time nervy biological germ/gas/spray that wipes out everything on two legs, beard or no beard—oops!—these insects are still supremely motivated to bug us all the time because the average sapien Homo gets dealt an average lifespan of 65-70 years if everything breaks right, while the average focking bug gets cut like a day and a focking half. And they are pissed but good about the disparity. Don’t ask me how they know but they do, I kid you not.
Well, fock ’em. If I were in charge of things, I’d make it that only two kinds of bugs were necessary on this planet: Squished, and more squished.
These focking insects and what have you don’t know when they got it good. Jeez louise, if you were a bug criminal and got sentenced to do hard time, what would that come to? About 22 focking hours I figure. And you could get through bug high school in about two and a half hours (still more time than a lot of sapien students put in, granted); so big focking deal.
I wish these bugs could find some time to learn to do something constructive during their puny lifespan period instead of just bug us all the time. But until those bugs get some sense into whatever they got for heads; I say we squash ’em, and squash ’em good.
Yeah yeah, it would be a hoot to come back in a couple, three million years or so when the bugs are the top dogs, ain’a? I wonder if they’ll still be eating each other, or if evolution will have provided them a more reasonable if not relaxed disposition. I’ll bet a buck two-eighty their museums would be mighty interesting. Instead of dinosaurs, they’ll have a life-size Mom, Pop, Buddy, Sis and Grandma, burning the bird on a grill at the backyard picnic. The insects will clatter into the flashy exhibit room and there’ll be these snazzy illusional lighting effects that cram the span of the picnic into about three minutes. Sure, there’ll be sound effects: music from a crappy classic-rock radio station; Grandma wondering where the fock she left her teeth; Pop yelling at Buddy to go get a focking job; and Sis on her phone figuring out what to wear at the funeral after she kills herself ’cause her family sucks.
You bet it’ll be a popular display at the bug museum, but I’m betting the petrified pile of dog shit will always be numero uno with the winged and many-legged crowd, ’cause I’m Art Kumbalek and I told you so.


Trending in HTown: Burnout recognized as a medical condition by World Health Organization

Time for Knife Control

The LA Times reports that a knife wielding man attacked a group of schoolchildren, then killed himself. Knife-wielding man attacks schoolgirls in Japan, killing 2 We better enact knife control now before we become another Japan.  People who wish to purchase knives should be subject to a background check.  Also, there should be a "cooling off" period between the purchase of knives and the receiving of them.  Finally, the government should be empowered to seize knives without notice.

Festival Pulls The Plug On Neil Young, He Keeps Playing Anyway

No one can stop Neil Young
The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer was cut off at the BottleRock Napa Valley festival on Saturday night for violating the outdoor event’s 10 p.m. curfew.
But that didn’t stop 73-year-old Young and his accompanying band, Promise of the Real, from finishing their final song, “Rockin’ in the Free World.” 
As video from the event shows, they continued to play through their stage amps ― and the crowd helped make up for the lack of volume by singing along. 
Someone can be seen running out onto the stage around the 7:45-mark in the clip, possibly to warn Young of what was about to happen. About 20 seconds later, the main audio was cut:

Read more:

Trump Administration Hardens Its Attack on Climate Science

The Huntington Canyon coal-fired power plant in Utah. The White House, already pursuing major rollbacks of greenhouse-gas emission restrictions, is amplifying its attack on fundamental climate-science conclusions.CreditCreditBrandon Thibodeaux for The New York Times
WASHINGTON — President Trump has rolled back environmental regulations, pulled the United States out of the Paris climate accord, brushed aside dire predictions about the effects of climate change, and turned the term “global warming” into a punch line rather than a prognosis.
Now, after two years spent unraveling the policies of his predecessors, Mr. Trump and his political appointees are launching a new assault.
In the next few months, the White House will complete the rollback of the most significant federal effort to curb greenhouse-gas emissions, initiated during the Obama administration. It will expand its efforts to impose Mr. Trump’s hard-line views on other nations, building on his retreat from the Paris accord and his recent refusal to sign a communiqué to protect the rapidly melting Arctic region unless it was stripped of any references to climate change.
And, in what could be Mr. Trump’s most consequential action yet, his administration will seek to undermine the very science on which climate change policy rests.

Open Blog - Tuesday

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Monday, May 27, 2019

Lawmaker’s ‘lonely ship’ filling up as support for legalizing cannabis grows

MADISON — Elected to represent the 48th Assembly District, state Rep. Melissa Sargent, D-Madison, has been “legislating through listening” to her 60,000 constituents since 2012. The stories and concerns she heard from voters in her district have launched Sargent on an unexpected journey, sending her on a mission that she never anticipated when she first ran for office.
Sargent, who says she has never used marijuana, has concluded that prohibition of the drug is ruining the lives of a large number of Wisconsin residents.
Sargent recalled talking to a mother whose child — a recent high school graduate ready for college — was pulled over for failing to use a turn signal and cited for marijuana possession. Sargent does not know what happened to the student, but she said such a ticket can lead to “egregious” consequences, including lost scholarships and housing.
At an April press conference, Sargent introduced Sarah Fabry, a registered nurse who used cannabis and later cannabidiol (CBD) to treat her Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory bowel condition. Fabry said she took care of patients desperate to get cannabis for loved ones with agonizing end-stage cancer pain. She believes legalization would ease a lot of suffering.
Fabry said her view of marijuana users has radically changed, from “the stereotypical pothead” to “your grandma, your spouse, your child, yourself.”
Such stories have prompted Sargent to three times introduce bills to fully legalize marijuana. On May 17, she introduced Assembly Bill 220, a fourth, updated version of that proposal.
Previously, Democrats Sen. Jon Erpenbach of West Point and Rep. Chris Taylor of Madison have introduced bills to legalize medical marijuana, but those measures did not pass. Taylor aide Chet Agni said a new medical marijuana bill is being drafted — and this time around, it has bipartisan support.
“I was on a pretty lonely ship about five years ago when I put this bill out,” Sargent recalled. “There were people quite frankly in the Capitol building that didn’t want to talk to me. They thought that I was I really out of touch.”

Read moire:


MLK was a mouthpiece for 'peace'. Decide for yourself if that is a 
good thing. But that's why he was iconned and protected. 
War vs Peace 
(absolute monarchy, militarism, nationalism, traditionalism, etc. ... 
VS ... constitutional monarchies/governments, World Order (anti 
nation-state), opened economies (mixed), international arbitration, 
interfaithism, universalism/brotherhood and nearly everything else you 
see around you today) 
Since Napoleonic Wars (despite all the setbacks like American Civil 
War) elite Anglo-American "peace" agenda (in action, ideals obviously 
go back further) was sold to Christian nations then increasingly sold 
worldwide. See those Peace Societies bloom! (wasn't peasants behind 
them) That's why nothing much MLK said in his Nobel lecture would 
concern old family liberal protestants who set off the 'ordered world 
of peace' agenda. 
It's no secret most Republicans and Democrats both support world 
peace/liberal international order. Two sides of same peace coin. MLK 
was an obedient field negro in service to Anglo-American led Empire of 
'Peace'. Anglo guys speaking imperial words of peace to brown peoples 
of world doesn't work as well (kind of like how having sincere, 
*unwilling-to-deceive* Christians in likes of media doesn't help in 
creating the "international mind" required for World Order. Thanks 
Hofjuden.). MLK was a good boy, telling poorer brown nations they 
needed West to come in and educate them, mold them, generally selling 
universal fellowship, world unity. 
War vs Peace 

North Korea Calls John Bolton "Defective Human Product" , "Warmonger"


North Korea on Monday called US National Security Adviser John Bolton a "war monger" and "defective human product" after he claimed that Pyongyang's recent short-range missile tests were a violation of UN Security Council resolutions, according to CBS News, citing an unnamed North Korean foreign ministry spokesman.

The comments come amid President Trump's visit with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, during which the North Korean nuclear discussions are likely to be high on the agenda.
North Korea tested short-range ballistic missiles on May 4 and 9, ending a pause in launches that began in late 2017. The tests have been seen as a way for North Korea to pressure Washington to soften its stance on easing sanctions against it without actually causing negotiations to collapse. -CBS News
On Saturday, Bolton told reporters in Tokyo that he had "no doubt" that North Korea's launches violated UN resolutions, which justifies keeping sanctions in place. According to Reuters, Japan shares Bolton's view on the matter.
North Korea's Central New Agency, the North Korean Spokesman, said that the North was rightfully exercising its rights of self-defense by conducting the launches. "Demanding us to ban all launches using ballistic technology regardless of range is same with asking us to relinquish our rights for self-defense," said a spokesman, who added that Bolton is an "ignorant" hard-liner who has consistently pushed provocative policies against North Korea - including pre-emptive strikes and regime change. 
The spokesman also said Bolton's "hammer act" was responsible for the collapse of a major nuclear deal between the countries reached in 1994, when the North agreed to halt its nuclear program in exchange for U.S. fuel aid. The deal broke down in 2002 after U.S. intelligence agencies said North Korea was continuing its pursuit of bombs with a secret uranium enrichment program.
"Bolton should not be called a security adviser who works to secure security, but an adviser for security destruction who destroys peace and security," the spokesman said. "It's not that strange that crooked sound will always come out the mouth of a man who is structurally flawed, and it's best that this defective human product goes away as soon as possible." -CBS News
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Henry VIII’s mistresses: who else did the Tudor king sleep with?

Famed for having six wives, Henry VIII's love life is today the subject of much scholarship and speculation. But what do we know about the king's extra-marital liaisons – the mistresses who shared his bed? Here, Amy Licence investigates

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King Henry VIII’s Wives — What Happened To All Of The King’s Consorts?

The monarch was famous for going through multiple wives and mistresses, but what actually happened to all of Henry VIII's wives? 

Platinum Blonde

Gotta be. The Beard is White!

A Bit Too Much Sun & Fun Today

I still think my hair has turned Blonde - it sure ain't gray or white! 

Open Blog - Memorial Day

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Why Do Stupid People Think They're Intelligent?

The New Secession

Residents of the majority-white southeast corner of Baton Rouge want to make their own city, complete with its own schools, breaking away from the majority-black parts of town.

The fight began with little subtlety. White, wealthy parents in the southeastern corner of East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana, an area known as St. George, wanted their own school district. They argued that the schools in East Baton Rouge were routinely named as among the lowest performing in the state, and were unlikely to improve any time soon. So, in 2012, some of those parents went to the state legislature with a proposal: Create what would be called the Southeast Community School District.
The legislature shot it down. The parents needed a two-thirds majority for the creation of a school district, and they couldn’t marshal the votes. A similar push in 2013 was rebuffed as well.
The organizers were discouraged, but undeterred. They needed a new strategy—and they didn’t have to look far. In 2005, a nearby community, Central, was unable to gather support for a school district from the legislature, so it incorporated as a new city. That helped it gain legislative approval to create its own school district, Central Community Schools, which opened its doors in 2007. The St. George supporters launched a petition drive and, in August 2013, registered a new website: They would try to create their own city.

A pattern has emerged over the past two decades: White, wealthy communities have been separating from their city’s school districts to form their own. According to a recent report from EdBuild, a nonprofit focused on public-school funding, 73 communities have split to form their own school districts since 2000, and the rate of places doing so has rapidly accelerated in the past two years. St. George, which activists seek to incorporate as a city, is a textbook example.

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