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The Green Bay Packers gave Lil Wayne a Christmas gift any Cheesehead would crave

From JSOnline:

, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Lil Wayne performs onstage at DTE Energy Music Theater on September 10, 2019 in Clarkston, Michigan.  (Photo: Aaron J. Thornton, WireImage)

Lil Wayne was apparently on Santa's "good" list this year.

The rap legend took to Instagram Friday night to show off his new Christmas gift — a football from the Green Bay Packers seemingly signed by all the players and coaches.

"I was blessed by the best team in the world," Lil Wayne said in the two-minute clip from his sports memorabilia room. "I just want to say thank you from the bottom, the top, of my heart, everything. You already know that's my team forever, and ever, and ever."

In the video, you can see at least three Packers helmets covered in autographs. He also shows off a Lambeau Field sign sent from Green Bay and a Donald Driver bobblehead signed by the Packers great.

As of Saturday morning, Lil Wayne's post has been seen more than 1.6 million times, with some fans critical that Wayne isn't a diehard supporter of his hometown New Orleans Saints.

But Wayne has long been vocal about his Packers love, even dropping a "Green and Yellow" anthem to support the Super Bowl-bound Packers in 2011. In an NFL Network interview in 2017, he explained that when the Packers played the Super Bowl in New Orleans in 1997, "my pops went to the Super Bowl and when he came home he had a bunch of Green Bay everything: towels, cups and all that type of stuff. … I had to use that cup every day and use that towel every other day, so I became a Packer fan like that."

In the Instagram video posted Friday, Wayne teased he might even show up at the Packers first playoff game in Green Bay. "It's going to be cold," he said in his Instagram video. "I might have to throw on a yellow mink."

"Let's go all the way to the Bowl," Lil Wayne said later in the video. "Come get to Miami — I'll be waiting. Please, please, please, please. Kick their ass! Go Pack Go!"

You can see if Wayne shows up at Lambeau with that yellow mink for that playoff game Jan. 12. 


Kim Mahoney for Racine County Supervisor

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Also see:

Le Mans Motor Racing Disaster (1955) | British Pathé

"If you can not expect City government to follow the law, how can you expect the citizens to follow the law?"

From Racine Uncensored:
"If you can not expect City government to follow the law, how can you expect the citizens to follow the law? And these meetings aren't being held according to law." These words are from a Racine elected official around 2011. And honestly, has anything really changed?

Are Alderman and chairman Jeff Coe and Alderwoman Melissa Lemke allowing unlawful activities to take place surrounding PSL (Public Safety and Licensing) meetings and liquor licenses?

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Meet Jeffrey Churchwell AKA Citizen Shithead

From Racine County Corruption:


Jeffrey Churchwell

Walworth County Circuit Court Case # 2019FO001146 

County of Walworth vs. Jeffrey Scott Churchwell

Meet Jeffrey Churchwell

AKA Citizen Shithead

Mr. Churchwell created quite a shitstorm
for defecating outside in a public park for almost two years,
 told authorities he was "being an idiot" and that he did it for convenience and to be disrespectful.
Reports indicated Churchwell had been defecating outside of 
and on a building at Natureland Park in the town of Whitewater, sometimes several times per day, since 2017.
Authorities caught Churchwell on Oct. 8 after sheriff's deputies had spoken to a worker at the Walworth County Highway Shop who complained about someone defecating on a park building and leaving used toilet paper behind.
The worker showed deputies photos from trail cameras that showed a man defecating in the park. The pictures also showed Churchwell's car parked nearby and a partial plate number, which was used to identify 
Jeffrey Churchwell.
"I'm so disappointed in myself," said Churchwell where he had the opportunity to teach English classes in the Milton School District. He stressed the importance of involved citizenship and there he is being a shitty citizen of Walworth County. Churchwell also added that he's sickened by his own hypocrisy.

"As well, after REALLY thinking about why I did what I did," an email continued, "I came to the conclusion that I allowed my thrill-seeking, self-indulgent pride and ego both get the best of me." 
For more info click below: 
 Churchwell will have to pay $365 in fines plus $5,705 in restitution to the Public Works Department, which cleaned up after him.

Mr. Churchwell brings new meaning to being a 

piece of shit.

Got a duece to spare? 

 How about dropping it off on his front porch?

Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Cortez the Killer ( live 1991 ) HD

Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black) (Live) (2016 Remaster)

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Friday, January 3, 2020

Racine Zoo Lights

I was going to pick up my daughter from work and I was passing the Racine Zoo and I seen these lights and I told Drew about it. Then I told him he had to come with me to see it and bring the camera with us so I could get some pictures. I am so sorry I am posting this so late but I was so busy last month. I hope everyone still enjoys them.

Foxconn Eminent Domain Opponent To Run For County Board

From Racine County Eye:

Kim Mahoney, one of the most vocal opponents of eminent domain procedures for the Foxconn project, said she running for County Supervisor.

Kim Mahoney, one of the most vocal opponents of eminent domain procedures for the Foxconn project, said she running for Racine County Supervisor, District 14, which includes the Foxconn development in western Mount Pleasant and the Village of Sturtevant.

“When my neighbors and I needed answers from our previous supervisor about Foxconn development plans, our supervisor told us she was informed by the Racine County Board Chairman and Corporation Counsel not to get involved,” Mahoney said in a statement. “Other residents complained that our supervisor wouldn’t return phone calls or even acknowledge their emails. It was a complete failure of representation. I will not let that happen
when I am elected.”

Mahoney said it would be her intention to bring more discussion and transparency to the board. “Too often, resolutions are passed with very little discussion or consideration of the impact on residents,” Mahoney added in her statement.

She hopes to improve community engagement by offering live video streaming of County Board meetings and enhanced social media and email constituency services.

Mahoney’s home is located in the Foxconn development. She says that she and her husband were always willing to sell but the Village of Mount Pleasant instead used fake road plans and inappropriate use of blight to bully and intimidate homeowners into selling on the Village’s terms.

After winning her fight, Mahoney has been an advocate for other homeowners threatened by eminent domain across the state. “I want to ensure others are not mistreated by their local government,” Mahoney said. “My experience has given me a unique perspective and qualifications which I will bring to the Racine County Board.”

This is Mahoney’s first campaign for elected office.

Mahoney has been working as a litigation paralegal for a global consumer products manufacturer in Racine since 2005. She lives in Mount Pleasant with her husband Jim and their daughter Reese.

Election Day for candidates on the spring ballot will be April 7, 2020. The seat is currently held by incumbent Katherine Buske.

If there is a primary election, it will be held on Feb. 18, 2020. To check your voter registration or to find your polling place, go to

Racine County Eye and Patch are partnering up to provide readers with more local content and provide local advertisers with a larger audience to connect with.
Based in New York, Patch is a hyperlocal platform that currently serves over 1,200 communities, towns and cities across the U.S. Known as “The Patch” by its users, Patch is the go-to destination for hyperlocal news and discussion about your community.


Marijuana sales in Illinois top $3M on first day of legal recreational cannabis in the state

Illinois has already raked in a lot of green within the first days of legal marijuana sales.

The launch of adult-use marijuana in Illinois totaled 77,128 transactions and $3,176,256.71 in sales on Wednesday, state officials said.
On the heels of the state's successful inaugural day of sales, Gov. J.B. Prtizker's office released a statement about achieving the "monumental milestone."

"Launching the legalization of cannabis in a way that includes communities left behind for far too long, creates good jobs and expunges thousands of records for those who have lost out on opportunities and ends prohibition," Toi Hutchinson, senior adviser to the governor for cannabis control, said. "Today is a historic new day, and as we move forward with growing this industry, I thank all those who worked hard to make the launch a success and will continue to dedicate themselves to expanding opportunities and righting the wrongs of the past."
On Tuesday, prior to the start of legal pot sales, Pritzker announced pardons that would expunge 11,017 misdemeanor convictions for cannabis offenses involving less than 30 grams.

Illinois is the first state where lawmakers passed legislation legalizing recreational cannabis, which is still illegal at the federal level.

Other states where cannabis can be legally purchased include Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont and Washington.


The long, sordid history of Blackface

Bad Reputation full film 2018

Home About Contact Pretenders – My City Was Gone

From Tims Toy & More:

I went back to Ohio – But my Pretty Country Side – Had been Paved down the Middle – By a Government that cannot help but fuck up this whole country.


Hells Angels Moves Headquarters to the Bronx | NBC New York

TELLY HEAVEN - LG to release 65-inch rollable TV which unfurls itself from your ceiling

LG is set to release a 65-inch rollable television which unfurls itself from your ceiling.

The ultra-high definition, wafer-thin screen is set to be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week.

LG and other TV producers have begun releasing a range of curved and rollable screens in recent yearsCredit: LG

Last year, LG previewed a screen that retracted into its own speaker casingCredit: LG

The tech giant is yet to release any pictures of the screen, but says it will be capable of being stored in roll and pulled down like a projector screen before use.

LG has previously showcased a number of rollable screens, including one that can retract into the case of its speaker, but never one that could be stored in the ceiling.

The company said in a press release that the screen - dubbed the 65-inch UHD roll-down OLED TV - was designed so that it could be "installed naturally as part of the space" and to "increase space utilisation"
It added that the TV would "to increase the level of smart home interior" in homes.

Organised by the Consumer Technology Association, the Consumer Electronics Show is a trade show held every January in Las Vegas at which many of the tech industry's biggest names unveil their last offers and innovations.

It welcomes 170,000 attendees from 160 countries and hosts exhibits from some 4,500 manufacturers, developers, and suppliers of consumer technology.

LG will also be showcasing a 77-inch ultra-high definition screen that will hang like wallpaper and have embedded speakers capable of producing "cinematic sound".

It is also planning a screen made of eight 55-inch other screens that can be installed on the curved internal walls of an aeroplane to create a feeling of "openness".

Possible downsides of the new products include a likely sizeable price tag.

There is also a question of whether they will ever make it from an exhibition show to the market.

The screen that retracted into its own speaker was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show of 2019 with a release date before the end of the year, but is yet to be made available for customers to buy.


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Thursday, January 2, 2020

1973 Ford Maverick: Miss Maverick

Watch Talking Racine Episode 153 Learn who is silencing the truth

From Racine County Corruption:


Watch Talking Racine 
Episode 153
 Learn who is silencing the truth


Police arrest man allegedly seen kidnapping woman in dramatic doorbell video

 ABC News

 Las Vegas police have arrested a 23-year-old man who was allegedly seen on a doorbell camera kidnapping and assaulting a woman. 

© Clark County Jail Darnell Rodgers, 23, was arrested Jan. 2, 2020 in Las Vegas charged with kidnapping and domestic battery after he was allegedly seen on doorbell camera video kidnapping a woman.

A resident in a neighborhood south of Downtown Las Vegas reported the incident to police after their doorbell camera recorded the incident shortly after midnight on New Year's Eve.

MORE: Video: Doorbell camera captures terrifying screams

In the video, a woman is seen running up to the house, where she bangs on the door and screams for help.

In the background, a man, identified by police as Darnell Rodgers, jumps out of a white sedan and sprints up to the woman. Rodgers, 23, grabs the woman and throws her to the ground, then kicks her in the stomach, sending her tumbling down the steps.

"Why would you do that?" he shouts, swearing at her as she sobs.

Police said the incident appears to be a domestic violence situation.

He then pulls the woman to her feet, shouting at her to "get in the car" and swearing at her, before he drags her down the walkway into the car.

The full video, which contains violence and coarse language, was posted to YouTube by Las Vegas police.

MORE: Fan visiting for Fiesta Bowl carjacked, kidnapped, shot, then seen begging for help on doorbell cam

Rodgers was arrested Thursday morning for kidnapping and domestic battery charges. He is currently at the Clark County jail.

The identity of the victim was not released, but she was found and is safe, police said.



the Wi Cannabis Expo


One-day expo features over 100 exhibitors and industry experts
Milwaukee is about to get greener this winter with the debut of the WI Cannabis Expo presented by the Shepherd Express on Feb. 8, 2020 at the Wisconsin Center. Featuring exhibitors, speakers and an estimated 2,000+ attendees, this event is an opportunity to learn more about the innovative and exciting cannabis, CBD and hemp industry.
This business-to-business and business-to-consumer, one-day expo will feature over 100 exhibitors covering all angles of the industry including growers, processors, dispensaries, operators, testers and investors. During the event, guests will have the chance to sample and purchase product, attend presentations from leading experts in the cannabis, CBD and hemp industry, chat with thousands of cannabis enthusiasts and network.
All products sampled and sold at the expo are legal in the state of Wisconsin. Speaker and panel discussions will include topics regarding legalization and the future of cannabis in Wisconsin.
Tickets for the WI Cannabis Expo are on sale now. The Shepherd Express is currently accepting vendor and sponsor applications. Email our event coordinator at if you are interested.
Further updates will be provided via the ‘WI Cannabis Expo’ Facebook event page and in the Updates section here.

Detectives Seek Assistance to Identify Kidnapping Victim and Suspec

42.6K subscribers
Detectives Seek the Public’s Assistance to Identify Kidnapping Victim and Suspect . On January 1, 2020 patrol officers responded to a residence near Warm Springs Road and I-215 where a homeowner captured a suspicious situation on a home surveillance video. At approximately 12:48 a.m., a white female adult is seen running from a white sedan. The female runs to a house where she begins to bang on the door and scream for help. A black male adult exits the vehicle, runs to her and begins to hit and kick her as he drags her into the vehicle. The current location and identities of the victim and suspect are unknown. The victim is a white female adult approximately 20-30 years old, dark hair, last seen wearing blue ripped jeans, a dark long sleeve shirt and dark boots. The suspect is a black male adult approximately 20-30 years old with short black hair, last seen wearing a white shirt with dark colored horizontal stripes, dark colored pants, and brown dress shoes. The suspect vehicle is believed to be a white Hyundai Sonata with a sunroof, and unknown plates. Anyone with any information about this incident is urged to contact the LVMPD by phone at 702-828-3111. To remain anonymous, contact Crime Stoppers by phone at 702-385-5555, or on the internet at Tips leading directly to an arrest or indictment processed through Crime Stoppers may be eligible for a cash reward.

Wisconsin residents travel to Illinois for first day of legalized marijuana

From JSOnline:

, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Throngs of people wait to purchase marijuana and products containing THC at Rise Dispensaries in Mundelein, Illinois, on Wednesday. Jan. 1 was the first day for recreational marijuana to be sold legally in the state. Under Illinois law, anyone over 21 with a valid state ID or driver's license can purchase recreational marijuana from licensed retailers. The store is about an hour south of Milwaukee. The store opened at 6 a.m. and buyers had a three-hour wait. (Photo: Mark Hoffman / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

MUNDELEIN, Ill. - The first day of legalization of recreational marijuana in Illinois gave a whole new meaning to Happy New Year.

Pot dispensaries opened on Wednesday in Illinois, and they were greeted with long lines of consumers, eager to legally purchase marijuana.

Illinois became the 11th state in the country to legalize weed, and at Rise Mundelein — some 60 miles south of downtown Milwaukee — customers were waiting an average of four hours for much of the day to make their purchases.

“It’s about time,” said Mark Evans of Skokie.

Yes, he was frustrated by the long lines that snaked around the property as reggae music (of course) blared from speakers in this industrial park west of Interstate 94.

But Evans, 22, was thinking about the law.

“You wait four hours and you see all of these people and it’s pretty convincing that something had to change,” said Evans, who spent $125 on various products, carrying his stash back to his car in a white, sealed envelope.

A customer who purchased marijuana or products containing THC leaves the store with it sealed in a plastic pouch. Throngs of people waited to purchase marijuana and products containing THC at Rise Dispensaries in Mundelein, Illinois, on Wednesday. Jan. 1 was the first day for recreational marijuana to be sold legally in the state. Under Illinois law, anyone over 21 with a valid state ID or driver's license can purchase recreational marijuana from licensed retailers. The store is about an hour south of Milwaukee. The store opened at 6 a.m. and buyers had a three-hour wait. (Photo: Mark Hoffman / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

The situation is different in Wisconsin, where pot remains illegal. Gov. Tony Evers, a Democrat, wants to allow state residents to possess small amounts of marijuana and legalize its use for medical reasons. But he is not getting support from Republican leaders in the Legislature.

The Illinois law allows out-of-state citizens, age 21 and older, to purchase cannabis products — but only half the amount as residents south of the border.
Also, employees at Rise advise out-of-state residents that it is illegal to transport their products over the border, Ben Kovler said.

Kovler is chief executive officer and founder of Green Thumb Industries, a publicly traded national cannabis cultivator, processor and dispensary operator in 12 states.

He started the company in Chicago in 2014 after stints in finance and teaching math. The company has seven stores in Illinois. Rise Mundelein is one of its stores.

Wisconsin is currently not in the company’s plans. “I hear things are slow there,” he said.

“The market here (in Illinois) is strong. There is so much demand.”

Throngs of people wait to purchase marijuana and products containing THC at Rise Dispensaries in Mundelein, Illinois, on Wednesday. Jan. 1 was the first day for recreational marijuana to be sold legally in the state. Under Illinois law, anyone over 21 with a valid state ID or driver's license can purchase recreational marijuana from licensed retailers. The store is about an hour south of Milwaukee. The store opened at 6 a.m. and buyers had a three-hour wait. (Photo: Mark Hoffman / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

If license plates and chance encounters were any measures, residents of Wisconsin were ready and willing to buy legal pot and gloss over the restriction on out-of-state transport. 

Nick Goetz, 28, an accountant from Milwaukee, was in line with a friend and found the ability to make a legal buy comforting.

He expected to spend $120 to $200 and described his anticipated buy as a “late Christmas present.”

“It’s safer, rather than buying it in some stranger’s house, or someone you don’t know that well,” Goetz said. “It’s regulated. There is just more watchful eyes than if it was coming out of someone’s trunk.”

Indeed, while legal Illinois pot is more expensive, buyers here said that there was value in knowing that marijuana plants, and various byproducts, were produced in a regulated setting.

Jerrimiah Sullivan of McHenry, Illinois, and Haley Tolbert of Delavan wait in line to buy marijuana in Mundelein, Illinois, on Wednesday, the first day of legalization in the state. (Photo: Lee Bergquist / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Haley Tolbert, 21, of Delavan and her friend, Jerrimiah Sullivan of McHenry, Illinois, were planning to spend about $100.

“Not having to go out on the street — it’s so much better to know what you are getting,” she said.

A 21-year-old man from Burlington agreed. “I can definitely get it cheaper in Wisconsin, but the quality will be more consistent,” he said
Megan, 30, of Kenosha who was standing in line next to him, said that she was curious about how the products would compare to her usual sources.

“I’m a single mother of three and I smoke pot every day,” she said. She does not drink alcohol
Megan speculated the lines will go down in a few weeks as buyers are drawn back to lower prices charged by their traditional, illegal suppliers.

She said she was paying $50 for 7 grams on the street. Inside, Rise was charging $130, plus taxes for 7 grams.

As buyers head back across the state line, Wisconsin law enforcement said they will be watching.

“Our stance on it is that it is still illegal in Wisconsin and the law will continue to be enforced in the same manner,” said Bradley Ocain, a sergeant with the Wisconsin State Patrol.

But the State Patrol was not initiating any special enforcement because of Illinois’ law change.

Drivers pulled over are given a field test, and if it’s believed they are impaired, they are taken to a hospital for a blood test, Ocain said. They could be prosecuted for driving under the influence.

According to a spokesman for the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department:

“We’re definitely going to be watching for it. It’s not going to change how we do our jobs, because we are always looking for it.”

RELATED: What Wisconsinites should know now that recreational marijuana is legal in Michigan and Illinois


10 Unsolved Mysteries of the Bible

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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Never Been Any Reason

I like this version.

HEAD East!

From Tims Toy & More:


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The two top stories featured on the Journal Times

Dear City of Racine Alderpersons,

I find the two top stories featured on JT - juxtaposed against one
another - to be very disturbing.

One one hand is a shot dead White cop - whose BAC won't be revealed
because of a Judicial ruling - at a White owned Bar - (and if he was
at home with his beloved Family - would still be alive) />
Juxtaposed against a White Cop who killed a kid because he didn't have
a light on his bicycle. And a DA who says he was "wanted" - but can't
produce a warrant.. />
While - it is whispered that the DA's Husband may be involved in some
sort of scandal.


Happy 2020!

Some Steely Dan: />

Tim & Cindy.

No comments allowed

So I commented elsewhere:

And as for your #1 story - JT - NO comments allowed?! It is a tragedy
all around. So I must comment here - and Happy 2020 to all - Ty-rese
West certainly did not respond appropriately. But then again - neither
did Sgt. Giese - who was trained to hunt and kill. Sgt. Giese was just
following orders - and training - and I agree - but that is why I
continue to insist that Wisconsin is a Fascist State. There is no
justice to the injustice done to both parties.

Texas church shooting gunman grew angry in past over money requests, visited 'multiple' times, minister says

The man behind the deadly church shooting in Texas on Sunday had visited the congregation several times before, according to the church's senior minister, who noted the man received food but would get angry when he wasn't given cash.

The Texas Department of Public Safety on Monday identified the attacker as 43-year-old Keith Thomas Kinnunen. Wearing a fake beard, a wig, a hat and a long coat, Kinnunen opened fire in the West Freeway Church of Christ, in White Settlement, and killed Richard White and Anton “Tony” Wallace.

As authorities said Kinnunen's motive remained under investigation, the church's senior minister, Britt Farmer, told The Christian Chronicle he recognized the 43-year-old after seeing a photo of him without the disguise.

“We’ve helped him on several occasions with food,” Farmer told the Chronicle. “He gets mad when we won’t give him cash. He’s been here on multiple occasions.”

Kinnunen, who died in the shooting, had a lengthy criminal history, including several arrests in North Texas and other states.

Read more:

Impeach President Trump?

Gunman identified in Texas church shooting

Dear Madame Zoltar

Happy New Year, my friends!  How are you?  I love you.  May nothing but the best come your way in the New Year.

Our weather has returned to crappy.  We're getting colder weather and snow.  What a drag.  Christmas was so nice; sunny and warm.  Oh well, it is winter.  We may see the sun again in April.

If you're hung over today, I told you so!  "Candy is dandy, But liquor is quicker."  Indeed.  Ringing in the New Year while utterly smashed is a tradition, right?  Passing out before midnight is a promise.  Oh well.

Our triumphant Green Bay "Packers get No. 2 seed behind 49ers, first-round bye in NFC playoffs:"

DETROIT – Apparently, the Green Bay Packers can not have all the nice things.
Hours after the Packers clinched a first-round bye and top-two seed in the NFC, the San Francisco 49ers ensured that seed would not be higher than two. By virtue of their 26-21 win at the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday night, the 49ers (13-3) clinched the NFC’s top overall seed and home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.
The Packers (13-3) will host a second-round game Sunday, Jan. 12 at 5:40 p.m. CST.
Green Bay would have been the NFC’s top seed with a 49ers loss. Instead, they will keep their wild-card bye and home-field advantage for the divisional round in two weeks, but they are not ensured of home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. If the Packers and 49ers both advance to the NFC Championship game, kickoff will be in San Francisco.
A month ago, the Packers lost 37-8 to the 49ers in San Francisco.
Now, the Packers will play the NFC’s highest-remaining seed after the wild-card round.
The highest-seeded team entering the wild-card round is the No. 3 New Orleans Saints (13-3), who will play the No. 6 Minnesota Vikings (10-6). The No. 4 Philadelphia Eagles (9-7 and NFC East champs) will host the No. 5 Seahawks (11-5) next week.
 The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has the best Packers coverage in the area.  They are a fine newspaper.

Sandy Weidner is not seeking re-election this coming spring.  Oh no, say it ain't so!  One of the best representatives of the people, Sandy will be sorely missed.  Now Mr. Mayor Cory 'Butterball' Mason can do whatever he wants with ease.  Thank you, Sandy, for your 20 years of service to the people of Racine.  We love you and will miss you.  Good luck in all of your future endeavors.

Oh my, Racine's politics are dirty.  We have a criminal mayor and city attorney.  Our judges are corrupt.  The Common Council will soon be spineless.  Oh my, oh my.  Can you believe that Racine was named the 2nd worst city, out of the entire nation, for blacks to live in?  Out of the entire nation.  Sad, but true.  Milwaukee was number 1.  Holy cow.  We are worse for blacks than any city in the deep South.  That's almost unimaginable to me.  However, I am "white," so my views may well be skewed.  I apologize to our blacks.  Oh my, oh my, oh my.

Besides being the worst city in the nation for blacks to live in, Milwaukee is also besieged by reckless drivers.  They don't know how to stop it.  What I don't get is why things are allowed to deteriorate to this point.  If rules of the road had been vigorously enforced in the past, this wouldn't be happening.  No one gives a damn until it's too late.  I've complained for years about the dwindling driving skills of the public.  All calls for enforcement of Wisconsin driving laws went unanswered. Now we have a mess on our hands.  Oh my, indeed.

Never let it be said that the French aren't good for anything:

I love you all.  May 2020 bring you nothing but the best.

Treat each other with respect, please.
Please donate:  If you don't like PayPal, send me a note at and I'll send you my street address so you can send a check or money order.  Thank you.