Friday, February 14, 2020

Will the link still work?
Back when I was a teenager - every Boy wanted to be a JT carrier - and
I had to get an underage work permit and subbed until a nearby route
finally opened up. 7 days a week - no matter the weather. Collecting
money on the weekends with my coupon book - and hoping for a tip.
Nearly every house on the block received the paper- it was the odd few
who didn't. I expect the print edition to eventually vanish and that
the Staff will work from their homes - being able to work from home is
a plus. I checked with the WI DOR IPAS site - and found that the Buyer
paid what the Seller was asking for - $899,000.00 According to City of
Racine Property Tax records - LEE Enterprises owes(d) back taxes from
2018 - paying only $3730.20 out of a levied $6680.45 and in 2019
paying only $2378.00 out of a levied $7016.30. LOL! So the JT joins
the long list of City of Racine tax deadbeats! I suppose the unpaid
amount went to bonuses received by AP/LEE Enterprise CEO and Queen of
Davenport Mary Junck!
 /> NO WAIT! The JT was also - according to city of Racine Tax Records - a
tax deadbeat in 2016 and 2015 and now owes $13294.29! LOL! The
property purchase involves a number of parcels - and I'm simply too
lazy to research them - but yeah - JY is a property tax deadbeat - at
least according to City of Racine records. Mark Lewis! Why didn't you
pay your taxes on time?

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