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From Racine County Corruption:

Judge Eugene Gasiorkiewicz voted worst judge in Racine County three years running and  

Facts are Eugene Gasiorkiewicz remains a judge despite  committing criminal acts as a judge.
Judge Eugene Gasiorkiewicz
Racine County Circus Court

 Known as the "go to judge" for the City of Racine, Gagthebitch earned his circus name by conducting illegal secret court 
in the nationally infamous court case 
Weidner vs. City of Racine.

Racine County Case Number 2017CV001644 Sandra J Weidner vs. City of Racine

 You may read more about it here:

And here:

Gagthebitch acted in a most bias and prejudiced way for the city of Racine and against Sandy Weidner. Gagthebitch illegally denied Sandy Weidner's right to amend her complaint,  sealed the court record and conducted illegal secret hearings, all while maintaining a court ordered "gag" on the entire case.

Litigants could not even acknowledge the case existed.
The complete sealing of the court record included the party names, court case docketing number and no public notices 
of conducting court, all contrary to Wisconsin laws 
and the U. S. Constitution.

These secret courts were a favorite of the Nazi party during the 30's and 40's to control the narratives of the Nazi organization.

 Now you should understand who Gagthebitch idolizes and serves along with his comrades at the city of Racine.

Gagthebitch did not adhere to the laws of our country and state regarding Sandy's case. Like the Nazi's, Gagthebitch put the local political party before country. 

Gagthebitch is a vile and morally corrupted judge and is unfit for public service !

The wayward saga of Eugene Gasiorkiewicz 
continues as he finds new ways to silence the truth. 

According to the host at the Wisconsin courts email address, you have to receive permission to communicate with him, even if you have a court case scheduled before his court. 

Here is a message I received via email in response
 to recuse him as a judge.

<>: host[]
    said: 554 5.7.105 SenderFilterAgent; Sender denied as sender's email
    address is on SenderFilterConfig list (in reply to end of DATA command)

For the record, is a public email address, paid for by the taxpayers for use in court communications, business, court proceedings and other necessary functions to conduct court.

Gagthebitch violates the first Amendment of the U.S. Constitution by thwarting the ability of the public to petition him on publicly designated email systems.

Judges, both individually and collectively must respect and honor the judicial office as a public trust.  Judges must strive to maintain the trust and confidence of the legal system. The effectiveness of the judiciary rests ultimately on the trust and confidence that the people confer upon judges.

Judge Eugene Gasiorkiewicz has violated the public trust and needs to be removed from office.

 Eugene Gasiorkiewicz is a known criminal who continues to hold a public office despite committing crimes while acting as a judge, thus making the Racine County Courthouse 
a mockery of justice.

George Carlin wants to speak to you!
Garbage in - Garbage out

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