Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Sen. Van Wanggaard: 'this isn’t about protesting anymore'

From The Journal

Wisconsin State Sen. Van Wanggaard

RACINE — Wisconsin State Sen. Van Wanggaard, R-Racine, has released a statement regarding the protests and riots in Madison last night — and he is not happy.

“Forgive my language, but I don’t care about being 'senatorial' anymore. The time for platitudes is over. This is bullshit," he said in the statement.

“The role of police is to protect life first, property second. Last night in Madison, Madison police did neither. An innocent bystander, a state senator who has largely stood with the BLM movement, was attacked for watching and taking a picture." 

Wanggaard was referring to State Sen. Tim Carpenter, D-Milwaukee, who Wanggaard said he will be praying for. Carpenter was punched as he was en route to the Capitol to get some work done late Tuesday evening and stopped to take a photo of the riots.

But that's not all Wanggaard was upset about.

“The statue of a Civil War hero who literally gave his life freeing slaves was beheaded. A statue representing women’s rights was torn down. There was destruction at the Capitol and an attempt to start the City/County building of the most liberal city and county in Wisconsin on fire," he said. “This isn’t about protesting anymore. This is about mindless violence and destruction."

"Someone in Madison city government should be held accountable, because what happened last night shouldn’t be allowed to happen in any city, much less Wisconsin’s capital city. Arrests need to be made."

Wanggaard said Madison is "incapable of protecting life or property" and officials don't have control of their streets.

He said he calls on Gov. Tony Evers to work with the Legislature and Supreme Court to ensure the Capitol will be safe for building workers when it reopens in July. He also wanted the National Guard involved, sending the message that violence is not acceptable.

"Let Madison police protect life if they are still allowed. The National Guard can protect state property. What occurred last night cannot occur again – and definitely not in the building," Wanggaard said.

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