Friday, June 26, 2020

TIDs and Tax Shifting

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Dear City of Racine Mayor Cory Mason, Spokesperson Shannon Powell and

The issue of property taxes needs to be reevaluated. Some pay none -
others too much, and some, like City of Racine Mayor Cory Mason - not
their fair share. Once again, another TID, which just shifts property
taxes is being proposed. See:

"RACINE — Two proposed Tax Increment Districts, or TIDS, to fund two
major construction projects are set to go before the City Council at
its next meeting.

The Planning, Heritage and Design Commission on Wednesday held public
hearings for two proposed new TIDs, TID 24 and TID 25, and unanimously
voted to send them to the City Council for final approval.

The commission also submitted for approval the reallocation of funds
from existing TIDs, TID 9 and TID 14, to the new TIDs which would also
assist with financing those projects".
Enough is enough. The use of TIF is being abused by a Mayor who has
shut down Businesses, yet still demands to be paid in full while
packing two more persons in his office at a cost of $750,000 to
taxpayers. This is NOT fair and the looting needs to end! The whole
concept of fair taxation needs to be re-evaulated and:

1. More affluent areas, like North Bay and Manree Park, need to have a
surcharge of at least 15% added to their property tax bill.

2.Home Rule needs to be re-established - if you work for the taxpayers
of a Community, then you must live within that Community. Yeah, I
know, those who practice Loot and Scoot will object - so a special
income tax which will be returned to the Employer for any Employee who
lives outside the Community boundaries. That Employee must pay to that
Employer Community an additional 15% of their income.

3. Public Employees and Politicians are the worst tax evaders - often
taking their retirement money and benefits, for which they contributed
very little to nothing, out of the Community and the State, then
fleeing to an income tax free States. Those who practice Loot and
Scoot need to be assessed a penalty of 25% from their income and have
deductibles and co-pays on benefits increased by 50%.

4. The property tax exemption for Non-Profits, to include Churches, MUST end!

5. No more TIF.

The whole concept of tax shifting using TIF to spur economic
development has gotten out of hand in Ratcine, WI. While the Masons
home needs to be properly and fairly assessed and they need to start
paying their fair share.


Tim & Cindy

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TSE said...

The Masons are tax evaders/cheats who refuse to pay their fair share while grabbing every taxpayer dollar they can squeeze out of the poverty stricken Residents which remain in the City. Certain areas flourish because they are under-assessed according to lifestyles and up-keep. How can a run down Slumlord ghetto house compare to a single owner well-maintained house in affluent Neighborhoods? They can't - but Cory Mason needs $$$$ - so the inequality continues.

Cory Mason and his entire Staff need to resign! TAX REFORM - NOW! The Masons need to pay their fair share! Along with the rich and affluent! What we have here in Ratcine is the Rich stealing from the poor and keeping them on the rental/debt Plantation so that affluent lifestyles may be maintained.