Saturday, April 17, 2021

Biden’s “Infrastructure Bill” Will Cost Twice as Much as 20 Years of War in Afghanistan

 People complain about the cost of the wars. But I’m starting to think they were a pretty good deal.

I’ve heard about the waste in Afghanistan my entire life. But it turns out, as I heard Bernie Sanders say on CNN this week, that it has only cost $2 trillion – total.

For comparison, the Joe Biden stimulus bill passed last month was $2.2 trillion. This upcoming “infrastructure package” is being sold as $2 trillion, but is actually going to be at least $4 trillion and may be up to $5 trillion – and beyond.

You see, people are confused about how government spending works. People think that $100 in spending is $100 in tax money. But the truth is this: it only costs 14 cents for the US government to print a $100 bill. That’s from the US Federal Reserve website, folks.

That means that our true spending is only 0.14% of the actual money spent.

And just think about the math there: they’re paying the printer in dollars.

So as long as the US takes in just 14 cents in taxes, they can print $71,400. You can use that money to print more dollars, and pretty soon, everyone on earth is rich.

Do you see? It’s not a problem.

Government spending is much cheaper than you think.

So if we can use a large military presence to protect feminism in Afghanistan for a mere hundred billion dollars a year – why not do it? We make more than that on the weapons that we sell ourselves!

There’s a huge mark-up on missiles, tanks, guns – all of it, and we’re buying these weapons from ourselves. Therefore, the war in Afghanistan not only costs nothing, it is actually making us all rich. If you’re not rich, then maybe you should have invested in arms stock?


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