Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Cunt Patrol Resigns

 The Minnesota police officer who shot and killed a Black man Sunday during a traffic stop, along with the Police Chief who supervised her and the department, have both resigned Tuesday after nights of rioting and looting rocked their community in the wake of the state's latest officer-involved shooting.

I know my coverage of the aftermath of the Epic Showdown between Good Boy and Cunt Patrol is lacking today.

I wrote a lot yesterday, but today I had to cover the Tucker Carlson nuking of Israel, as well as write a long thing about what these new race riots imply for you, personally.

But I mean – you know where to find videos of riots. I’ll try to post them, with commentary, as this situation develops. But 85% of the internet is on riot patrol.

What I did do was write a witty satire piece about Kamala Harris’ comments on it – because that is important.

Rashida Tlaib’s comment, which is along the same lines as Harris’ but much more extreme, is also important.

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