Thursday, April 15, 2021

#FreePentland: White Man is Charged with Some Crime After Good Boy Refuses to Leave His Front Yard!

In this incredible and outrageous video footage just released on Twitter, a white supremacist male tries to “catch and kill” a good boy who was not doing nothing.

Watch this video, and then you’ll understand what racism looks like in everyday life.

No but seriously – I can’t even do satire about this. I can’t think of how I would do it.

This has developed into a huge story – here’s the Daily Mail style summary:

  • Someone posted a video of a good boy loitering in a front yard in a suburb and a white man asking him to leave and then getting appropriately aggressive when he refused.
  • The man was doxed.
  • He was arrested and charged with a crime.
  • Protesters showed up at his house.
  • Cops had to remove his family from the neighborhood because the black rioters were going to destroy the town.
  • This is everything that we predicted for the summer of 2021 coming into view. They’re coming for the suburbs.

This video shows a creepy black man, hunched over and shady as hell, in some white guy’s yard puttering about. The video starts after the man has clearly spent some time trying to get this character out of his yard.

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